The Brunel Trophy

In May 2013 an anonymous benefactor came up with an idea to stimulate activity at our Thursday events.

The deal, worth a minumum of 250 per year, initially for two years (2014 and 2015) and renewed every year since then -- albeit with a different qualification emphasis -- centres around a year long double elimination tournament, with draws performed, FA Cup style, every few weeks.

The tournament, named the Brunel Trophy, is scheduled to run for the greater part of the calendar year.

Qualification for each tournament is gained during the calendar year prior to the tournament.

For the first two years qualification points were exclusively via membership of leagues and attendance at Thursday tournaments.

Since then the emphasis has changed, and players are rewarded by a combination of playing achievements and Thursday tournament attendance.

In addition to the 250 annual cash pool, the sponsor has provided a permanent trophy (see left), plus mementoes for the top two finishers each year. Furthermore, any intermediate qualifying has his/her entry fee paid in full.

The 2019 Brunel Trophy
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