Cotswold ‘Fireside’ Backgammon Tournament

at the Crown Inn Hotel, Blockley, Moreton-in-Marsh from

Friday 27th January to Sunday 29th January 2006

Final results

The Main Tournament

Each tie consisted of "best of three" seven point matches

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
STUART MANN beat Simonetta HerreraSTUART MANN beat Nigel MerriganSTUART MANN beat Julian FetterleinSTUART MANN beat Dave FallSTUART MANN beat Ian Tarr
Nigel Merrigan beat Ed Turner
Julian Fetterlein beat John GilbertsonJulian Fetterlein beat John Slattery
John Slattery beat Brian Lever
Dave Fall beat Kevin WhiteDave Fall beat Chris TernelDave Fall beat Martin Barkwill
Chris Ternel beat Mike Heard
Martin Barkwill beat John BroomfieldMartin Barkwill beat Blaine Buchanan
Blaine Buchanan beat Andrew Sarjeant
Ian Tarr beat Tony LeeIan Tarr beat Mardi OhanessianIan Tarr beat Myke WignallIan Tarr beat Dod Davies
Mardi Ohanessian beat Mike Greenleaf
Myke Wignall beat Rosey BensleyMyke Wignall beat Richard Stevenson
Richard Stevenson beat Ralph Eskinazi
Dod Davies beat Tony WaltersDod Davies beat Mark DixonDod Davies beat John Hurst
Mark Dixon beat Paul Barwick
John Hurst beat Neil YoungJohn Hurst beat Roland Herrera
Roland Herrera beat Peter Bennet

The Progressive Consolation

All matches to eleven points

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Peter Bennet beat Neil YoungPeter Bennet beat Tony WaltersPeter Bennet beat Mike GreenleafPeter Bennet beat Andrew SarjeantJohn Slattery beat Peter BennetDOD DAVIES beat John Slattery
Tony Walters beat Paul Barwick
Mike Greenleaf beat Tony LeeMike Greenleaf beat Rosey Bensley
Rosey Bensley bear Ralph Eskinazi
Andrew Sarjeant beat John BroomfieldAndrew Sarjeant beat Mike HeardAndrew Sarjeant beat John Gilbertson
Mike Heard beat Kevin White
John Gilbertson beat Brian LeverJohn Gilbertson beat Ed Turner
Ed Turner beat Simonetta Herrera
John Slattery beat Nigel MerriganJohn Slattery beat Blaine BuchananJohn Slattery beat Mardi Ohanessian
Blaine Buchanan beat Chris Ternel
Mardi Ohanessian beat Richard StevensonMardi Ohanessian beat Roland Herrera
Roland Herrera beat Mark Dixon
John Hurst beat Myke WignallJohn Hurst beat Julian FetterleinDOD DAVIES beat John Hurst
Julian Fetterlein beat Martin Barkwill
DOD DAVIES beat Dave Fall

The Last Chance

All matches to seven points

Buy-backs indicated by (b/b)

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Kevin White beat Paul BarwickRosey Bensley beat Kevin WhiteSimonetta Herrera beat Rosey BensleySimonetta Herrera beat Mike HeardJOHN GILBERTSON beat Simonetta Herrera
Rosey Bensley beat Ralph Eskinazi
Richard Stevenson beat Tony WaltersSimonetta Herrera beat Richard Stevenson
Simonetta Herrera beat Tony Lee
Mike Heard beat Mark DixonMike Heard beat John GilbertsonMike Heard beat Nigel Merrigan
John Gilbertson beat Neil Young
Nigel Merrigan beat John BroomfieldNigel Merrigan beat Brian Lever
Brian Lever beat Ed Turner
Myke Wignall beat Ralph Eskinazi (b/b)Roland Herrera beat Myke WignallRoland Herrera beat Paul BarwickJOHN GILBERTSON beat Roland Herrera
Roland Herrera beat Ed Turner (b/b)
Tony Walters (b/b) beat Mark Dixon (b/b)Paul Barwick beat Tony Walters
Paul Barwick (b/b) beat Neil Young (b/b)
Richard Stevenson (b/b) beat Brian Lever (b/b)Chris Ternel beat Richard StevensonJOHN GILBERTSON beat Chris Ternel
Chris Ternel beat Kevin White (b/b)
JOHN GILBERTSON (b/b) beat Fanika Petkovska (intermediate)JOHN GILBERTSON beat Myke Wignall
Myke Wignall (b/b) beat Blaine Buchanan

The Intermediate Tournament

Round Robin of 7 point matches

(out of 8)
2ndLiz Barker6
3rdJo Curl5*
4thPaul Myers5
5thCynthia Roberts4
6thFanika Petkovska3*
7thGay Roberts3
8thLeanne Myers2*
9thJohn Sprague2
* = won head
to head
with player
level on wins

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