DPS Backgammon League Division Two 1982-83 to 2002-03

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Final league tables of past seasons

KEY: P = matches played; W = matches won; L = matches lost; F = points for; A = points against; PP = penalty points (incurred by falling behind schedule); Pts = league points; Avge = league points divided by matches played (where players did not all play the same number of matches)


CHRIS LLOYD22184237140054
Jon Goodland22166231150048
Pete Coulson22157222155045
Alan Parfitt22139181184039
Julian Morris221210203177036
Dan Coll221210209184036
Liz Chappell221210179188036
Mike Smalldridge221012185187030
Claire Goulthorpe22913167211027
Dave Long22616152210018
Simon Richardson22517130232015
Andrea Peel22418159237012


DAVE REES19145192128042
Phil Ewens19145191147042
Andy Tonkin19118182149033
Liz Labuc-Spoors19118178156033
Tim Goodrick19109176175030
Mike Smalldridge191361911491128
Lance Doughty19811156172024
Dave Gibbons19613132178018
Keith Gage19514135208114
Angela McGivan1921712221215

(Dave Baker won 6, lost 4, resigned)


PHIL CHARLTON21174217154051
Neil Goulding21138220159039
Charlie Hetherington21138193177039
Dave Gibbons21129207160135
Roger Thomas21129190180135
Dave Whittaker21912209178027
Keith Gage211291861871026
Tony Villa-Vercella21912176204126
Kal Phull211011173190624
Alan Smith21813173193222
Roger Fox21417134229111

(Keith Hughes won 2, lost 9, resigned)


ALAN SMITH161241391060362.250
Ian Preston161061331020301.875
Keith Gage161061281040301.875
Phil Danes16971121090271.687
Simon Rammell17891211190241.411
Roger Fox15781021150211.400
John Swindail16412871391110.687
Dave Harris154118812822-10-0.667

(Jeff Eastmond won 0, lost 1, resigned;
Kal Phull won 7, lost 7, resigned)


DAVE PYM14113142960332.357
Tim Goodrick1394128990272.076
Ken Southcott1275118930211.750
Debbie Roberts14861281240241.714
Craig Dorrington13761191200211.615
Mike Moyse13761131281201.538
Roger Selwyn14681341230181.285
Adrian Miles12571041050151.250
Pete Hicks13581041231141.076
Mark Studden1358981273120.923
Brian McKee144101121460120.857
Richard Shaw144101041410120.857

(Andy Hiscock won 0, lost 0, resigned;
Tony Villa-Vercalla won 4, lost 1, resigned;
Eddie Tonner won 4, lost 2, resigned;
Robin Muir won 2, lost 4, resigned;
Heather Johnston won 6, lost 6, resigned)


In 1987-88 there was a decline in interest in league backgammon.
This forced the committee to look for an alternative format for the Second Division, taking away the need for long-term commitment.
While Division One continued in orthodox league format, Division Two was now broken into four time periods or rounds, where mini-leagues of four or five were contested. Players were able to enter as many or as few rounds as they wished.
With each player's three best rounds counting towards final league positions, anyone who entered all four would be able to discard his/her least successful one.
The changes achieved the desired effect, with six new players being attracted into Division Two during the season.
The points scoring system was to be refined in 1988-89, before a revision of the format was effected in 1989-90.

KEY: LP = league points; 4RP = points won in discarded 4th round; %Won = percentage of matches won over whole season; W = matches won over whole season; Av.dif. = match points for less match points against divided by matches played

MARK OLDHAM26684.6111+2.46
Tim Goodrick26478.5711+3.28
Colin Smith20446.156-0.23
Bill Bearsby18350.006+1.33
Joan Ward18238.465-1.15
Dave Bracey18--60.006+0.80
Mark Griffiths18--60.006-0.90
Tony Lay16--55.555-0.22
Warwick Fortescue16--40.004-0.60
Kevin Gregory11--40.004+0.10
Photis Gittoes10223.073-2.53
Richard Dunton4--16.671-4.67
John Lancaster2--0.000-2.33


MIKE SMALLDRIDGE11875.009+5.08
Kevin Gregory11778.5711+4.86
Mark Studden11488.888+4.67
Marie Fenlon10264.289+2.14
Richard Dunton9066.6710+1.06
Liz Chappell8761.538-0.08
Mark Griffiths8163.637+1.73
Bill Bearsby8053.338+1.20
John Carter7742.856-1.57
Joe McSorley7138.465-1.92
Nigel Austin6942.856-1.86
Warwick Fortescue6746.156-0.62
Leslie Burton6542.856-1.14
John Swindail6244.444-1.67
Joan Ward5645.455+0.27
Photis Gittoes5336.364-1.27
Tony Lay4828.574-1.79
Jerome Kelleher4636.364-1.73
Martin Bishop4533.333-2.44
Gill Coveney3022.222-3.00
Malcolm Young1214.281-5.29


After two years of the new format, the concept of breaking the Division Two season into rounds had proved to be a resounding success.
One drawback, however, was the somewhat contrived scoring system, which had given rise, justifiably perhaps, to feelings of injustice in some quarters.
When the committee sought a solution to this conundrum, it was Tim Goodrick who came up with the format which was to serve the division well for seven seasons.
The "four rounds" idea was retained, but now players would not be drawn into groups. They would be drawn four opponents at random from the whole division.
The resultant league table would thus look more like a normal league table, with a scoring system which was more readily understood by all. A round would still be discarded by those contesting all four.

KEY: P = matches played; W = matches won; L = matches lost; F = points for; A = points against; Av.dif. = match points for less match points against divided by matches played; Pts = league points

RON HENDERSON1212011436+6.5036
John Killoran1210210553+4.3330
Tony Lay1210211768+4.0830
Photis Gittoes129310244+4.8327
Hugh Morgan129310759+4.0027
Gill Coveney129310265+3.0827
Jerome Kelleher12939861+3.0827
Leslie Burton12939667+2.4127
Simon Osborne12849767+2.5024
Malcolm Young12849382+0.9124
Graham Williams12849990+0.7524
Louise Heath12758780+0.5821
Robert Warren8626743+3.0018
Phil Pulsford8536048+1.5015
Nigel Austin12577985-0.5015
Di Vigrass12577688-1.0015
Pete Campbell12486785-1.5012
Paul Randell12486791-2.0012
Paul Dunford12486193-2.6712
Martin Bishop12486399-3.0012
Warwick Fortescue4313826+3.009
Simon Gonzales8355550+0.629
Mark Reason8355158-0.879
Raj Sharma8354359-2.009
Chris Packer8354467-2.879
Richard Grant3212417+2.336
Pete Hicks4223127+1.006
Steve Skidmore4223133-0.506
Chris Johnson8264961-1.506
Ray Lowman1221069106-3.086
Ian Knight1221051100-4.086
Durjoy Ghosh8174473-3.623
Paul Duffin4131835-4.253
Helen Brown4041937-4.500
Sarah Young404837-7.250


ROGER SELWYN1211110749+4.8333
Phil Caudwell1210210860+4.0030
Simon Osborne1210210967+3.5030
Paul Randell1210210566+3.2530
Liz Chappell129310154+3.9127
John Killoran129310161+3.3327
Richard Dunton129310071+2.4127
Raj Sharma12939366+2.2527
Mark Denyer12938767+1.6727
Alan Parfitt12939476+1.5027
Phil Pulsford12849763+2.8324
Pete Campbell128410573+2.6724
Jerome Kelleher12849967+2.6724
John Heritage12849175+1.3324
Di Vigrass12759374+1.5821
Durjoy Ghosh12758890-0.1621
Paul Dunford12667976+0.2518
Graham Williams12667883-0.4118
Helen Read12668492-0.6718
Simon Gonzales12668295-1.0818
Chris Johnson12578279+0.2515
Ray Lowman12578289-0.5815
Malcolm Young12577886-0.6715
Steve Skidmore12576486-1.8315
Sally Beauchamp125773104-2.5815
Pete Hicks8445749+1.0012
Jo Parish84453530.0012
Louise Franklin12486686-1.6612
Robert Warren123971101-2.509
Yvonne Horn123965101-3.009
Ian Knight1211152104-4.333
Warwick Fortescue8173368-4.373


ALAN PARFITT1211111056+4.5033
Louise Franklin1210210668+3.1730
Malcolm Young129310165+3.0027
Mark Denyer129310167+2.8327
Simon Gonzales12849767+2.5024
Steve Skidmore12849869+2.4124
Graham Williams12849083+0.5824
Robert Warren127510479+2.0821
Chris Johnson12759679+1.4121
John Heritage12759275+1.4121
Durjoy Ghosh12759483+0.9121
Pete Hicks12759180+0.9121
Andi Scanlan12759490+0.3321
Jerome Kelleher8626342+2.6218
Pete Cockram12669883+1.2518
Ray Lowman12669383+0.8318
Alistair Davies12668885+0.2518
Phil Pulsford126688880.0018
Helen Seaborne12668283-0.0818
Pete Campbell12668892-0.3318
Tim Goodrick8445155-0.5012
Richard Moody12487898-1.6712
Paul Dunford12486496-2.6712
Sally Beauchamp12397397-2.009
Di Vigrass123969100-2.589


PHIL PULSFORD1210211552+5.2530
John Heritage1210211373+3.3330
Paul Randell1210210280+1.8330
Durjoy Ghosh129311656+5.0027
Adrian Miles129310252+4.1727
Pete Campbell129311064+3.8327
John Lewis12939574+1.7527
Pete Cockram12849865+2.7524
Ray Lowman12849476+1.5024
John King11748968+1.9021
Raj Sharma12759074+1.3321
Ian Flynn12758884+0.3321
Alistair Davies9637562+1.4418
Chris Johnson12667668+0.6718
Paul Dunford12668388-0.4118
David Ward12667787-0.8318
Richard Grant7526341+3.1415
Di Vigrass12577485-0.9115
Sally Beauchamp12577793-1.3315
Iain Hall11477381-0.7212
Richard Moody12487793-1.3312
Alan Gammon12395898-3.339
Pete Hicks4223332+0.256
Tim Goodrick8265467-1.626
Phil Chetwynd4132128-1.753
Gaye Andrews4131838-5.003
Yvonne Horn8083273-5.120


TIM GOODRICK1210210356+3.9130
Iain Hall129311465+4.0827
Raj Sharma12939963+3.0027
Robert Warren129310069+2.5827
Ian Preston12939869+2.4127
Malcolm Young12849872+2.1724
Di Vigrass128410276+2.1724
David Ward128410186+1.2524
Ian Flynn12848974+1.2524
Ray Lowman12759781+1.3321
Alan Gammon12759081+0.7521
John King12758678+0.6721
Chris Johnson12668170+0.9118
Richard Moody12667993-1.1718
John Rowley12578492-0.6715
Steve Skidmore12576680-1.1715
Paul Dunford125769100-2.5815
John Carter8445756+0.1212
Pete Hicks4222926+0.756
Tony Lay1221068101-2.756
Graham Williams1211166114-4.003
Richard Dunton4131335-5.503


PHIL PULSFORD1210211858+5.0030
John King1210210373+2.5030
Ian Flynn128410170+2.5824
Ray Lowman12848277+0.4124
Alan Parfitt12759375+1.5021
Paul Dunford12758870+1.5021
Joe Betts12758773+1.1621
Pete Campbell12758775+1.0021
Colin Smith12757874+0.3321
John Carter12758382+0.0821
Paul Randell12758487-0.2521
John Lewis12668576+0.7518
John Rowley12668782+0.4118
Pete Hicks8535756+0.1215
Chris Johnson125780800.0015
Steve Skidmore12578695-0.7515
Alan Gammon4132234-3.003
Tony Lay4041742-6.250


ADRIAN MILES129311267+3.7527
Colin Smith129310568+3.0827
Durjoy Ghosh129310271+2.5827
Joe Betts129310273+2.4127
John Carter12939573+1.8327
John Lewis12939482+1.0027
Phil Pulsford128410065+2.9124
Graham Wright12849465+2.4124
Paul Randell12848874+1.1724
Paul Dunford12849884+1.1724
Robert Warren127510075+2.0821
Nigel Vause12759373+1.6721
Photis Gittoes12759072+1.5021
Pete Campbell12578479+0.4115
Graham Williams12577581-0.5015
Steve Skidmore12578189-0.6715
John Rowley12487991-1.0012
Richard Dunton12486694-2.3312
Jeff Dando123970102-2.679
John Killoran4132034-3.503
Tony Firth1211156108-4.333


PAUL RANDELL1210210952+4.7530
Richard Dunton129310569+3.0027
John Lewis12939764+2.7527
Phil Pulsford128410183+1.5024
Jeff Dando12849181+0.8324
Pete Campbell12759570+2.0821
Nigel Vause12758769+1.5021
Malcolm Young12759290+0.1721
Liz Chappell12758487-0.2521
Alan Parfitt8627251+2.6218
Robert Warren12668882+0.5018
Graham Williams12668786+0.0818
John Rowley12487897-1.5812
Alan Gammon12487497-1.9112
Tony Firth124858103-3.7512
Joe Charnock8355963-0.509
Sally Beauchamp42228280.006
Graham Wright8264969-2.506


ALAN PARFITT1210210365+3.1730
Nigel Vause1210210669+3.0830
Alan Gammon129310669+3.0827
Malcolm Young128410985+2.0024
John King12849173+1.5024
John Carter12849185+0.5024
Liz Chappell12759264+2.3321
Robert Warren12759780+1.4121
Durjoy Ghosh12759175+1.3321
Adam Clutterbuck12669286+0.5018
Pete Campbell12668684+0.1718
John Rowley8536948+2.6215
Joe Charnock12577384-0.9115
Tony Firth12577790-1.0815
Rachael Moody12488291-0.7512
Mike Taylor4313228+1.009
Mark Lay4132435-2.753
Graham Williams1215010886-4.833


After several seasons of successful operation of the "rounds" format for Division Two, it was decided -- largely on the basis of dwindling numbers -- that the format for 1998-99 would revert to that of an orthodox league.
Some late entries boosted the number of participants to thirteen, and suspicions that the schedule might be too demanding for the division were borne out when the league only finished close to its scheduled end date after player resignations reduced the fixture burden.

KEY: P = matches played; W = matches won; L = matches lost; F = points for; A = points against; Pts = league points; Avge. = league points divided by matches played.

MARK OLDHAM20173208138512.550
Adam Clutterbuck21147224155422.000
Pete Campbell20137192138391.950
Robert Warren19127187127361.894
Durjoy Ghosh20911160182271.350
Jeremy Axford18711151175211.167
Mike Taylor19712146177211.105
Tony Firth20614122198180.900
Liz Chappell18513115175150.833

(Moe Ghailan won 1, lost 8, resigned;
Cain Evans won 0, lost 3, resigned;
Mark Lay won 7, lost 6, resigned;
Rachael Moody won 8, lost 4, resigned)


A mid-season rule change saved the division from total collapse after a widespread bout of apathy meant only one player played all available matches -- and then only after a four week extension had been granted
RACHAEL MOODY181351751421.8339
Ray Lowman191182011671.7933
John Carter171071481470.0630
Pete Cockram1596146150-0.2727
Richard Dunton1495128134-0.4327
Liz Chappell13761191140.3821
Durjoy Ghosh16791441410.1921
Mark Lay1358117991.3815
Tony Firth9457882-0.4412
Jeff Dando17413123175-3.0612
Mike Taylor83569650.509
Malcolm Young9368090-1.119
Alan Gammon8356183-2.759









PETE CAMPBELL1275117941.9221
Adam Clutterbuck107398831.5021
Durjoy Ghosh14771271250.1421
Robert Warren1275104115-0.9221
Liz Chappell65172385.6715
Jeremy Axford1358113122-0.6915
Kathy Jones115693108-1.3615
Malcolm Young43143313.009
Jeff Dando13211100145-3.466
Cathie Ewart101511-6.000









PETE COCKRAM96399564.77818
Alan Parfitt95473710.22215
Durjoy Ghosh10558092-1.20015
Pete Campbell84480691.37512
John Carter8355885-3.3759
Richard Dunton1101129.0003
Robert Warren2111721-2.0003
Tim Goodrick2021323-5.0000
Cathie Ewart101012-12.0000

Brian Dolton entered, but never played a match









DURJOY GHOSH85373660.87515
Ian Preston33033127.0009
Alan Parfitt52350470.6006
Ray Lowman4223638-0.5006
Pete Campbell1101183.0003
Robert Warren3122026-2.0003
Pete Cockram6154571-4.3333

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