DPS Backgammon League 1981-82

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While the 1980-81 Ladder was undoubtedly a success as a first stab at a long-term competition, it had had its critics. If you started at or near the bottom there was no way you were going to win it. Progress, upward or downward, tended to be slow. So rather than stick with this format in 1981-82, it was decided to take the plunge and form an orthodox league.

The DPS Backgammon lunch-time scene was now so well established that numbers were growing. For this initial league season thirty-one entrants were to be split into three randomly drawn divisions, with the winner of each going into a three-way play-off group for the championship. The top five in each group would then form a new Division One for 1982-83.

Final tables

Red Division
Mike Morse18135177132746
Martyn Palmer18126173124743
Nick Walker18117170141740
Steve Jury18108179144636
Ian Pemberton18108148162535
Andy Stephens1899160151734
Kevin Smith18108169169333
Nigel Chamberlain18711149164324
Jon Goodland18414129187315
Pete Coulson18414110190113
Blue Division
JOHN RYAN18162213116957
Ian Tarr18117169136740
Ron Henderson18108172155636
Jules Smith18108146168333
Roger Thomas18810149170428
Stuart Graham18810147177428
Steve Lonsdale18810158165327
Keith Lloyd18711161166526
Noel Massey18612133163523
Julian Morris18612139171321

Andy Summerhayes (won 6 lost 9) resigned -- all results expunged
Black Division
John Chidgey18135187129746
Martin Press *17116158132743
Pete Barlow18117181159740
Jon Jones18108180141636
Nick Randall18108151148535
Pete Hicks18108176158734
Graham Osborn *1789156172333
Julian Timmis18711144169324
Stuart Fraser18513127180315
Liz Chappell18414122194113

* M Press vs G Osborn never played; no points awarded

Championship Play-offs

JOHN RYAN33049216
Mike Morse #41332592
John Chidgey31233342

# Runner-up by default; J Chidgey declined to play final match vs J Ryan
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