The fifth Bristol Open 2010

August 20th-22nd, 2010

Full results of all backgammon competitions,
including satellites

Thursday August 5th at the BCSC

Championship satellite #1

20 entry, plus 40 added from the Bristol Open budget; 9 point matches

JULIAN FETTERLEIN beat Simonetta HerreraJULIAN FETTERLEIN beat Neil YoungJULIAN FETTERLEIN beat Steffen Nowak
Neil Young beat Dave Ablett
Steffen Nowak beat Stuart MannSteffen Nowak beat Derek Clew
Derek Clew beat Tony Walters

Championship satellite #2

40 entry, plus 40 added from the Bristol Open budget; 9 point matches

STUART MANN beat Tony WaltersSTUART MANN beat Dave Ablett
Dave Ablett beat Tim Line

Advanced satellite

7.50 entry, plus 15 added from the Bristol Open budget; 7 point matches

PHILLIP HILL beat Simon TemmePHILLIP HILL beat Shadow HamiltonPHILLIP HILL beat Cynthia Roberts
Shadow Hamilton beat Steve Morris
Cynthia Roberts beat Richard HolnessCynthia Roberts beat Lewis Young
Lewis Young beat Mandy Macdonald

Friday 20th at the Artillery Grounds

Warm-Up Tournament

0 entry, with optional either/or side pools @10 and 30; 5 point matches

* denotes 10 pool entrant; # denotes 30 pool entrant;

pool prize money in parentheses

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
MICHIHITO KAGEYAMA # beat Neil Young *MICHIHITO KAGEYAMA # beat Lewis Young *MICHIHITO KAGEYAMA # beat Irving Czechowicz * (45)MICHIHITO KAGEYAMA # beat Murray Sharp # (67-50)MICHIHITO KAGEYAMA # (315) beat Shadow Hamilton * (105)
Lewis Young * beat Michael Sørensen #
Irving Czechowicz * beat Steve Morris *
Murray Sharp # beat Felix Vink #Murray Sharp # beat Raj Jansari #Murray Sharp # beat Simon Gasquoine #
Raj Jansari # beat Engin Ongel #
Simon Gasquoine # beat Dorothy Lee *Simon Gasquoine # beat Jon Barnes #
Jon Barnes # beat Steve Rimmer *
Shadow Hamilton * beat Steffen Nowak *Shadow Hamilton * beat Andy Darby #Shadow Hamilton * beat Chris Ternel #Shadow Hamilton * beat Martin Barkwill # (67-50)
Andy Darby # beat Mandy Macdonald *
Chris Ternel # beat Anna Mielech *Chris Ternel # beat Peter Bennet #
Peter Bennet # beat Cynthia Roberts *
Martin Barkwill # beat Ray Kershaw *Martin Barkwill # beat Simonetta Herrera *Martin Barkwill # beat Frank Simon #
Simonetta Herrera * beat Mark Calderbank *
Frank Simon # beat Ray Tannen #Frank Simon # beat Fiona Oldham *
Fiona Oldham * beat Bob Wachtel #

Jackpots, 20/08/10

A four player 20 jackpot was won by Mark Calderbank; and a four player 10 jackpot was won by Simonetta Herrera.

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd at the Artillery Grounds

CHAMPIONSHIP CATEGORY - 165 entry, with optional side pool at 100

Main flight

15-point matches; clock allowances 30 minutes per player with 12 seconds delay

* denotes pool entrant; prize money/pool prize money in parentheses

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Julian Fetterlein beat Miles FarrenJulian Fetterlein beat Sean CaseyJulian Fetterlein beat Bob Wachtel * (0/195)Julian Fetterlein beat Mike Heard (555)WAYNE FELTON * (2975/910) beat Julian Fetterlein (1115)
Sean Casey beat Stuart Mann
Brendan Burgess beat Frank Simon *Bob Wachtel * beat Brendan Burgess
Bob Wachtel * beat Peter Hartley
Tony Walters * beat Michihito Kageyama *Michael Sørensen beat Tony Walters *Mike Heard beat Michael Sørensen
Michihito Kageyama * beat Roy Hollands
Volker Sonnabend * beat Rachel RhodesMichael Sørensen beat Volker Sonnabend *
Michael Sørensen beat John Hurst
Vaidas Novicenko beat Ann PocknellRay Kershaw beat Vaidas NovicenkoMike Heard beat Ray Kershaw
Ray Kershaw beat Mark Calderbank
Paul Weaver * beat Walter MeuwisMike Heard beat Paul Weaver *
Mike Heard beat Jon Barnes
Cracker McNamara beat Martin BarkwillAndy Darby beat Cracker McNamaraAndy Darby beat Peter Bennet *Andy Darby beat Julian MinwallaWAYNE FELTON * beat Andy Darby (555)
Andy Darby beat Felix Vink *
Peter Bennet * beat Nicky Check *Peter Bennet * beat Steve Rimmer
Steve Rimmer beat Simonetta Herrera
Julian Minwalla beat Dave AblettJulian Minwalla beat John BroomfieldJulian Minwalla beat Sean Williams
John Broomfield beat Raj Jansari *
Sean Williams beat Engin Ongel
Murray Sharp beat Malcolm RobertsonChris Ternel * beat Murray SharpWAYNE FELTON * beat Chris Ternel * (0/195)
Chris Ternel * beat Danny Cohen
Ray Tannen * beat Zoe CunninghamWAYNE FELTON * beat Ray Tannen *
WAYNE FELTON * beat Simon Gasquoine

Progressive Consolation flight

9-point matches; clock allowances 18 minutes per player with 12 seconds delay

prize money in parentheses

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Simon Gasquoine beat Peter HartleyRaj Jansari beat Simon GasquoineRaj Jansari beat John HurstMichihito Kageyama beat Raj JansariMURRAY SHARP beat Michihito KageyamaMURRAY SHARP (1115) beat Peter Bennet (555)
Raj Jansari beat Nicky Check
Malcolm Robertson beat Felix VinkJohn Hurst beat Malcolm Robertson
John Hurst beat Frank Simon
Paul Weaver beat John BroomfieldMichihito Kageyama beat Paul WeaverMichihito Kageyama beat Engin Ongel
Michihito Kageyama beat Volker Sonnabend
Engin Ongel beat Danny CohenEngin Ongel beat Dave Ablett
Dave Ablett beat Martin Barkwill
Tony Walters beat Ray TannenMURRAY SHARP beat Tony WaltersMURRAY SHARP beat Michael Sørensen
MURRAY SHARP beat Sean Williams
Michael Sørensen beat Bob Wachtel
Julian Minwalla beat Chris TernelPeter Bennet beat Julian MinwallaPeter Bennet beat Miles Farren
Peter Bennet beat Ray KershawPeter Bennet beat Sean Casey
Sean Casey beat Brendan Burgess
Vaidas Novicenko beat Cracker McNamaraMiles Farren beat Vaidas NovicenkoMiles Farren beat Ann Pocknell
Miles Farren beat Steve Rimmer
Miles Farren beat Mark Calderbank
Jon Barnes beat Rachel RhodesJon Barnes beat Stuart MannAnn Pocknell beat Jon Barnes
Stuart Mann beat Roy Hollands
Simonetta Herrera beat Walter MeuwisAnn Pocknell beat Simonetta Herrera
Ann Pocknell beat Zoe Cunningham

Last Chance flight

5-point matches; clock allowances 10 minutes per player with 12 seconds delay

prize money in parentheses; (r) = rebuy @ 15

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Paul Weaver beat Danny CohenStuart Mann beat Paul WeaverVolker Sonnabend beat Stuart MannRay Tannen beat Volker SonnabendRay Tannen beat Engin OngelRAY TANNEN (510) and RACHEL RHODES (510) -- match not played; prize money split
Stuart Mann beat Frank Simon
Rachel Rhodes beat Zoe CunninghamVolker Sonnabend beat Rachel Rhodes
Volker Sonnabend beat Walter Meuwis
Nicky Check beat Simon GasquoineSimonetta Herrera beat Nicky CheckRay Tannen beat Simonetta Herrera
Simonetta Herrera beat Dave Ablett
Steve Rimmer beat Martin BarkwillSteve Rimmer beat Ray Tannen
Ray Tannen beat John Broomfield
Malcolm Robertson beat Mark CalderbankEngin Ongel beat Malcolm RobertsonEngin Ongel beat Martin BarkwillEngin Ongel beat Tony Walters
Engin Ongel beat Roy Hollands
Mark Calderbank (r) beat Sean WilliamsMartin Barkwill beat Mark Calderbank
Martin Barkwill (r) beat (r) Roy Hollands
Vaidas Novicenko beat John HurstVaidas Novicenko beat Danny CohenTony Walters beat Vaidas Novicenko
Danny Cohen (r) beat Jon Barnes
Tony Walters beat John Broomfield (r)Tony Walters beat Simon Gasquoine
Simon Gasquoine (r) beat Sean Williams (r)
Frank Simon (r) beat Steve Rimmer (r)Frank Simon beat Walter MeuwisRoy Hollands beat Frank SimonRoy Hollands beat Jon BarnesRachel Rhodes beat Roy Hollands
Walter Meuwis (r) beat Ray Kershaw
Rachel Rhodes (r) beat Steve Rimmer (r)Roy Hollands beat Rachel Rhodes
Roy Hollands (r) beat Nicky Check (r)
Simonetta Herrera (r) beat Sean Williams (r)Jon Barnes beat Simonetta HerreraJon Barnes beat Stuart Mann
Jon Barnes (r) beat Mark Calderbank (r)
Stuart Mann (r) beat Raj JansariStuart Mann beat Martin Barkwill
Martin Barkwill (r) beat Ann Pocknell
Rachel Rhodes (r) beat Simon Gasquoine (r)Rachel Rhodes beat Chris TernelRachel Rhodes beat Sean WilliamsRachel Rhodes beat Vaidas Novicenko
Chris Ternel beat Volker Sonnabend (r)
Sean Williams (r) beat Ann Pocknell (r)Sean Williams beat Mark Calderbank
Mark Calderbank (r) beat Simonetta Herrera (r)
Vaidas Novicenko (r) beat Danny Cohen (r)Vaidas Novicenko beat Ann PocknellVaidas Novicenko beat Michihito Kageyama
Ann Pocknell beat Bob Wachtel
Michael Sørensen beat Mike Williams (r)Michihito Kageyama (r) beat Michael Sørensen
Michihito Kageyama progressed when Miles Farren declined to take part

ADVANCED CATEGORY - 50 entry, with optional side pool at 50

Main flight

11-point matches

* denotes pool entrant; prize money/pool prize money in parentheses.

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Tony Fawcett beat Paul BarwickTony Fawcett beat Duncan LeeTony Fawcett beat Mick Vacarey (95)ANNA MIELECH (520) beat Tony Fawcett (200)
Duncan Lee beat Richard OwsleyDuncan Lee beat John Plummer * (0/45)
John Plummer * beat Irving Czechowicz
Blaine Buchanan beat Mike WilliamsIngrid Sonnabend * beat Blaine BuchananMick Vacarey beat Ingrid Sonnabend * (0/105)
Ingrid Sonnabend * beat Steve Morris
Phillip Hill beat Chas PerryMick Vacarey beat Phillip Hill
Mick Vacarey beat Cynthia Roberts
Richard Holness beat Dorothy LeeANNA MIELECH beat Richard HolnessANNA MIELECH beat Fiona OldhamANNA MIELECH beat George Miltiadou (95)
ANNA MIELECH beat Shadow Hamilton
Fiona Oldham beat Liz Perry *Fiona Oldham beat Rosey Bensley
Rosey Bensley beat Myke Wignall
Neil Young beat Steffen NowakGeorge Miltiadou beat Neil Young
George Miltiadou beat Simon Temme

Progressive Consolation flight

7-point matches

prize money in parentheses

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
DUNCAN LEE beat Neil YoungDUNCAN LEE beat Irving CzechowiczDUNCAN LEE (200) beat Phillip Hill (95)
Steffen Nowak beat Paul BarwickSteffen Nowak beat Steve MorrisIrving Czechowicz beat Steffen NowakIrving Czechowicz beat Cynthia Roberts
Irving Czechowicz beat Shadow Hamilton
Cynthia Roberts beat Myke WignallCynthia Roberts beat Dorothy Lee
Dorothy Lee beat Liz Perry
Richard Owsley beat Mike WilliamsRichard Owsley beat Blaine BuchananPhillip Hill beat Richard OwsleyPhillip Hill beat Ingrid Sonnabend
Blaine Buchanan beat Rosey Bensley
Phillip Hill beat John PlummerPhillip Hill beat Simon Temme
Simon Temme beat Richard Holness
Simon Temme beat Chas Perry
Ingrid Sonnabend beat Fiona Oldham

Last Chance flight

5-point matches

prize money in parentheses; (r) = rebuy @ 5

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Blaine Buchanan beat Shadow HamiltonJohn Plummer beat Blaine BuchananROSEY BENSLEY beat John PlummerROSEY BENSLEY beat Richard HolnessROSEY BENSLEY (105) beat Steve Morris (50)
John Plummer beat Steffen Nowak
Simon Temme beat Liz PerryROSEY BENSLEY beat Simon Temme
ROSEY BENSLEY beat Myke Wignall
Richard Holness beat Chas PerryRichard Holness beat Steve MorrisRichard Holness beat Dorothy Lee
Steve Morris beat Mike Williams
Dorothy Lee beat Paul BarwickDorothy Lee beat Fiona Oldham
Fiona Oldham beat Cynthia Roberts
Mike Williams (r) beat Richard OwsleyMike Williams beat Myke WignallSteve Morris beat Mike WilliamsSteve Morris beat Liz Perry
Myke Wignall (r) beat Shadow Hamilton (r)
Steffen Nowak (r) beat Liz Perry (r)Steve Morris beat Steffen Nowak
Steve Morris (r) beat Paul Barwick (r)
Liz Perry (r) beat Cynthia Roberts (r)Liz Perry beat Neil YoungLiz Perry beat Ingrid Sonnabend
Neil Young beat Simon Temme (r)
Ingrid Sonnabend beat Fiona Oldham (r)Ingrid Sonnabend beat Irving Czechowicz
Irving Czechowicz beat Cynthia Roberts (r)

INTERMEDIATE CATEGORY - 10 entry, with optional side pool at 10

Saturday 3-point Round Robins

Group A

Alan Parfitt, Gay Roberts and Shezan Hirjee qualified for Sunday Championship Group;
Pearl Foster, Anne Buchanan and Mandy Macdonald to Sunday Consolation Group.

Group B

Donna Sherred, Carel Lindley and Simon Fahoury qualified for Sunday Championship Group;
Deana Fawcett and Andrew Bennet to Sunday Consolation Group.

Sunday 3-point Round Robins

Championship Group

SHEZAN HIRJEE (55) won the group to become Intermediate Champion;
Alan Parfitt (25) was Intermediate Runner-up.

Consolation Group

Andrew Bennet (20) won the group, with second place shared between Deana Fawcett (5), Pearl Foster (5) and Mandy Macdonald (5).
Gay Roberts (30) won the side pool, with Andrew Bennet (10) runner-up.

Jackpot, 21/08/10

An eight player 10 jackpot was won by Simonetta Herrera.

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