Cotswold ‘Fireside’ Backgammon Tournament

at the Crown Inn Hotel, Blockley, Moreton-in-Marsh from

Friday 30th January to Sunday 1st February 2004

Final results

The Main Tournament

Each tie consists of "best of three" seven point matches

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Kevin White beat Francine BrandlerSteve Pickard beat Kevin WhiteSteve Pickard beat Tom DugganSteve Pickard beat Martin BarkwillJOHN SLATTERY beat Steve Pickard
Steve Pickard beat Rosey Bensley
Max Modesti bought a byeTom Duggan beat Max Modesti
Tom Duggan bought a bye
George Sulimirski bought a byeMalcolm Robertson beat George SulimirskiMartin Barkwill beat Malcolm Robertson
Malcolm Robertson bought a bye
Danny Cohen beat Brian BusfieldMartin Barkwill beat Danny Cohen
Martin Barkwill beat John Hurst
Elliot Smart bought a byeAndrew Sarjeant beat Elliot SmartJOHN SLATTERY beat Andrew SarjeantJOHN SLATTERY beat Tony Lee
Andrew Sarjeant bought a bye
Julian Fetterlein bought a byeJOHN SLATTERY beat Julian Fetterlein
JOHN SLATTERY beat Myke Wignall
David Fall beat Julian MinwallaTony Lee beat David FallTony Lee beat John Clark
Tony Lee bought a bye
John Clark neat Martin HemmingJohn Clark beat John Broomfield
John Broomfield bought a bye

The Progressive Consolation Tournament

All matches to eleven points

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth roundFinal
John Broomfield beat Francine BrandlerAndrew Sarjeant beat John BroomfieldDanny Cohen beat Andrew SarjeantDanny Cohen beat Tom DugganRound robin final won by JULIAN FETTERLEIN, with Danny Cohen second and Martin Barkwill third
Danny Cohen beat David Fall
Tom Duggan beat Kevin WhiteTom Duggan beat Max Modesti
Julian Fetterlein beat Brian BusfieldJulian Fetterlein beat Myke Wignall
Julian Fetterlein beat Malcolm Robertson
Julian Fetterlein beat Martin Hemming
Myke Wignall beat Julian MinwallaMyke Wignall beat Elliot SmartMyke Wignall beat John Clark
Elliot Smart beat John Hurst
Martin Barkwill beat Tony Lee

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