Speedgammon Grand Prix results 2023

Positions after the February tournament

Note: a 'D' next to a tournament score is a discard, i.e. a score which does not count towards the total because only a player's best five tournaments count.
And the finishing order depends on the following: (1) total points (after discards); (2) fewest tournaments entered; (3) highest percentage of matches won over the SGGP season; (4) results of meetings of tied players during the SGGP season; (5, where there are discards to be compared) the best performance in those events; (6) play-off (where necessary).
An '*' next to a points score indicates a match which has not yet been completed.
Hazel Harper8080.......
George Georgiou5555.......
Tim Line5555.......
Ian Tarr5555.......
Nick Barham2525.......
Andy Boysan2525.......
Frank Jones1010.......
Steve Morris1010.......

The Speedgammon Grand Prix prize fund (for trophies at the end of the season) totals 4 so far.

The season's results:

(All matches to 5 points)

(Allowance 2 minutes per player per match, with 10 seconds delay)

Group finishing orders determined by matches won, then points difference

February 2 at the Rainbow Casino

Group A: Andy Boysan beat Steve Morris; Hazel Harper beat Andy Boysan; George Georgiou beat Andy Boysan; Hazel Harper beat Steve Morris; George Georgiou beat Steve Morris; George Georgiou beat Hazel Harper.
George Georgiou 3 wins; Hazel Harper 2; Andy Boysan 1; Steve Morris 0.. Group B: Tim Line beat Frank Jones; Ian Tarr beat Frank Jones; Tim Line beat Nick Barham; Ian Tarr beat Frank Jones; Nick Barham beat Frank Jones; Ian Tarr beat Nick Barham.
Ian Tarr 3 wins; Tim Line 2; Nick Barham 1; Frank Jones 0..
Play-offs: Semi-finals: Hazel Harper beat George Georgiou; Tim Line beat Ian Tarr.
Final: Hazel Harper beat Tim Line.

March 23 at the Rainbow Casino

May 4 at the Rainbow Casino

June 15 at the Rainbow Casino

August 3 at the Rainbow Casino

September 7 at the Rainbow Casino

October 19 at the Rainbow Casino

November 23 at the Rainbow Casino

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