Bristol Masters 2021

Thursday April 15th at the Backgammon Studio Heroes 3 website......

For the eleventh time the tournament consisted of first to 9 point matches under clock rules.
First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
CHRIS ROGERS beat Kev PetersCHRIS ROGERS beat Tim LineCHRIS ROGERS beat Ian AndersonCHRIS ROGERS beat Simonetta Herrera
Tim Line beat Roland Herrera
Ian Anderson beat Andy BoysanIan Anderson beat Warner Solomon
Warner Solomon beat Gaz Owen
Simonetta Herrera beat Simon BakerSimonetta Herrera beat Robin GunneySimonetta Herrera beat Fred North
Robin Gunney beat Adam Sinclair
Fred North beat Neil YoungFred North beat Nick Barham
Nick Barham beat Alan Joicey

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