The Bristol Open 2009

Bristol, August 28th-30th, 2009

Photos by Steffen Nowak

Lawrence Powell took the prize the other 63 players would have loved
Championship finalists: Lawrence Powell and Martin BarkwillMike Heard: Championship Last Chance runner-upPia Jeppesen: Championship Last Chance winner
Carlos Madrid: Advanced optional pool winnerAnn Pocknell: Advanced winnerAli Shimeri: Advanced runner-up
The Bristol Open live on the internet

And pictured below are many of the faces who made the Bristol Open 2009 what it was: the best we've yet done. Some of the images have been culled from the background of other shots, so apologies for the quality. This is the choice of the editor and not in any way detracting from the overall quality of the photographer's efforts!
Julian FetterleinJohn ClarkJulian Wilson
Martin BarkwillRoland HerreraCarlos Madrid
Mike HeardPia JeppesenAnn Pocknell
Ali ShimeriPeter BennetBernie Conway
Fiona OldhamLawrence PowellMichihito Kageyama
Mark DixonJon BarnesSimon Temme
David (Cracker) McNamaraCarol MayneSusan van der Heijden
Cecilia SparkeJean LewickiMasayuki Mochizuki
Juanita FerrerZoe CunninghamBrian Lever
Katja Spillum SvendsenHans Willem CapelWalter Meuwis
Steve MorrisGaz OwenSue Hall
Miles FarrenPaul GilbertsonTony Fawcett
Tim LineMichael SoerensenMichael Malmros
Shadow HamiltonMichael BennettSteve Ferrer
Sean WilliamsCarla FerrerCarter Mattig
Rida HassanChris TernelAndy Darby
Neil YoungRaj JansariVaidas Novicenko
Nardy PillardsMikael JensenKevin Jones
Tony WaltersGeorge HallSimonetta Herrera
Ian TarrCarel LindleyRosey Bensley