DPS Backgammon Supplementary Cup 1982 to 1985

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The Supplementary Cup was launched to fill a void for the many league players who were finishing their league schedules well ahead of schedule. It was not held in 1984, but resumed in 1985. The following year it was replaced in the calendar by the Handicap Cup, although that year it retained its original name. Thus details of the 1986 Supplementary Cup will be found in Handicap Cup history, and not here.


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
PETE BARLOW beat Stuart Fraser 11-8PETE BARLOW beat Ron Henderson 16-3PETE BARLOW beat Pete Coulson 15-11PETE BARLOW beat Ian Tarr 22-15
Stuart Fraser beat Liz Chappell 11-4
Ron Henderson beat Kevin Smith 11-3
Pete Coulson beat Nick Randall 12-8Pete Coulson beat Mike Morse 11-4
Nick Randall beat Jon Goodland 12-8
Mike Morse beat Nick Walker 11-9
Ian Tarr beat Pete Hicks 11-4Ian Tarr beat Steve Lonsdale 11-9Ian Tarr beat John Ryan 17-11
Steve Lonsdale beat Nigel Chamberlain 11-5
John Ryan beat Chris Lloyd 11-5John Ryan beat John Chidgey 13-9
Chris Lloyd beat Stuart Graham 12-10
John Chidgey beat Noel Massey 11-8


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
JULIAN MORRIS beat Alan Parfitt 13-8JULIAN MORRIS beat Steve Lonsdale 20-8JULIAN MORRIS beat Chris Lloyd 17-15JULIAN MORRIS beat Jules Smith 26-8
Steve Lonsdale beat Dave Pym 13-2
Chris Lloyd beat Claire Goulthorpe 13-6Chris Lloyd beat Pete Coulson 15-13
Pete Coulson beat Martyn Palmer 13-1
Jules Smith beat John Chidgey 17-1Jules Smith beat John Ryan 15-11Jules Smith beat Liz Labuc-Spoors 19-4
John Ryan beat Simon Richardson 18-8
Liz Labuc-Spoors beat Dan Coll 13-8Liz Labuc-Spoors beat Liz Chappell 15-6
Dan Coll beat Graham Osborn 13-6
Liz Chappell beat Tim Goodrick 12-6Liz Chappell beat Ian Tarr 13-0
Ian Tarr beat Noel Massey 11-8


The competition was not held


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
PHIL EWENS beat Phil Charlton 12-4PHIL EWENS beat Dave Rees 16-2PHIL EWENS beat Kal Phull 12-6PHIL EWENS beat Julian Morris 15-5PHIL EWENS beat Liz Chappell 22-19
Kal Phull beat Jeff Brown 11-6
Julian Morris beat Steve Lonsdale 16-2Julian Morris beat Neil Goulding 11-9Julian Morris w.o. Jules Smith res'd
Jules Smith beat Steve Bowthorpe 11-5Jules Smith beat Dave Pym 14-2
Liz Chappell beat Dave Whittaker 15-3Liz Chappell beat Mike Smalldridge 14-8Liz Chappell beat Alan Parfitt 11-9Liz Chappell beat Lance Doughty 15-1
Alan Parfitt beat Martyn Palmer 11-5Alan Parfitt beat Dave Baker 11-4
Lance Doughty beat Mike Morse 34-2Lance Doughty beat Charlie Hetherington 11-4
Charlie Hetherington beat Ian Tarr 12-3
Ian Tarr beat Graham Willis 11-9


The competition was revamped as a handicap, despite retaining its original name. See Handicap Cup history
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