The Cotswold Fireside Backgammon Tournament

This annual event was devised by Director Martin Hemming and was first held at Blockley, Gloucestershire, from Friday 28th February to Sunday 2nd March, 2003.
Its initial success was built upon over the years, and it held a special place in the UK backgammon calendar until its final incarnation in 2007 at the Bear of Rodborough Hotel.
The event website has long since disappeared into the ether, but below are some links to pieces of the jigsaw. Unfortunately not all of the data is now accessible.

Cotswold Fireside 2007 report from a Bristol perspective
Cotswold Fireside 2007 summarised results
Cotswold Fireside 2006 report
Cotswold Fireside 2006 results
Cotswold Fireside 2005 results
Cotswold Fireside 2004 results
Cotswold Fireside 2003 results

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