#2 on Saturday October 11th, 2003 at the BCSC


All matches played to 11 points
First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Peter Bennet beat Rosey BensleyDave Motley beat Peter BennetDave Motley beat Julian FetterleinSTEVE FERRER beat Dave MotleySTEVE FERRER beat John Slattery
Dave Motley beat Kevin White
Wayne Felton beat Fak LaightJulian Fetterlein beat Wayne Felton
Julian Fetterlein beat John Lewis
STEVE FERRER beat Jeff EllisSTEVE FERRER beat Simonetta BaroneSTEVE FERRER beat Steffen Nowak
Simonetta Barone beat Paul Watts
Steffen Nowak beat Jason ChampionSteffen Nowak beat Simon Fahoury
Simon Fahoury beat Blaine Buchanan
Paul Gilbertson beat Paul SambellPaul Gilbertson beat Martin HemmingPaul Gilbertson beat Stuart MannJohn Slattery beat Paul Gilbertson
Martin Hemming beat Phil Doubtfire
Stuart Mann beat Jerry LimbStuart Mann beat Steve Hallett
Steve Hallett beat Myke Wignall
Uldis Lapikens beat Martin BarkwillUldis Lapikens beat Roland HerreraJohn Slattery beat Uldis Lapikens
Roland Herrera beat Andy Robertson
John Slattery beat Pat HollyJohn Slattery beat Jeff Barber
Jeff Barber beat Ed Turner


All matches to 7 points
First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Blaine Buchanan beat Phil DoubtfireBlaine Buchanan beat Jeff EllisMartin Barkwill beat Blaine BuchananSimonetta Barone beat Martin BarkwillSimonetta Barone beat Stuart MannPAUL GILBERTSON beat Simonetta Barone
Jeff Ellis beat Andy Robertson
Martin barkwill beat Pat HollyMartin Barkwill beat Fak Laight
Fak Laight beat Paul Sambell
Jeff Barber beat Roland HerreraSimonetta Barone beat Jeff Barber
Simonetta Barone beat Peter Bennet
Stuart Mann beat Uldis LapikensStuart Mann beat Dave Motley
John Lewis beat Ed TurnerJohn Lewis beat Rosey BensleyPaul Watts beat John LewisPaul Watts beat Steve HallettPAUL GILBERTSON beat Paul Watts
Rosey Bensley beat Jason Champion
Myke Wignall beat Kevin WhitePaul Watts beat Myke Wignall
Paul Watts beat Jerry Limb
Wayne Felton beat Simon FahourySteve Hallett beat Wayne Felton
Steve Hallett beat Martin Hemming
Julian Fetterlein beat Steffen NowakPAUL GILBERTSON beat Julian Fetterlein


All matches to 5 points (except Lucky Losers 1-point Shoot-out)
First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Phil Doubtfire beat Andy RobertsonPhil Doubtfire beat Jason ChampionKevin White beat Phil DoubtfireKevin White beat Fak LaightKevin White beat Blaine BuchananKevin White beat Steve HallettSTUART MANN beat Kevin White
Jason Champion beat Pat Holly
Kevin White beat Ed TurnerKevin White beat Jerry Limb
Jerry Limb beat Paul Sambell
Fak Laight beat Jeff EllisFak Laight beat Rosey Bensley
Rosey Bensley beat Myke Wignall
Roland Herrera beat Simon FahouryRoland Herrera beat Martin HemmingBlaine Buchanan beat Roland Herrera
Martin Hemming beat Peter Bennet
Blaine Buchanan received a bye when Wayne Felton declined his option to play
John Lewis beat Jeff BarberJohn Lewis beat Steffen NowakSteve Hallett beat John Lewis
Steffen Nowak beat Uldis Lapikens
Steve Hallett beat Martin Barkwill
Julian Fetterlein beat Dave MotleyJulian Fetterlein beat Uldis LapikensSTUART MANN beat Julian Fetterlein
Pat Holly received a bye when Andy Robertson declined his option to playEd Turner beat Pat HollyEd Turner beat Paul SambellUldis Lapikens beat Ed Turner
Ed Turner received a bye when Jason Champion declined his option to play
Paul Sambell beat Jeff EllisPaul Sambell beat Rosey Bensley
Rosey Bensley beat Myke Wignall
Simon Fahoury received a bye when Wayne felton declined his option to playSimon Fahoury beat Peter BennetUldis Lapikens beat Simon Fahoury
Peter Bennet beat Jerry Limb
Martin Hemming beat Jeff BarberUldis Lapikens beat Martin Hemming
Uldis Lapikens beat Phil Doubtfire
STUART MANN beat Paul Watts

#1 on Saturday July 27th, 2002 at the BCSC


All matches played to 11 points
First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
John Renicks beat Paul WattsDave Fall beat John RenicksDave Fall beat Paul BarwickTIM MOORING beat Dave FallTIM MOORING beat Uldis Lapikens
Dave Fall beat Neil Young
John Slattery beat John NapierPaul Barwick beat John Slattery
Paul Barwick beat Charlie Hetherington
Jeff Barber beat Hubert de l'EpineMartin Hemming beat Jeff BarberTIM MOORING beat Martin Hemming
Martin Hemming beat Kevin White
Phil Caudwell beat John LewisTIM MOORING beat Phil Caudwell
TIM MOORING beat Fak Laight
Michael Crane beat Simon BakerJulian Minwalla beat Michael CranePaul Gilbertson beat Julian MinwallaUldis Lapikens beat Paul Gilbertson
Julian Minwalla beat Rosey Bensley
Paul Gilbertson beat Stephan KerbergPaul Gilbertson beat Ed Turner
Ed Turner beat Ian Tarr
Uldis Lapikens beat John ClarkUldis Lapikens beat Dave MotleyUldis Lapikens beat Michael Castle
Dave Motley beat Jeff Ellis
Dave Pym beat Blaine BuchananMichael Castle beat Dave Pym
Michael Castle beat Stuart Mann


All matches to 7 points except the 11-point final
First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Paul Watts beat Neil YoungJohn Napier beat Paul WattsJohn Napier beat Kevin WhiteJOHN CLARK beat John Napier
John Napier beat Charlie Hetherington
Kevin White beat Hubert de l'EpineKevin White beat John Lewis
John Lewis beat Fak Laight
Simon Baker beat Rosey BensleyStephan Kerberg beat Simon BakerJOHN CLARK beat Stephan Kerberg
Stephan Kerberg beat Ian Tarr
JOHN CLARK beat Jeff EllisJOHN CLARK beat Stuart Mann
Stuart Mann beat Blaine Buchanan

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