Bristol Grand Prix

The Bristol Grand Prix (BGP) is a competition based on a points table which rewards performances of players in the twelve monthly Bristol Grand Prix tournaments contested each calendar year.
In 2005 (for one year) there was a change to the format, whereby the four Handicap Knock-outs also qualified for inclusion.
That represented the first change in format since 2002, when the competition was also based purely on the twelve monthly Bristol Grand Prix events, after two years when there were eight dedicated OGP (Open Grand Prix) tournaments.

Starting with the January GP event, each of the twelve monthly tournaments encompassed both the OGP and its sister competition the Bristol Intermediate Grand Prix, until the IGP was discontinued in 2018.
For details of the twelve events, see Calendar of events.

All players entering any of these tournaments gain BGP points based on their performances.

In the BGP a player's seven best tournament points scores will count towards his/her BGP points tally. For full details of how the BGP works, see Rules and formats.

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