DPS Backgammon Shield 1980 to 2003

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The inaugural Shield was contested by 20 players, initially divided into five randomly drawn groups, World Cup-style, the top two in each progressing to the knock-out phase.

Final Group Tables:

Group A
Martin Press44043188
Jules Smith43139276
Ron Henderson42234254
Mike Harvey303735*0
Peter Hinchey303937*0

* = 5 point penalty for non-completion of match.
Group B
Colin Watkeys44042198
Tim Yeandle42238304
Loraine Moore42236364
Mike Morse42230344
Richard Harman40418450
Group C
Chris Wilson #44041238
John Nicoll43141246
Jon Jones41330392
Andy Stephens41328412
Ian Tarr41325382

# = resigned from competition on completion of the group: John Nicoll and Jon Jones deemed qualifiers.
Group D
Roger Thomas32128204
Rich Stevens31220202
Steve Lonsdale3039320

Ian Pemberton (won 1 lost 1) had his record expunged.
JOHN CHIDGEY beat Jules Smith 13-5JOHN CHIDGEY beat John Nicoll 17-15JOHN CHIDGEY beat Jon Jones 21-18
John Nicoll beat Tim Yeandle 13-7
Jon Jones beat Colin Watkeys 16-9Jon Jones beat Roger Thomas 17-11
Roger Thomas beat Martin Press 13-12


The first Shield to be held in the current format of all 21-point matches
First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
KEVIN SMITH beat Cliff Pratt 21-19KEVIN SMITH beat Richard Harman 21-8KEVIN SMITH beat Jon Jones 22-17KEVIN SMITH beat Steve Jury 21-8KEVIN SMITH beat Graham Osborn 23-17KEVIN SMITH beat John Ryan 21-12
Jon Jones beat Jules Smith 21-12
Steve Jury beat Loraine Moore 21-18Steve Jury beat Noel Massey 21-19Steve Jury beat John Chidgey 22-10
John Chidgey beat Liz Chappell 22-2
Graham Osborn w.o. Pete Campbell resignedGraham Osborn beat Sally Hulin 23-13Graham Osborn beat Ian Tarr 21-17Graham Osborn beat Jon Goodland 21-19
Ian Tarr beat John Pitt 23-10
John Pitt beat Steve Bowthorpe 22-19
Jon Goodland beat Martin Press 21-19Jon Goodland beat Roger Thomas 23-18
Roger Thomas beat Tim Yeandle 22-11
Tim Yeandle awarded victory over Phil Webb when 17-5 up after long delays
John Ryan beat Andrea Watkins 21-12John Ryan beat Nick Walker 21-14John Ryan beat Pat Read 26-16John Ryan beat Ron Henderson 21-13
Nick Walker beat Stuart Fraser 21-17
Stuart Fraser beat Graham Williams 21-14
Pat Read beat Julian Morris 21-13Pat Read beat Colin Watkeys 24-7
Colin Watkeys beat Ian Pemberton 24-7
Ian Pemberton beat Chris Lloyd 23-16
Ron Henderson beat Martyn Palmer 26-12Ron Henderson beat Nick Randall 22-8Ron Henderson beat Dave Mascall 21-19Ron Henderson beat Andy Stephens 21-18
Dave Mascall beat Keith Lloyd 24-11
Andy Stephens beat Steve Lonsdale 21-12Andy Stephens beat Mike Morse 22-11
Steve Lonsdale (16-0 up) w.o. Andy Summerhayes resigned
Mike Morse beat Pete Hicks 22-13
Pete Hicks beat Stuart Graham 21-17


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
JULES SMITH beat Noel Massey 21-19JULES SMITH beat Martyn Palmer 23-18JULES SMITH beat Chris Lloyd 22-16JULES SMITH beat Nick Walker 22-11JULES SMITH beat Nigel Chamberlain 21-20
Martyn Palmer beat Kevin Smith 22-6
Chris Lloyd beat Loraine Warrington 22-17Chris Lloyd beat Graham Osborn 22-20
Nick Walker beat Andy Stephens 21-5Nick Walker won toss of coin against Jon Jones after personal feud resulted in deadlock at 8-8Nick Walker beat Ian Tarr 23-16
Jon Jones beat Pete Coulson 24-17
Ian Tarr beat Mike Morse 22-16
Mike Morse beat Nick Randall 26-4
Nigel Chamberlain beat Pete Barlow 21-13Nigel Chamberlain beat Stuart Graham 21-20Nigel Chamberlain beat Martin Press 22-18Nigel Chamberlain beat Ron Henderson 21-20
Stuart Graham beat Julian Timmis 22-2
Martin Press beat Liz Chappell 21-19
Liz Chappell beat Steve Lonsdale 21-17
Ron Henderson beat Simon Richardson 21-5Ron Henderson beat John Ryan 22-18Ron Henderson beat John Chidgey 21-17
John Ryan beat Stuart Fraser 22-9
John Chidgey beat Pete Hicks 21-15John Chidgey beat Julian Morris 22-16


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
STEVE LONSDALE beat Ian Tarr 21-7STEVE LONSDALE beat Dave Rees 21-16STEVE LONSDALE beat Dan Coll 21-16STEVE LONSDALE beat Andy Tonkin 21-20STEVE LONSDALE beat Liz Labuc-Spoors 21-18
Dan Coll beat Phil Ewens 22-7Dan Coll beat Alan Parfitt 22-15
Alan Parfitt beat Steve Bowthorpe 35-8
Andy Tonkin beat Claire Goulthorpe 22-19Andy Tonkin beat Ann Jones 21-9Andy Tonkin beat Jules Smith 21-11
Ann Jones beat Mick Upton 21-11
Jules Smith led Charlotte Orr 11-1 when Charlotte resignedJules Smith beat Graham Osborn 21-14
Graham Osborn beat Dave Gibbons 21-20
Liz Labuc-Spoors beat Mike Smalldridge 23-11Liz Labuc-Spoors beat Liz Chappell 23-11Liz Labuc-Spoors beat Pete Hicks 21-11Liz Labuc-Spoors beat Nick Randall 22-7
Pete Hicks beat Tim Goodrick 21-12Pete Hicks beat Julian Morris 22-15
Julian Morris beat Martin Press 21-4
Nick Randall beat Nick Walker 21-10Nick Randall beat Pete Coulson 22-12Nick Randall beat Mike Morse 26-7
Pete Coulson w.o. Noel Massey resigned
Mike Morse w.o. Nigel Chamberlain resignedMike Morse w.o. Martyn Palmer resigned
Martyn Palmer beat John Ryan 21-18


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
JOHN RYAN beat Jules Smith 22-17JOHN RYAN beat Phil Ewens 24-11JOHN RYAN beat Julian Morris 22-9JOHN RYAN beat Ian Tarr 21-16
Phil Ewens beat Keith Hughes 21-6
Julian Morris beat Kevin Dawson 21-2Julian Morris beat Dan Coll 23-13
Dan Coll beat Pete Campbell 22-20
Ian Tarr beat Keith Gage 21-5Ian Tarr beat Mike Smalldridge 21-18Ian Tarr beat Dave Rees 23-8Ian Tarr beat Mike Morse 25-3
Mike Smalldridge beat Alan Parfitt 25-12
Dave Rees beat Roger Fox 21-6Dave Rees beat Steve Lonsdale 46-4
Steve Lonsdale beat Dave Gibbons 21-14
Mike Morse beat Chris Lloyd 21-13Mike Morse beat Dave Pym 23-6
Dave Pym beat Angela Tarrant 21-11Dave Pym beat Liz Chappell 24-9
Liz Chappell beat Lance Doughty 24-13


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
STEVE LONSDALE beat Jeff Brown 21-18STEVE LONSDALE beat Pete Hicks 21-16STEVE LONSDALE beat Neil Goulding 21-17STEVE LONSDALE beat Dave Rees 21-17STEVE LONSDALE beat Ian Tarr 23-20
Pete Hicks beat Mike Morse 21-5
Neil Goulding beat Dave Whittaker 31-16Neil Goulding beat Jan Plotka 23-17
Jan Plotka beat Ian Payne 21-10
Dave Rees beat Alan Smith 22-6Dave Rees beat Dave Baker 22-16Dave Rees beat Roger Thomas 21-11
Dave Baker beat Roger Fox 22-6
Roger Thomas beat Lance Doughty 21-10Roger Thomas beat Keith Gage 21-7
Keith Gage beat Dave Pym 22-15
Ian Tarr beat Phil Charlton 21-12Ian Tarr beat Julian Morris 21-18Ian Tarr w.o. Phil Ewens resignedIan Tarr beat Charlie Hetherington 21-17
Julian Morris beat Liz Chappell 24-13
Phil Ewens beat Dave Gibbons 22-19Phil Ewens beat Mike Smalldridge 21-14
Mike Smalldridge beat Mark Grant 21-5
Charlie Hetherington beat Alan Parfitt 29-4Charlie Hetherington beat Tim Goodrick 21-8Charlie Hetherington beat Kal Phull 22-18
Tim Goodrick beat Debbie Roberts 21-19
Kal Phull beat Phil Danes 22-14Kal Phull beat Jon Goodland 21-16
Jon Goodland beat Nigel Vause 25-4


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
MIKE MORSE beat Mike Moyse 23-12MIKE MORSE beat Liz Chappell 21-17MIKE MORSE beat Dave Pym 27-8MIKE MORSE beat Charlie Hetherington 26-9
Mike Moyse beat Roger Fox 25-6
Liz Chappell beat Keith Gage 21-0Liz Chappell beat Jane Burcham 21-6
Dave Pym beat Dave Harris 23-10Dave Pym beat Mike Smalldridge 23-11Dave Pym beat Heather Johnston 21-15
Mike Smalldridge beat Ian Preston 21-20
Heather Johnston beat John Holder 21-8
John Holder beat Adrian Miles 21-20
Charlie Hetherington beat Alan Smith 21-19Charlie Hetherington beat Dave Rees 21-17Charlie Hetherington beat Debbie Roberts 26-8Charlie Hetherington beat Ian Tarr 22-20
Dave Rees beat Phil Charlton 22-16
Debbie Roberts beat Alan Parfitt 21-14
Alan Parfitt beat Eddie Tonner 21-10
Ian Tarr beat Ken Southcott 21-9Ian Tarr beat Steve Lucas 21-6
Ken Southcott beat John Swindail 22-18
Steve Lucas beat Nigel Vause 21-12Steve Lucas beat Robin Muir 21-11


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
ALAN PARFITT beat Debbie Roberts 21-8ALAN PARFITT beat Mark Studden 21-19ALAN PARFITT beat Ian Preston 21-20ALAN PARFITT beat Mike Morse 37-0ALAN PARFITT beat Dave Rees 21-20
Ian Preston beat Nigel Vause 21-15Ian Preston beat Robin Muir 21-11
Robin Muir beat Dave Harris 21-20
Mike Morse beat John Lancaster 22-4Mike Morse beat Photis Gittoes 23-6Mike Morse beat Colin Smith 21-2
Colin Smith beat Adrian Miles 22-14
Adrian Miles beat Steve Board 35-2
Dave Rees beat Dave Pym 21-13Dave Rees beat Mark Oldham 21-6Dave Rees beat Dave Bracey 21-5Dave Rees beat Phil Charlton 21-18
Dave Bracey w.o. Ken Southcott resigned
Ken Southcott beat Richard Shaw 21-19
Phil Charlton beat Colin Powney 22-10Phil Charlton beat Charlie Hetherington 25-0Phil Charlton beat Ian Tarr 21-17
Ian Tarr beat Liz Chappell 22-8
Liz Chappell beat Roger Selwyn 24-19


First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Tim Goodrick beat Richard Dunton 21-19
Mike Morse beat Mark Studden 21-3Mike Morse beat Dave Bracey 22-8
Dave Bracey beat Tony Lay 21-20
Dave Pym beat Ian Preston 21-19Dave Pym beat Liz Chappell 27-10Dave Pym beat Kevin Gregory 30-6
Liz Chappell beat Joe McSorley 23-7
Kevin Gregory beat Colin Smith 21-17Kevin Gregory beat Photis Gittoes 22-6
Photis Gittoes beat Gill Coveney 21-10
Bill Bearsby beat Mark Griffiths 21-12Bill Bearsby w.o. Debbie Roberts resignedBill Bearsby beat Joan Ward 21-18Bill Bearsby beat Phil Charlton 22-18Bill Bearsby beat Mike Smalldridge 21-12
Joan Ward beat Pete Hicks 21-13
Phil Charlton beat Ian Tarr 22-12Phil Charlton beat Roger Selwyn 22-10
Roger Selwyn beat Janis Fletcher 21-15
Mike Smalldridge beat Adrian Miles 21-12Mike Smalldridge beat Marie Wilson 21-16Mike Smalldridge beat Mark Oldham 22-9
Marie Wilson beat Warwick Fortescue 21-6
Mark Oldham beat Alan Parfitt 22-6Mark Oldham beat John Swindail 21-8
John Swindail beat Steve Board 21-12


First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
ADRIAN MILES beat Steve Bowthorpe 25-4ADRIAN MILES beat Dave Rees 25-12ADRIAN MILES beat Mike Smalldridge 22-12ADRIAN MILES beat Alan Parfitt 21-8ADRIAN MILES beat Ian Tarr 22-18
Dave Rees beat Leslie Burton 21-14
Mike Smalldridge beat Colin Smith 22-19Mike Smalldridge beat Tim Goodrick 21-9
Tim Goodrick beat Richard Dunton 24-8
Alan Parfitt beat Ian Knight 21-8Alan Parfitt beat Mike Morse 22-7Alan Parfitt beat Jerome Kelleher 22-12
Mike Morse beat John Carter 24-10
John Carter beat Janis Fletcher 21-12
Jerome Kelleher beat Kevin Gregory 21-20Jerome Kelleher beat Phil Charlton 21-17
Phil Charlton beat Mark Griffiths 21-7
Ian Tarr beat Marie Fenlon 21-7Ian Tarr beat Photis Gittoes 21-19Ian Tarr beat Richard Grant 21-20Ian Tarr beat Nigel Austin 24-17
Photis Gittoes beat Tony Lay 21-3
Richard Grant beat Mark Studden 22-7Richard Grant beat Roger Selwyn 21-10
Roger Selwyn beat Warwick Fortescue 22-14
Nigel Austin beat Joan Ward 22-6Nigel Austin beat Liz Chappell 21-20Nigel Austin beat Charlie Hetherington 25-8
Liz Chappell beat Ian Preston 21-14
Charlie Hetherington beat Bill Bearsby 21-13Charlie Hetherington beat Joe McSorley 21-8
Joe McSorley beat Hugh Morgan 35-13


First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Nigel Austin 23-4CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Ian Preston 21-14CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Pete Hicks 21-10CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Dave Rees 22-14CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Marie Fenlon 21-15
Ian Preston beat Pete Campbell 21-10
Pete Hicks beat Paul Randell 22-9Pete Hicks beat Tim Goodrick 25-7
Tim Goodrick beat Helen Read 21-3
Dave Rees beat Ray Lowman 21-13Dave Rees beat Liz Chappell 21-20Dave Rees beat Di Vigrass 21-12
Liz Chappell beat Paul Dunford 22-14
Di Vigrass beat Steve Skidmore 22-14Di Vigrass beat Gill Coveney 22-11
Gill Coveney beat Photis Gittoes 21-9
Marie Fenlon beat Ron Henderson 23-14Marie Fenlon beat Tony Lay 21-19Marie Fenlon beat Adrian Miles 21-18Marie Fenlon beat Richard Dunton 22-4
Tony Lay w.o. Mike Morse resignedTony Lay beat Hugh Morgan 25-11
Adrian Miles beat Ian Tarr 21-16Adrian Miles beat Phil Charlton 25-6
Phil Charlton beat Ian Knight 21-12Phil Charlton beat Colin Smith 22-8
Richard Dunton beat John Carter 23-18Richard Dunton beat Mark Heaney 23-3Richard Dunton beat Jerome Kelleher 32-11
John Carter beat John Killoran 22-18
Mark Heaney beat Alan Parfitt 22-16
Jerome Kelleher beat Mike Smalldridge 21-19Jerome Kelleher beat Simon Gonzales 21-9
Simon Gonzales beat Simon Osborne 22-13Simon Gonzales beat Roger Selwyn 21-19


First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
PHIL CAUDWELL beat Jerome Kelleher 32-10PHIL CAUDWELL beat Richard Dunton 21-7PHIL CAUDWELL beat Chris Johnson 22-10PHIL CAUDWELL beat Dave Rees 22-11PHIL CAUDWELL beat John Carter 21-19
Jerome Kelleher beat Raj Sharma 21-13
Richard Dunton beat Charlie Hetherington 22-5
Chris Johnson beat Marie Fenlon 22-19Chris Johnson beat Yvonne Horn 24-14Chris Johnson beat Hugh Morgan 28-0
Hugh Morgan beat Paul Dunford 21-20
Paul Dunford beat Liz Chappell 21-20
Dave Rees beat Adrian Miles 22-16Dave Rees beat Ray Lowman 21-9Dave Rees beat John Heritage 23-18Dave Rees beat Phil Pulsford 21-14
John Heritage beat Irene Sayers 21-11
Phil Pulsford beat Di Vigrass 22-2Phil Pulsford beat Ian Preston 24-3Phil Pulsford beat Ron Henderson 21-16
Ian Preston beat Pete Campbell 22-9
Ron Henderson beat Simon Gonzales 21-13Ron Henderson beat John Killoran 21-5
John Killoran beat Pete Hicks 24-18
John Carter beat Tony Lay 21-19John Carter beat Ian Tarr 24-17John Carter beat Colin Smith 21-20John Carter beat Photis Gittoes 31-11John Carter beat Richard Grant 21-11
Colin Smith beat Simon Osborne 21-10
Simon Osborne beat Durjoy Ghosh 21-5
Photis Gittoes beat Sally Beauchamp 21-2Photis Gittoes beat Mark Denyer 22-19
Mark Denyer beat Paul Randell 21-18
Richard Grant beat Roger Fox 22-11Richard Grant beat Phil Charlton 21-11Richard Grant beat Mike Morse 21-19
Phil Charlton beat Roger Selwyn 23-18
Roger Selwyn beat Alan Parfitt 21-18
Mike Morse beat Robert Warren 22-7Mike Morse beat Helen Seaborne 22-9
Robert Warren beat Warwick Fortescue 22-6
Helen Seaborne beat Steve Skidmore 22-13


First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
IAN PRESTON beat Ray Lowman 22-10IAN PRESTON beat Ian Flynn 21-12IAN PRESTON beat Phil Pulsford 23-18IAN PRESTON beat Richard Grant 22-18IAN PRESTON beat Charlie Hetherington 21-18IAN PRESTON beat Chris Johnson 26-12
Phil Pulsford beat Andi Scanlan 21-10
Richard Grant beat Phil Chetwynd 24-19Richard Grant beat David Ward 22-8
Phil Chetwynd beat Helen Seaborne 22-18
David Ward beat Photis Gittoes 23-13
Photis Gittoes beat Phil Charlton 21-20
Charlie Hetherington beat Ian Tarr 21-11Charlie Hetherington beat Debbie Andrews 21-6Charlie Hetherington beat Mark Denyer 21-20Charlie Hetherington beat Malcolm Young 22-14
Mark Denyer beat Adrian Miles 24-17
Malcolm Young beat Simon Gonzales 22-19Malcolm Young beat John Killoran 21-15
John Killoran beat Robert Warren 22-10
Robert Warren beat Gaye Andrews 22-4
Chris Johnson beat Marie Ponsford 21-5Chris Johnson beat Liz Chappell 21-19Chris Johnson beat Colin Smith 23-13Chris Johnson beat Phil Caudwell 21-17
Liz Chappell beat Alan Parfitt 22-19
Colin Smith beat John King 22-20Colin Smith beat Alistair Davies 21-13
Alistair Davies beat Louise Franklin 22-15Alistair Davies beat Mark Heaney 21-11
Phil Caudwell beat Paul Randell 21-1Phil Caudwell beat Ron Henderson 22-14Phil Caudwell beat Simon Osborne 21-10Phil Caudwell beat John Lewis 21-19
Simon Osborne beat Pete Cockram 21-4Simon Osborne beat John Heritage 21-16
John Lewis beat Paul Dunford 21-19John Lewis beat Sally Beauchamp 22-19
Paul Dunford beat Pete Campbell 21-8
Sally Beauchamp beat Tony Lay 21-12


First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
IAN TARR beat Phil Charlton 23-16IAN TARR beat Robert Warren 21-16IAN TARR beat Phil Pulsford 21-20IAN TARR beat John Killoran 21-19IAN TARR beat Alan Parfitt 21-18
Robert Warren beat Adrian Miles 22-10
Pete Cockram beat Raj Sharma 22-9Phil Pulsford beat Pete Cockram 21-18
Phil Pulsford beat Chris Johnson 21-19
John Killoran beat Tony Lay 22-13John Killoran beat Alan Gammon 22-0John Killoran beat Ron Henderson 22-6John Killoran beat Simon Osborne 22-19
Ron Henderson beat Tony Robinson 21-6
Simon Osborne beat Steve Skidmore 21-13Simon Osborne beat Pete Campbell 22-14
Pete Campbell beat Di Vigrass 21-8
Alan Parfitt beat Durjoy Ghosh 22-16Alan Parfitt beat David Ward 22-13Alan Parfitt beat Charlie Hetherington 24-12Alan Parfitt beat Mark Heaney 21-14
Durjoy Ghosh beat Phil Caudwell 23-12
David Ward beat Ian Preston 22-17
Charlie Hetherington beat Ian Flynn 21-15Charlie Hetherington beat Paul Randell 22-11
Paul Randell beat Malcolm Young 22-18
Mark Heaney beat John King 21-16Mark Heaney beat Colin Smith 21-15Mark Heaney beat Liz Chappell 21-12Mark Heaney beat John Heritage 23-15
Liz Chappell beat Photis Gittoes 21-20
Photis Gittoes beat Mark Denyer 21-20
John Heritage beat Paul Dunford 21-14John Heritage beat Ray Lowman 22-2
Ray Lowman beat John Lewis 21-20


First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
SIMON OSBORNE beat Raj Sharma 24-10SIMON OSBORNE beat Mike Morse 21-9SIMON OSBORNE beat Chris Johnson 21-15SIMON OSBORNE beat Charlie Hetherington 21-17SIMON OSBORNE beat Phil Caudwell 25-6
Mike Morse beat Steve Skidmore 22-16Mike Morse beat Paul Randell 21-6
Chris Johnson beat Di Vigrass 24-11Chris Johnson beat John King 25-6
John King beat John Rowley 21-9
Charlie Hetherington beat Ian Flynn 24-19Charlie Hetherington beat Colin Smith 21-15Charlie Hetherington beat Pete Cockram 21-6
Colin Smith beat Ian Tarr 22-18
Pete Cockram beat Ron Henderson 22-18Pete Cockram beat Liz Chappell 21-13
Liz Chappell beat Phil Charlton 21-19
Phil Caudwell beat John Lewis 21-5Phil Caudwell beat Alan Parfitt 21-11Phil Caudwell beat Paul Dunford 24-14Phil Caudwell beat Adrian Miles 21-20
Alan Parfitt beat John Killoran 26-11
Paul Dunford beat Andi Scanlan 22-20Paul Dunford beat Photis Gittoes 22-17
Photis Gittoes beat Durjoy Ghosh 33-8
Adrian Miles beat Malcolm Young 21-19Adrian Miles beat Tim Goodrick 24-14Adrian Miles beat Tony Lay 22-11
Tim Goodrick beat John Carter 22-13
Tony Lay beat Ian Preston 21-12Tony Lay beat Ray Lowman 21-13
Ray Lowman beat Robert Warren 22-20Ray Lowman beat Phil Pulsford 21-11


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
IAN TARR beat Adrian Miles 22-19IAN TARR beat Durjoy Ghosh 21-11IAN TARR beat John Carter 23-5IAN TARR beat Simon Osborne 21-17IAN TARR beat Phil Pulsford 23-17
Durjoy Ghosh beat Malcolm Young 21-19
John Carter beat Ray Lowman 22-11John Carter beat Charlie Hetherington 25-12
Charlie Hetherington beat John Lewis 21-3
Simon Osborne beat Mark Crisp 21-18Simon Osborne beat Mike Morse 21-17Simon Osborne beat Alan Parfitt 22-18
Mike Morse beat Ron Henderson 23-19
Alan Parfitt beat Paul Randell 21-14Alan Parfitt beat Steve Skidmore 21-17
Steve Skidmore beat Photis Gittoes 21-9
Phil Pulsford beat Phil Charlton 21-20Phil Pulsford beat Ian Preston 23-7Phil Pulsford beat Colin Smith 21-17Phil Pulsford beat John Rowley 21-9
Ian Preston beat Ian Flynn 21-15
Colin Smith beat Tony Lay 22-16Colin Smith beat John Killoran 21-18
John Killoran beat Pete Cockram 21-9
John Rowley beat Paul Dunford 22-17John Rowley beat John King 22-19John Rowley beat Joe Betts 23-15
John King beat Jeff Dando 21-7
Joe Betts beat Pete Campbell 21-14Joe Betts beat Liz Chappell 21-19
Liz Chappell beat Tony Firth 21-0


First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
IAN PRESTON beat Ian Tarr 21-20IAN PRESTON beat Robert Warren 21-19IAN PRESTON beat Ron Henderson 21-19IAN PRESTON beat Pete Cockram 21-15IAN PRESTON beat Colin Smith 24-19
Robert Warren beat Andrew Davey 24-4
Ron Henderson beat Steve Skidmore 21-9Ron Henderson beat Graham Wright 27-10
Graham Wright beat Jeff Dando 21-1
Pete Cockram beat Mark Crisp 22-11Pete Cockram beat Charlie Hetherington 21-20Pete Cockram beat Nigel Vause 22-18
Charlie Hetherington beat Simon Osborne 21-6Charlie Hetherington beat Phil Pulsford 21-12
Nigel Vause beat Tony Lay 21-14Nigel Vause beat John Carter 23-16
John Carter beat Liz Chappell 24-6
Liz Chappell w.o. Ray Lowman resigned
Colin Smith beat Tony Firth 21-12Colin Smith beat Alan Parfitt 21-3Colin Smith beat Paul Dunford 22-18Colin Smith beat Phil Charlton 21-19
Alan Parfitt beat John Rowley 22-6
Paul Dunford beat John Lewis 22-17Paul Dunford w.o. Photis Gittoes resigned
Photis Gittoes beat Adrian Miles 22-12
Phil Charlton beat Joe Betts 21-13Phil Charlton beat Mike Morse 21-15Phil Charlton beat John King 25-10
Mike Morse beat Graham Williams 21-8
John King beat Paul Randell 21-20John King beat Durjoy Ghosh 22-16
Durjoy Ghosh beat Richard Dunton 21-16


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
ROBERT WARREN beat Durjoy Ghosh 21-10ROBERT WARREN beat Malcolm Young 21-20ROBERT WARREN beat Nigel Vause 26-11ROBERT WARREN beat Charlie Hetherington 22-1ROBERT WARREN beat Ian Tarr 21-14
Nigel Vause beat Pete Cockram 22-11Nigel Vause beat Ray Lowman 22-10
Ray Lowman beat John Lewis 21-13
Charlie Hetherington beat Alan Parfitt 22-11Charlie Hetherington beat John Rowley 22-16Charlie Hetherington beat Adrian Miles 21-13
Adrian Miles beat John Carter 21-16Adrian Miles beat Mike Morse 21-18
Mike Morse beat Alan Gammon 21-8
Ian Tarr beat John Killoran 22-12Ian Tarr beat John King 21-17Ian Tarr beat Ron Henderson 22-8Ian Tarr beat Richard Dunton 21-12
John King beat Jeff Dando 21-11
Ron Henderson beat Phil Charlton 22-17Ron Henderson beat Liz Chappell 21-11
Liz Chappell beat Pete Campbell 22-19
Richard Dunton beat Colin Smith 21-19Richard Dunton beat Paul Randell 23-7
Colin Smith beat Ian Preston 21-4
Paul Randell beat Andrew Davey 21-9Paul Randell beat Tony Firth 22-8
Tony Firth beat Mark Crisp 21-10


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
MARK OLDHAM beat Durjoy Ghosh 21-19MARK OLDHAM beat Pete Campbell 22-17MARK OLDHAM beat Ian Tarr 22-17MARK OLDHAM beat Pete Cockram 21-10MARK OLDHAM beat Ian Preston 21-20
Pete Campbell beat Ray Lowman 21-12
Ian Tarr beat Jeremy Axford 21-8Ian Tarr beat Jeff Dando 21-14
Jeff Dando beat Mike Taylor 24-14
Pete Cockram beat Malcolm Young 26-9Pete Cockram beat John Carter 21-8Pete Cockram beat Charlie Hetherington 21-20
John Carter beat Richard Dunton 21-0
Charlie Hetherington beat Moe Ghailan 21-11Charlie Hetherington beat Paul Randell 22-8
Paul Randell beat Alan Gammon 21-11
Ian Preston beat Mike Morse 21-12Ian Preston beat John Goddard 21-3Ian Preston beat Colin Smith 21-20Ian Preston beat Phil Charlton 21-20
Colin Smith led Nigel Vause 17-7 when Nigel resignedColin Smith beat Simon Osborne 22-14
Simon Osborne beat Adam Clutterbuck 22-12
Phil Charlton beat Mark Crisp 21-11Phil Charlton beat Alan Parfitt 21-20Phil Charlton beat Rachael Moody 21-6
Alan Parfitt beat Rob Warren 22-16
Rachael Moody beat Tony Firth 21-8Rachael Moody beat Liz Chappell 21-3
Liz Chappell beat John King 21-13


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
COLIN SMITH beat Pete Cockram 21=16COLIN SMITH beat Malcolm Young 24-16COLIN SMITH beat Robert Warren 21-16COLIN SMITH beat Mike Taylor 21-12COLIN SMITH beat Charlie Hetherington 21-18
Robert Warren beat Alan Parfitt 21-13Robert Warren beat Ian Tarr 21-7
Ian Tarr beat John Carter 23-3
Mike Taylor beat Alan Gammon 21-16Mike Taylor beat Ray Lowman 21-18
Alan Gammon beat Jeff Dando 21-17
Ray Lowman beat Mark Oldham 22-20
Mark Oldham beat Simon Osborne 22-17
Charlie Hetherington beat Tony Firth 22-13Charlie Hetherington beat Richard Dunton 22-19Charlie Hetherington beat Liz Chappell 21-12Charlie Hetherington beat John King 22-16
Liz Chappell beat Phil Charlton 21-19
Phil Charlton beat Ian Preston 21-17
John King w.o. when Jeremy Axford resignedJohn King beat Rachael Moody 22-19John King beat Paul Randell 22-16
Rachael Moody beat Adam Clutterbuck 21-8
Paul Randell beat Pete Campbell 21-15
Pete Campbell beat Durjoy Ghosh 21-18


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
ADAM CLUTTERBUCK beat John King 21-19ADAM CLUTTERBUCK beat Jeff Dando 22-18ADAM CLUTTERBUCK beat Pete Cockram 21-18ADAM CLUTTERBUCK beat Alan Parfitt 21-20ADAM CLUTTERBUCK beat Charlie Hetherington 21-20
Pete Cockram beat Colin Smith 24-17
Alan Parfitt beat Robert Warren 21-19Alan Parfitt beat Phil Charlton 22-14
Phil Charlton beat Paul Randell 21-14
Charlie Hetherington beat Durjoy Ghosh 22-14Charlie Hetherington beat Ian Tarr 24-12Charlie Hetherington beat Mark Oldham 24-0
Ian Tarr beat Liz Chappell 21-15
Liz Chappell beat John Carter 23-6
Mark Oldham beat Rachael Moody 21-11Mark Oldham beat Ray Lowman 21-18Mark Oldham beat Ian Preston 21-19
Ian Preston beat Malcolm Young 21-15


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Ian Preston 22-15CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Alan Parfitt 22-19CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Phil Charlton 23-2CHARLIE HETHERINGTON beat Robert Warren 22-10
Alan Parfitt beat Jeff Dando 21-4
Jeff Dando beat Mark Oldham 21-20
Phil Charlton beat Durjoy Ghosh 21-4Phil Charlton beat Adrian Miles 21-19Phil Charlton beat Ian Tarr 21-8
Ian Tarr beat Jeremy Axford 21-19
Robert Warren beat Paul Randell 21-20Robert Warren beat Adam Clutterbuck 22-15Robert Warren beat Liz Chappell 25-6
Adam Clutterbuck beat John Carter 22-6
Liz Chappell beat Rachael Moody 22-12Liz Chappell beat Ray Lowman 21-7
Ray Lowman beat Pete Campbell 26-13
Pete Campbell beat Brian Dolton 22-3


First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
IAN TARR beat Ian Preston 22-14IAN TARR beat Durjoy Ghosh 21-13IAN TARR beat John Carter 24-14IAN TARR beat Phil Charlton 21-19
Durjoy Ghosh beat Pete Campbell 22-3
John Carter beat Adrian Miles 25-9John Carter beat Pete Cockram 21-14
Pete Cockram beat Malcolm Young 23-12
Malcolm Young beat Jeff Dando 21-13
Phil Charlton beat Rachael Moody 21-10Phil Charlton beat Charlie Hetherington 24-9Phil Charlton beat Jeremy Axford 21-11
Rachael Moody beat Ray Lowman 21-14
Charlie Hetherington beat Adam Clutterbuck 21-18
Mark Oldham resigned, so Jeremy Axford received a byeJeremy Axford beat Paul Randell 21-19
Paul Randell beat John King 21-20


First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
PHIL CHARLTON beat Ian Preston 21-18PHIL CHARLTON beat Durjoy Ghosh 21-20PHIL CHARLTON beat Paul Randell 21-14
Durjoy Ghosh beat Alan Parfitt 25-12
Mark Oldham beat Adam Clutterbuck 22-0Jeff Dando beat Mark Oldham 21-17Paul Randell beat Jeff Dando 21-7
Paul Randell beat Pete Cockram 22-9

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