Cotswold ‘Fireside’ Backgammon Tournament

at the Crown Inn Hotel, Blockley, Moreton-in-Marsh from

Friday 28th January to Sunday 30th January 2005

Final results

The Main Tournament

Each tie consists of "best of three" seven point matches

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
JULIAN FETTERLEIN beat Andreas GiannopoulosJULIAN FETTERLEIN beat Dave FallJULIAN FETTERLEIN beat Tony LeeJULIAN FETTERLEIN beat John BroomfieldJULIAN FETTERLEIN beat Blaine Buchanan
Dave Fall beat Leanne Myers
Tony Lee beat Ernie PickTony Lee beat Ralph Eskinazi
Ralph Eskinazi beat Rosey Bensley
John Broomfield beat John HurstJohn Broomfield beat Chris TernelJohn Broomfield beat Paul Gilbertson
Chris Ternel beat Martin Barkwill
Paul Gilbertson beat Jolyon WardlePaul Gilbertson beat Simonetta Barone
Simonetta Barone beat Kevin Stebbing
Blaine Buchanan beat John GilbertsonBlaine Buchanan beat Malcolm RobertsonBlaine Buchanan beat Roland HerreraBlaine Buchanan beatMike Greenleaf
Malcolm Robertson beat Andrew Sarjeant
Roland Herrera beat Kevin WhiteRoland Herrera beat John Slattery
John Slattery beat Paul Myers
Mike Greenleaf beat Mardi OhanessianMike Greenleaf beat Paul MoneyMike Greenleaf beat Ian Tarr
Paul Money beat Myke Wignall
Ian Tarr beat Elliot SmartIan Tarr beat Danny Cohen
Danny Cohen beat Mark Dixon

The Progressive Consolation

All matches to eleven points

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Andreas Giannopoulos beat Leanne MyersRosey Bensley beat Andreas GiannopoulosRosey Bensley beat John HurstAndrew Sarjeant beat Rosey BensleyDanny Cohen beat Andrew SarjeantMIKE GREENLEAF beat Danny Cohen
Rosey Bensley beat Ernie Pick
John Hurst beat Martin BarkwillJohn Hurst beat Kevin Stebbing
Kevin Stebbing beat Jolyon Wardle
Andrew Sarjeant beat John GilbertsonAndrew Sarjeant beat Kevin WhiteAndrew Sarjeant beat Mark Dixon
Kevin White beat Paul Myers
Myke Wignall beat Mardi OhanessianMark Dixon beat Myke Wignall
Mark Dixon beat Elliot Smart
Ralph Eskinazi beat Dave FallRalph Eskinazi beat Chris TernelDanny Cohen beat Ralph Eskinazi
Chris Ternel beat Simonetta Barone
Malcolm Robertson beat John SlatteryDanny Cohen beat Malcolm Robertson
Danny Cohen beat Paul Money
Tony Lee beat Paul GilbertsonTony Lee beat Roland HerreraMIKE GREENLEAF beat Tony Lee
Roland Herrera beat Ian Tarr
MIKE GREENLEAF beat John Broomfield

The Last Chance

All matches to seven points

Buy-backs indicated by (b/b)

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
John Slattery beat Jolyon WardleJohn Slattery beat Leanne MyersJohn Slattery beat Paul MoneyAndreas Giannopoulos beat John SlatteryDAVE FALL beat Andreas Giannopoulos
Leanne Myers beat Elliot Smart
Paul Money beat Myke WignallPaul Money beat John Gilbertson
John Gilbertson beat Ernie Pick
Simonetta Barone beat Martin BarkwillSimonetta Barone beat Kevin StebbingAndreas Giannopoulos beat Simonetta Barone
Kevin Stebbing beat Dave Fall
Kevin White beat Paul MyersAndreas Giannopoulos beat Kevin White
Andreas Giannopoulos beat Paul Gilbertson
Mardi Ohanessian beat Mark DixonJohn Hurst beat Mardi OhanessianDAVE FALL beat John HurstDAVE FALL beat Chris Ternel
John Hurst beat Chris Ternel
Myke Wignall (b/b) beat Martin Barkwill (b/b)DAVE FALL beat Myke Wignall
DAVE FALL (b/b) beat Ernie Pick (b/b)
Malcolm Robertson beat Paul Myers (b/b)Chris Ternel beat Malcolm RobertsonChris Ternel beat Martin Barkwill
Chris Ternel (b/b) beat Mark Dixon (b/b)
John Gilbertson (b/b) beat Jolyon Wardle (b/b)Martin Barkwill beat John Gilbertson
Martin Barkwill (b/b/2) beat Rosey Bensley

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