DPS Backgammon Division One Cup 1991 to 2002

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Complete list of results


PHIL CHARLTON beat Tony Lay 21-11PHIL CHARLTON beat Charlie Hetherington 21-14PHIL CHARLTON beat Colin Smith 21-20
Charlie Hetherington beat Photis Gittoes 22-13
Colin Smith beat Ron Henderson 24-6Colin Smith beat Ian Tarr 21-17
Ian Tarr beat John Carter 21-19


CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Tony Lay 22-16CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Photis Gittoes 24-2CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Ron Henderson 21-4
Photis Gittoes beat Paul Randell 21-20
Ron Henderson beat Phil Charlton 21-18Ron Henderson beat Ian Tarr 25-16
Ian Tarr beat Ian Preston 21-14


First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
PHIL CHARLTON beat Liz Chappell 21-19PHIL CHARLTON beat Ian Preston 23-11PHIL CHARLTON beat Ian Tarr 21-13PHIL CHARLTON beat Colin Smith 21-18
Ian Preston beat John Killoran 21-13
Ian Tarr beat Malcolm Young 21-12Ian Tarr beat Photis Gittoes 21-19
Photis Gittoes beat Ron Henderson 23-17
Colin Smith beat Alan Parfitt 21-14Colin Smith beat Simon Gonzales 22-17Colin Smith beat Charlie Hetherington 22-14
Simon Gonzales beat John Carter 21-13
Charlie Hetherington beat Phil Caudwell 22-18Charlie Hetherington beat Simon Osborne 21-11
Simon Osborne beat Mark Denyer 22-5


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Photis Gittoes 23-14CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Ian Tarr 21-10CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Pete Campbell 21-14CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Phil Charlton 22-0CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Pete Cockram 22-11
Pete Campbell beat Alan Parfitt 32-5
Phil Charlton beat John Killoran 22-13Phil Charlton beat Liz Chappell 22-8
Liz Chappell beat Phil Caudwell 21-20
Pete Cockram beat Ron Henderson 21-18Pete Cockram beat Paul Randell 21-12Pete Cockram beat Durjoy Ghosh 21-19
Paul Randell beat John Heritage 21-19
Durjoy Ghosh beat Colin Smith 21-15Durjoy Ghosh beat Phil Pulsford 23-16
Phil Pulsford beat John Lewis 22-5


First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
PETE COCKRAM beat Adrian Miles 21-16PETE COCKRAM beat Simon Osborne 21-20PETE COCKRAM beat Phil Charlton 21-16
Simon Osborne beat Liz Chappell 22-7Simon Osborne beat Durjoy Ghosh 21-20
Phil Charlton beat Photis Gittoes 24-11Phil Charlton beat Charlie Hetherington 21-20
Charlie Hetherington beat Ian Tarr 23-19Charlie Hetherington beat Ron Henderson 21-15


First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
IAN TARR beat John King 21-12IAN TARR beat Liz Chappell 21-17IAN TARR beat Ron Henderson 26-8
John King beat Simon Osborne 21-12
Liz Chappell beat Phil Charlton 26-19
Ron Henderson beat Pete Cockram 21-11Ron Henderson beat Charlie Hetherington 21-20Ron Henderson beat Alan Parfitt 22-14
Alan Parfitt beat Ray Lowman 21-14


First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
PETE COCKRAM beat Ian Tarr 24-12PETE COCKRAM beat Phil Charlton 23-13PETE COCKRAM beat Adrian Miles 21-9
Phil Charlton beat John Carter 21-14
Adrian Miles beat Durjoy Ghosh 22-20Adrian Miles beat Ron Henderson 21-9
Durjoy Ghosh beat Charlie Hetherington 21-14
Ron Henderson beat Ray Lowman 21-15


First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
PAUL RANDELL beat Pete Cockram 23-10PAUL RANDELL beat Charlie Hetherington 21-7PAUL RANDELL beat Phil Charlton 21-6
Charlie Hetherington beat Colin Smith 22-0
Phil Charlton beat Ian Tarr 22-20Phil Charlton beat Richard Dunton 22-7
Richard Dunton beat Ray Lowman 21-20Richard Dunton beat Jeff Dando 24-17


First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
PHIL CHARLTON beat Alan Parfitt 21-19PHIL CHARLTON beat Ian Tarr 22-18PHIL CHARLTON beat Malcolm Young 22-18
Ian Tarr beat John Carter 22-14
Malcolm Young beat Ray Lowman 22-18Malcolm Young beat Paul Randell 21-7
Paul Randell beat Pete Cockram 22-15Paul Randell beat John King 21-16


CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Adam Clutterbuck 21-20CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Ian Tarr 22-18CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Mark Oldham 24-11
Ian Tarr beat Colin Smith 21-13
Mark Oldham beat Alan Parfitt 21-16Mark Oldham beat Phil Charlton 21-13
Phil Charlton beat Paul Randell 21-8


First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
IAN TARR beat Charlie Hetherington 24-9IAN TARR beat Paul Randell 21-9IAN TARR beat Phil Charlton 21-19
Paul Randell beat Rachael Moody 21-15
Phil Charlton beat Mark Oldham 21-16Phil Charlton beat Adrian Miles 21-11Phil Charlton beat Pete Cockram 21-9
Pete Cockram beat Alan Parfitt 22-11


PHIL CHARLTON beat Jeff Dando 21-13PHIL CHARLTON beat Ray Lowman 23-11PHIL CHARLTON beat Paul Randell 22-20
Ray Lowman beat Jeremy Axford 21-19
Paul Randell beat Mark Oldham 21-14Paul Randell beat Adrian Miles 21-12
Adrian Miles beat Ian Tarr 23-20

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