The fourth Bristol Open 2009

August 28th-30th, 2009

Full results of all backgammon competitions,
including satellites

Thursday August 6th at the BCSC

Championship satellite

20 entry, plus 40 added from the Bristol Open budget; 9 point matches

MILES FARREN beat Steffen NowakMILES FARREN beat Marcus WrinchMILES FARREN beat Peter Edwards
Marcus Wrinch beat Julian Fetterlein
Peter Edwards beat Tony WaltersPeter Edwards beat Simonetta Herrera
Simonetta Herrera beat Richard Holness

Advanced satellite #1

7 entry, plus 14 added from the Bristol Open budget; 7 point matches

LEWIS YOUNG beat Simon TemmeLEWIS YOUNG beat John PlummerLEWIS YOUNG beat Todd Young
John Plummer beat Neil Young
Todd Young beat Cynthia RobertsTodd Young beat Steve Ferrer
Steve Ferrer beat Steve Morris

Advanced satellite #2

7 entry, 2 quarter-final places auctioned, plus 15 added from the Bristol Open budget; 7 point matches

STEVE FERRER beat Richard HolnessSTEVE FERRER beat Steve MorrisSTEVE FERRER beat Simon Temme
Steve Morris bought a bye for 7
Simon Temme beat Juanita FerrerSimon Temme beat Neil Young
Neil Young bought a bye for 6

Tuesday August 18th at the Lockside Lounge, Camden, London

Championship satellite

21 entry, plus 5 registration; 7 point matches

First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
SUE KEEBLE beat Jon BarnesSUE KEEBLE beat Peter BennetSUE KEEBLE beat Dave AblettSUE KEEBLE beat Raj Jansari
Peter Bennet beat Michael Ross
Dave Ablett beat Malcolm RobertsonDave Ablett beat Shahro Sand
Raj Jansari beat Andy BellRaj Jansari beat Mourad WahbaRaj Jansari beat Mark Dixon
Mourad Wahba beat Zoe Cunningham
Mark Dixon beat Sean WilliamsMark Dixon beat Ray Kershaw
Ray Kershaw beat Ramin Foulad

Friday 28th at the Artillery Grounds

Warm-Up Tournament

0 entry, with optional 10 side pool; 5 point matches

* denotes 10 pool entrant; pool prize money in parentheses

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
GEORGE HALL* beat Martin Barkwill*GEORGE HALL* beat Tony Walters*GEORGE HALL* beat John Plummer*GEORGE HALL* beat Vaidas Novicenko*GEORGE HALL* (210) beat Michihito Kageyama* (90)
Tony Walters* beat Tim Line*
John Plummer* beat Simonetta Herrera*John Plummer* beat Mikael Jensen*
Mikael Jensen* beat Michael Malmros*
Vaidas Novicenko* beat Mark Heidenfeld*Vaidas Novicenko* beat Nardy PillardsVaidas Novicenko* beat Kevin Jones*
Nardy Pillards beat Oekie Kretzschmar*
Kevin Jones* beat Lewis Young*Kevin Jones* beat Rida Hassan*
Rida Hassan* beat Mark Dixon*
Michihito Kageyama* beat Raj Jansari*Michihito Kageyama* beat Steffen Nowak*Michihito Kageyama* beat Andy Darby*Michihito Kageyama* beat Rosey Bensley*
Steffen Nowak* beat Jorgen Mohr Poulsen*
Andy Darby* beat Steve Morris*
Steve Morris* beat Jean Lewicki*
Rosey Bensley* beat Fiona Oldham*Rosey Bensley* beat Cynthia Roberts*Rosey Bensley* beat Neil Young*
Cynthia Roberts* beat Brian Lever*
Neil Young* beat Hans Willem Capel*Neil Young* beat Susan van der Heijden*
Susan van der Heijden* beat Ali Shimeri*

Mini Jackpot

10 entry; 5% rake; 7 point matches

JORGEN MOHR POULSEN beat Cynthia RobertsJORGEN MOHR POULSEN beat Ali Shimeri
Ali Shimeri beat Tim Line


10 entry; 5% rake; 7 point matches

Tony Fawcett beat Steffen NowakSusan van der Heijden beat Tony FawcettILJA TARDIJN beat Susan van der Heijden
Susan van der Heijden beat Dorothy Lee
ILJA TARDIJN beat Steve MorrisILJA TARDIJN beat Cynthia Roberts
Cynthia Roberts beat Tony Walters

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th at the Artillery Grounds

CHAMPIONSHIP CATEGORY - 170 entry, with optional side pool at 100

Main flight

15-point matches; clock allowances 30 minutes per player with 12 seconds delay

* denotes pool entrant; prize money/pool prize money in parentheses

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Julian Wilson beat Philip VischjagerJulian Wilson beat Katja Spillum SvendsenMalcolm Robertson beat Julian WilsonMalcolm Robertson beat Mikael Jensen * (0/270)Martin Barkwill beat Malcolm Robertson (815)LAWRENCE POWELL* (4850/1260) beat Martin Barkwill (1830)
Katja Spillum Svendsen beat Raj Jansari *
Malcolm Robertson beat Peter EdwardsMalcolm Robertson beat Mike Heard
Mike Heard beat Engin Ongel
Kevin Jones beat Michel LamoteKevin Jones beat Ray KershawMikael Jensen * beat Kevin Jones
Ray Kershaw beat Dave Ablett
Mikael Jensen * beat Julian Fetterlein *Mikael Jensen * beat Paul Gilbertson
Paul Gilbertson beat Marcus Wrinch
Carter Mattig * beat Nardy PillardsVaidas Novicenko * beat Carter Mattig *Martin Barkwill beat Vaidas Novicenko *Martin Barkwill beat Nicky Check * (0/270)
Vaidas Novicenko * beat Guy van Middelem
Martin Barkwill beat Pia JeppesenMartin Barkwill beat Zoe Cunningham
Zoe Cunningham beat Poul Lindberg
Hans Willem Capel beat Tony Walters *Nicky Check * beat Hans Willem CapelNicky Check * beat Michael Soerensen
Nicky Check * beat Michihito Kageyama *
Miles Farren beat Simonetta HerreraMichael Soerensen beat Miles Farren
Michael Soerensen beat Ed Turner
Wayne Felton * beat Andy DarbyWayne Felton * beat Masayuki Mochizuki *LAWRENCE POWELL * beat Wayne Felton *LAWRENCE POWELL * beat Rachel RhodesLAWRENCE POWELL * beat Michael Malmros (815)
Masayuki Mochizuki * beat Mark Dixon
LAWRENCE POWELL * beat Cecilia SparkeLAWRENCE POWELL * beat Christian Plenz
Christian Plenz beat Frank Conway *
Brian Lever * beat Julian MinwallaRachel Rhodes beat Brian Lever *Rachel Rhodes beat Rida Hassan *
Rachel Rhodes * beat Peter Hartley
Andy Bell beat Ilja TardijnRida Hassan * beat Andy Bell
Rida Hassan * beat Jorgen Mohr Poulsen
Sue Keeble beat Stuart MannLuc Palmans beat Sue KeebleMichael Malmros beat Luc PalmansMichael Malmros beat Sean Williams
Luc Palmans beat Mark Heidenfeld
Michael Malmros beat John Clark *Michael Malmros beat Barry McAdam *
Barry McAdam * beat Jean Lewicki
Jon Barnes beat Brendan BurgessChris Ternel * beat Jon BarnesSean Williams beat Chris Ternel *
Chris Ternel * beat Peter Bennet *
Gaz Owen beat Rosey BensleySean Williams beat Gaz Owen
Sean Williams beat Tim Line

Progressive Consolation flight

9-point matches; clock allowances 18 minutes per player with 12 seconds delay

prize money in parentheses

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Philip Fischjager beat Tim LineRaj Jansari beat Philip VischjagerRaj Jansari beat Peter BennetRaj Jansari beat Mark HeidenfeldRaj Jansari beat Ilja TardijnRaj Jansari beat Carter MattigMICHAEL SOERENSEN (1630) beat Raj Jansari (815)
Raj Jansari beat Rosey Bensley
Peter Bennet beat Peter EdwardsPeter Bennet beat Engin Ongel
Engin Ongel beat Brendan Burgess
Michel Lamote beat Jean LewickiDave Ablett beat Michel LamoteMark Heidenfeld beat Dave Ablett
Dave Ablett beat John Clark
Mark Heidenfeld beat Julian FetterleinMark Heidenfeld beat Marcus Wrinch
Marcus Wrinch beat Stuart Mann
Jorgen Mohr Poulsen beat Nardy PillardsIlja Tardijn beat Jorgen Mohr PoulsenIlja Tardijn beat Julian MinwallaIlja Tardijn beat Simonetta Herrera
Ilja Tardijn beat Guy van Middelem
Pia Jeppesen beat Peter HartleyJulian Minwalla beat Pia Jeppesen
Julian Minwalla beat Poul Lindberg
Frank Conway beat Tony WaltersMichihito Kageyama beat Frank ConwaySimonetta Herrera beat Michihito Kageyama
Michihito Kageyama beat Cecilia Sparke
Simonetta Herrera beat Mark DixonSimonetta Herrera beat Ed Turner
Ed Turner beat Andy Darby
Mike Heard beat Katja Spillum SvendsenRay Kershaw beat Mike HeardCarter Mattig beat Ray KershawCarter Mattig beat Brian Lever
Ray Kershaw beat Paul Gilbertson
Carter Mattig beat Zoe CunninghamCarter Mattig beat Miles Farren
Miles Farren beat Hans Willem Capel
Christian Plenz beat Masayuki MochizukiBrian Lever beat Christian PlenzBrian Lever beat Gaz Owen
Brian Lever beat Andy Bell
Barry McAdam beat Sue KeebleGaz Owen beat Barry McAdam
Gaz Owen beat Jon Barnes
Julian Wilson beat Kevin JonesMICHAEL SOERENSEN beat Julian WilsonMICHAEL SOERENSEN beat Chris TernelMICHAEL SOERENSEN beat Nicky Check
MICHAEL SOERENSEN beat Vaidas Novicenko
Rida Hassan beat Wayne FeltonChris Ternel beat Rida Hassan
Chris Ternel beat Luc Palmans
Nicky Check beat Mikael JensenNicky Check beat Rachel Rhodes
Rachel Rhodes beat Sean Williams

Last Chance flight

5-point matches; clock allowances 10 minutes per player with 12 seconds delay

prize money in parentheses; rebuys @ 15

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
John Clark beat Julian MinwallaJohn Clark beat Marcus WrinchMichel Lamote beat John ClarkTim Line beat Michel LamotePIA JEPPESEN beat Tim LinePIA JEPPESEN (780) beat Mike Heard (335)
Marcus Wrinch beat Julian Fetterlein
Michel Lamote beat Philip VischjagerMichel Lamote beat Jorgen Mohr Poulsen
Jorgen Mohr Poulsen beat Tony Walters
Ed Turner beat Mark DixonTim Line beat Ed TurnerTim Line beat Guy van Middelem
Tim Line beat Engin Ongel
Stuart Mann beat Peter HartleyGuy van Middelem beat Stuart Mann
Guy van Middelem beat Andy Darby
Zoe Cunningham beat Jon BarnesBrendan Burgess beat Zoe CunninghamBrendan Burgess beat Nardy PillardsPIA JEPPESEN beat Brendan Burgess
Brendan Burgess beat Sue Keeble
Paul Gilbertson beat Rosey BensleyNardy Pillards beat Paul Gilbertson
Nardy Pillards beat Vaidas Novicenko
Andy Bell beat Peter BennetFrank Conway beay Andy BellPIA JEPPESEN beat Frank Conway
Frank Conway beat Hans Willem Capel
PIA JEPPESEN beat Katja Spillum SvendsenPIA JEPPESEN beat Simonetta Herrera
Simonetta Herrera beat Poul Lindberg
Rosey Bensley beat Miles FarrenMichihito Kageyama beat Rosey BensleyJon Barnes beat Michihito KageyamaMike Heard beat Jon BarnesMike Heard beat Simonetta Herrera
Michihito Kageyama beat Christian Plenz
Jon Barnes (rebuy) beat Tony Walters (rebuy)Jon Barnes beat Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones beat Sue Keeble (rebuy)
Mike Heard beat Masayuki MochizukiMike Heard beat Mark DixonMike Heard beat Andy Darby
Mark Dixon (rebuy) beat Katja Spillum Svendsen (rebuy)
Andy Darby (rebuy) beat Hans Willem Capel (rebuy)Andy Darby beat Christian Plenz
Christian Plenz (rebuy) beat Barry McAdam
Engin Ongel (rebuy) beat Jean LewickiEngin Ongel beat Vaidas NovicenkoSimonetta Herrera beat Engin OngelSimonetta Herrera beat Stuart Mann
Vaidas Novicenko (rebuy) beat Tony Walters (2nd rebuy)
Simonetta Herrera (rebuy) beat Mark HeidenfeldSimonetta Herrera beat Hans Willem Capel
Hans Willem Capel (2nd rebuy) beat Masayuki Mochizuki (rebuy)
Luc Palmans beat Julian WilsonLuc Palmans beat Marcus WrinchStuart Mann beat Luc Palmans
Marcus Wrinch (rebuy) beat Rosey Bensley (rebuy)
Stuart Mann (rebuy) beat Ray KershawStuart Mann beat Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones (rebuy) beat Tony Walters (3rd rebuy)

ADVANCED CATEGORY - 50 entry, with optional side pool at 50

Main flight

11-point matches

* denotes pool entrant; prize money/pool prize money in parentheses.

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Steve Morris beat Simon HughesSteve Ferrer beat Steve MorrisSteve Ferrer beat Walter Meuwis * (0/52.50)Ali Shimeri beat Steve Ferrer (100)ANN POCKNELL (720) beat Ali Shimeri (295)
Steve Ferrer beat Blaine Buchanan
Walter Meuwis * beat Susan van der HeijdenWalter Meuwis * beat Dorothy Lee
Dorothy Lee beat Steffen Nowak
John Plummer * beat David McNamara *Ali Shimeri beat John Plummer *Ali Shimeri beat Fiona Oldham
Ali Shimeri beat Richard Holness
George Hall beat Lewis YoungFiona Oldham beat George Hall
Fiona Oldham beat Cynthia Roberts
Neil Young * beat Richard OwsleySimon Temme beat Neil Young *Carlos Madrid * beat Simon TemmeANN POCKNELL beat Carlos Madrid * (100/245)
Simon Temme beat Oekie Kretzschmar
Carlos Madrid * beat Linda Taylor
ANN POCKNELL beat Mike WilliamsANN POCKNELL beat Phil Doubtfire * (0/52.50)
Phil Doubtfire * beat Tony Fawcett *

Progressive Consolation flight

7-point matches

prize money in parentheses

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Tony Fawcett beat Simon TemmeTony Fawcett beat Neil YoungFIONA OLDHAM (195) beat Tony Fawcett (100)
Tony Fawcett beat Simon HughesTony Fawcett beat Blaine Buchanan
Blaine Buchanan beat Mike Williams
Neil Young beat Phil Doubtfire
Linda Taylor beat Susan van der HeijdenNeil Young beat Linda Taylor
Neil Young beat Steffen Nowak
George Hall beat David McNamaraRichard Holness beat George HallFIONA OLDHAM beat Richard HolnessFIONA OLDHAM beat Walter Meuwis
Richard Holness beat Steve Morris
Lewis Young beat Oekie KretzschmarDorothy Lee beat Lewis YoungRichard Owsley beat Dorothy LeeWalter Meuwis beat Richard Owsley
Richard Owsley beat Cynthia RobertsRichard Owsley beat John Plummer

Last Chance flight

5-point matches

prize money in parentheses; rebuys @ 5

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Oekie Kretzschmar beat Dorothy LeeOekie Kretzschmar beat Susan van der HeijdenOekie Kretzschmar beat George HallRICHARD HOLNESS beat Oekie KretzschmarRICHARD HOLNESS (105) beat Steve Morris (45)
Susan van der Heijden beat Lewis Young
George Hall beat Cynthia RobertsGeorge Hall beat Simon Temme
Simon Temme beat Steffen Nowak
RICHARD HOLNESS beat Blaine BuchananRICHARD HOLNESS beat David McNamaraRICHARD HOLNESS beat Mike Williams
David McNamara beat Linda Taylor
Mike Williams beat Steve MorrisMike Williams beat Richard Owsley
Richard Owsley beat John Plummer
Phil Doubtfire beat Simon HughesSteve Ferrer beat Phil DoubtfireSteve Ferrer beat Cynthia RobertsSteve Morris beat Steve Ferrer
Steve Ferrer beat Linda Taylor (rebuy)
Cynthia Roberts (rebuy) beat Steve Morris (rebuy)Cynthia Roberts beat Dorothy Lee
Dorothy Lee (rebuy) beat Simon Hughes (rebuy)
David McNamara (rebuy) beat Steffen Nowak (rebuy)Steve Morris beat David McNamaraSteve Morris beat Neil Young
Steve Morris (2nd rebuy) beat Susan van der Heijden (rebuy)
Linda Taylor (2nd rebuy) beat Walter MeuwisNeil Young beat Linda Taylor
Neil Young beat Simon Temme (rebuy)

INTERMEDIATE CATEGORY - 10 entry, with optional side pool at 10

Saturday Round Robin

3-point matches

* denotes pool entrant

Players in bold qualify for Sunday Champions Round Robin

PLAYERvs B Conwayvs D Fawcettvs J Ferrervs S Hamiltonvs M Bennettvs Z Otomewovs D Leevs D Waynevs T Youngvs C Lindley
Deana Fawcett*LXXXWLLLLn/pLL
Juanita FerrerWLXXXLWn/pLLLW
Shadow Hamilton*LWWXXXWLLWWL
Zoe OtomewoLWn/pWLXXXWLLn/p
Carel LindleyLWLWLn/pLWLXXX
Duncan Lee (20) wins Saturday R/R

Sunday Champions Round Robin

5-point matches

PLAYERvs D Leevs T Youngvs B Conwayvs M Bennettvs S Hamilton
Bernie Conway*LWXXXWL
Michael BennettLLLXXXL
Shadow Hamilton*LWWWXXX
Duncan Lee (40) wins Sunday Champions R/R; Shadow Hamilton (20) is runner-up; Bernie Conway (15) and Shadow Hamilton (15) share optional pool

Sunday Consolation Round Robin

5-point matches

PLAYERvs Z Otomewovs J Ferrervs C Lindleyvs D Waynevs D Fawcett
Zoe OtomewoXXXWLn/pW
Juanita FerrerLXXXLn/pW
Carel LindleyWWXXXn/pW
David Waynen/pn/pn/pXXXn/p
Deana Fawcett*LLLn/pXXX
Carel Lindley (20) wins Sunday Consolation R/R


20 entry; 5% rake; 7 point matches

Simon Clinch beat Jean LewickiChristian Plenz beat Simon ClinchWALTER MEUWIS beat Christian Plenz
Christian Plenz beat Tony Walters
WALTER MEUWIS beat Frank ConwayWALTER MEUWIS beat Ilja Tardijn
Ilja Tardijn beat Cynthia Roberts


10 entry; 5% rake; 5 point matches

JORGEN MOHR POULSEN beat Frank ConwayJORGEN MOHR POULSEN beat Streffen NowakJORGEN MOHR POULSEN beat Oekie Kretzschmar
Steffen Nowak beat Susan van der Heijden
Oekie Kretzschmar beat Vaidas NovicenkoOekie Kretzschmar beat Mark Dixon
Mark Dixon beat Fiona Oldham

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