The Brunel Trophy 2023

2023 qualification standings

The qualification process for the 2023 tournament

The 2023 tournament draws and results

The 2023 tournament rules

2023 qualification standings

Qualification race: during 2022 for 2023

The number of points gained by each individual player as at May 19th is:
35: Tim Line.
33: Cynthia Roberts.
28: Ian Tarr.
26: Stephen Little.
23: Nick Barham; Hazel Harper; Alan Joicey; Gaz Owen.
21: George Georgiou.
20: Elias Hamati; Simonetta Herrera.
19: Ian Anderson.
17: Robin Gunney; Roland Herrera.
16: Safi Tracy.
15: Simon Tracy.
14: John Curran.
12: Chris Hughes.
9: Andy Boysan.
8: Tom Chapman; Jim Green; Ian Hedges; Mandy Macdonald; Steve Morris.
7: Adam Sinclair.
5: Kylie Hedges.
4: Adrian Farthing; Natalie Singh.
3: Ben Crowden; Frank Jones; Kev Peters; Chris Rogers; Warner Solomon; Gerald Whitehouse.
2: Marcus Evans; Steve Pickard; Cecilia Rogers; Andy Zographou.
1: Martin Barkwill; Martha Beal; Cliff Blofield; Reece Hodges; Mustafa Mohammed; Geoff Paffett; Ed Turner; Jordan White.

The qualification process for the 2023 tournament

For competitions entered during the whole of 2022, points are awarded as follows:
  • For any of the following Wednesday or Thursday tournaments (Monthly Grand Prix, GP20, GP10, Handicap Trophy, Speedgammon GP, Wednesday Weekly, Intermediates Trophy, Consulting Doubles Championship, Christmas Fizz Tournament): 1 point for every event entered.
  • Participation in the 2022 Brunel Trophy: 1 point.
The players gaining the most qualification points will augment players who have qualified via the following seventeen achievements:
2022 Brunel Trophy winner () and runner-up (); 2022 Premier One champion () and runner-up (); 2022 Bristol Masters winner () and runner-up (); 2022 Bristol Grand Prix winner () and runner-up (); 2022 Premier Two Blue champion (); 2022 Premier Two Red champion (); 2022 Premier Three Green champion (); 2022 Premier Three Yellow champion (); 2022 Conference champion, assuming 20 points reached (); 2022 GP20 champion (); 2022 GP10 champion (); 2022 Speedgammon GP champion (); 2022 Handicap Trophy champion (). These players will be shown in BLOCK CAPITALS in the list above.
And intermediates who qualify, shown in italics, have their entry paid by the sponsor.
There will also be at least four "Director's Picks" to augment the field.

The 2022 tournament draws and results

Draws and results will be updated here during 2022.

The 2022 tournament rules

All matches in the competition are to be played to 11 points.
The competition features a revolutionary double elimination format -- read on.
Draws are to be made, starting with the first round draw in February, every 5 weeks or so -- next scheduled draw date to be announced when the current draw has been made.
No previously drawn pairings will be allowed, unless this should become unavoidable late in the competition.
Results not reported by the time of the next draw shall be deemed a defeat for both players unless evidence is presented to the Director which demonstrates that blame can be attributed to one of the players rather than both.
Players losing for the first time in the competition stay in for the next draw.
Players losing for a second time are eliminated.
Where a bye is needed, this will be awarded to the player who has lost fewest matches in the competition so far. Where a tie-break is needed, this will be decided by the number of wins achieved in the competition by all of a player's opponents. In the event of two or more equal records, this will be subject to a draw.
No player will receive more than one bye during the competition, unless all remaining players have already received one.
Ties are then continued until all bar one player has lost twice.
That remaining player is the winner.
The total prize pool amounts to approximately 1,050 (assuming 40 entrants, although hopefully more), made up from the following elements:
Sponsor's basic prize fund: 250;
Entry fee elements to be paid by the players: 800. (This will include entry fees for intermediate qualifiers, which the sponsor will pay in full).
The total will be divided amongst the top five players, as follows: 1st 500; 2nd 250; 3rd 150; 4th 100; 5th 50.
In the event of players finishing equal the prizes will be shared between those players.

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