Bristol Masters 2020

Originally scheduled for Thursday April 2nd at the Rainbow Casino......

The twentieth Bristol Masters tournament was rescheduled and held on Thursday June 18th at the Backgammon Studio Heroes website.
For the tenth time the tournament consisted of first to 9 point matches under clock rules.

The results:
First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
ALAN JOICEY beat Adam SinclairALAN JOICEY beat Cecilia SparkeALAN JOICEY beat Stephen LittleALAN JOICEY beat Simonetta Herrera
Cecilia Sparke beat Jim Green
Stephen Little beat Stuart MannStephen Little beat Peter Thistlewood
Peter Thistlewood beat Chas Perry
Simonetta Herrera beat Phil CharltonSimonetta Herrera beat Tim LineSimonetta Herrera beat Cynthia Roberts
Tim Line beat Gaz Owen
Cynthia Roberts beat Simon HughesCynthia Roberts beat George Georgiou
George Georgiou beat Roland Herrera

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