The Bristol International Festival of Backgammon 2006

Celebrating Roland and Simonetta's Anniversary

Bristol, August 23rd-30th, 2006

Full results of all competitions


Thursday 24th at the Bristol County Sports Club

Bristol versus the Rest of the World

(An impromptu fifteen-a side challenge match, with 5-point matches)

Bristol players appear first

Roland Herreralost toPIA JEPPESEN
RICHARD OWSLEYbeatLars Trabolt
Simonetta Herreralost toBJARKE SKOVGAARD
Tim Linelost toJIM-REMY NESDAL
Stuart Mannlost toGAY ROBERTS
(Tenerife/Isle of Man)
John Spraguelost toHENRIK VEJE
Steve Morrislost toJORN NESDAL
MARK DIXONbeatAnne Jeppesen
CYNTHIA ROBERTSbeatRosey Bensley
(High Wycombe)
Tony Walterslost toTORBEN HASSERIIS
MILES FARRENbeatMick Vacarey
(another planet)
ED TURNERbeatMartin Foldager
Chris Robertslost toLONE FOLDAGER
STEFFEN NOWAKbeatOdin Spillum Svendsen
ROLAND HERRERAbeatJim-Remy Nesdal
Richard Owsleylost toHENRIK VEJE
Simonetta Herreralost toLARS TRABOLT
TIM LINEbeatJorn Nesdal
STUART MANNbeatPia Jeppesen
John Spraguelost toIVAR ROEYNSTRAND
STEVE MORRISbeatRosey Bensley
Mark Dixonlost toGAY ROBERTS
IAN TARRbeatMick Vacarey
CYNTHIA ROBERTSbeatLone Foldager
Tony Walterslost toANNE JEPPESEN
ED TURNERbeatBjarke Skovgaard
Chris Robertslost toMARTIN FOLDAGER
Steffen Nowaklost toTORBEN HASSERIIS
Roland Herreralost toLARS TRABOLT
Richard Owsleylost toJIM-REMY NESDAL
Simonetta Herreralost toPIA JEPPESEN
Tim Linelost toHENRIK VEJE
STUART MANNbeatJorn Nesdal
John Spraguedid not playGay Roberts
Steve Morrislost toIVAR ROEYNSTRAND
IAN TARRbeatRosey Bensley
Cynthia Robertslost toANNE JEPPESEN
Tony Walterslost toMICK VACAREY
Miles Farrenlost toLONE FOLDAGER
STEFFEN NOWAKbeatMartin Foldager

Friday 25th at the Artillery Grounds

(With one semi-final and the final played aboard the SS Great Britain)

Warm-Up Tournament

5 entry, but free for Gala Dinner ticket holders; 5-point matches

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
LAWRENCE POWELL beat Henrik VejeLAWRENCE POWELL beat Giuseppe RicciardiLAWRENCE POWELL beat Cynthia RobertsLAWRENCE POWELL beat Steffen NowakLAWRENCE POWELL beat Julian Fetterlein
Giuseppe Ricciardi beat Martin Barkwill
Cynthia Roberts beat Tom DugganCynthia Roberts beat Miles Farren
Miles Farren beat Simonetta Herrera
Steffen Nowak beat Steve MorrisSteffen Nowak beat Mick VacareySteffen Nowak beat Bjarke Skovgaard
Mick Vacarey beat Rosey Bensley
Bjarke Skovgaard beat Steve FerrerBjarke Skovgaard beat Gabriela Perales
Gabriela Perales beat Gay Roberts
Julian Fetterlein beat Tami JonesJulian Fetterlein beat Mark DixonJulian Fetterlein beat Tim Line
Mark Dixon beat Juanita Ferrer
Tim Line beat Peter BennetTim Line beat Irene Erbou
Irene Erbou beat Sue Keeble

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th at the Artillery Grounds


Main flight

15-point matches

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Tony Walters beat Tim LineMark Dixon beat Tony WaltersMichael Michael beat Mark DixonOdin Spillum Svendsen beat Michael MichaelJOHN CLARK beat Odin Spillum SvendsenJOHN CLARK beat Carter Mattig
Mark Dixon beat Julian Fetterlein
Michael Michael beat Giuseppe RicciardiMichael Michael beat Andrew Sarjeant
Andrew Sarjeant beat John Broomfield
Ed Turner beat David KleinOdin Spillum Svendsen beat Ed Turner
Odin Spillum Svendsen beat Neil Davidson
JOHN CLARK beat Bjarke SkovgaardJOHN CLARK beat Julian MinwallaJOHN CLARK beat Andy Bell
Julian Minwalla beat Lawrence Powell
Rachel Rhodes beat Sami AkirovAndy Bell beat Rachel Rhodes
Andrew Bell beat Henrik Veje
Lars Trabolt beat Chris TernelLars Trabolt beat Johann HuyckMartin Barkwill beat Lars TraboltCarter Mattig beat Martin Barkwill
Johann Huyck beat Pia Jeppesen
Martin Barkwill beat Jan PetersenMartin Barkwill beat Torben Hasseriis
Torben Hasseriis beat Martin Foldager
Eric Guedj beat Mike HeardStuart Mann beat Eric GuedjCarter Mattig beat Stuart Mann
Stuart Mann beat Shino
Carter Mattig beat Jim-Remy NesdalCarter Mattig beat Dod Davies
Dod Davies beat Peter Bennet

Progressive Consolation flight

11-point matches

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Lawrence Powell beat Tim LineJulian Fetterlein beat Lawrence PowellNeil Davidson beat Julian FetterleinPia Jeppesen beat Neil DavidsonBJARKE SKOVGAARD beat Pia JeppesenBJARKE SKOVGAARD beat Eric Guedj
Julian Fetterlein beat John Broomfield
Sami Akirov beat Giuseppe RicciardiNeil Davidson beat Sami Akirov
Neil Davidson beat Jan Petersen
Pia Jeppesen beat Chris TernelPia Jeppesen beat Martin Foldager
Martin Foldager beat Andrew Sarjeant
Henrik Veje beat ShinoHenrik Veje beat Tony WaltersBJARKE SKOVGAARD beat Henrik Veje
Tony Walters beat Jim-Remy Nesdal
Peter Bennet beat David Klein
Eric Guedj beat Dod DaviesEric Guedj beat Mark DixonEric Guedj beat Rachel RhodesEric Guedj beat Lars Trabolt
Mark Dixon beat Julian Minwalla
Ed Turner beat Torben HasseriisRachel Rhodes beat Ed Turner
Rachel Rhodes beat Johann Huyck
Lars Trabolt beat Michael MichaelLars Trabolt beat Stuart Mann
Stuart Mann beat Andy Bell


Main flight

13-point matches

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Rosey Bensley beat Steffen NowakRosey Bensley beat Simonetta HerreraMalcolm Robertson beat Rosey BensleyMalcolm Robertson beat Patrick ToxvaerdMILES FARREN beat Malcolm Robertson
Malcolm Robertson beat Martin Hemming
Patrick Toxvaerd beat Steve MorrisPatrick Toxvaerd beat Michael Soerensen
Michael Soerensen beat Anni Bech Nielsen
Michel Lamote beat Jorn NesdalIvar Roeynstrand beat Michel LamoteMILES FARREN beat Ivar Roeynstrand
Ivar Roeynstrand beat Richard Edgecliffe-Johnson
Anne Jeppesen beat Mike MainMILES FARREN beat Anne Jeppesen
MILES FARREN beat Roland Herrera

Progressive Consolation flight

9-point matches

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Martin Hemming beat Simonetta HerreraMartin Hemming beat Richard Edgecliffe-JohnsonMartin Hemming beat Mike MainROLAND HERRERA beat Martin HemmingROLAND HERRERA beat Michael Soerensen
Mike Main beat Steve Morris
ROLAND HERRERA beat Steffen NowakROLAND HERRERA beat Anni Bech Nielsen
Anni Bech Nielsen beat Jorn Nesdal
Anne Jeppesen beat Rosey BensleyMichael Soerensen beat Anne Jeppesen
Michael Soerensen beat Michel Lamote


Main flight

11-point matches

First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
FIONA OLDHAM beat Gaz OwenFIONA OLDHAM beat Lindsay MattigFIONA OLDHAM beat Simon FahouryFIONA OLDHAM beat Irene Erbou
Lindsay Mattig beat Chris Roberts
Simon Fahoury beat Gay RobertsSimon Fahoury beat Richard Owsley
Richard Owsley beat Diane Iveson
Sue Keeble beat Cynthia RobertsIrene Erbou beat Sue KeebleIrene Erbou beat Mick Vacarey
Irene Erbou beat John Sprague
Mick Vacarey beat Paddy Smith

Progressive Consolation flight

7-point matches

First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Gaz Owen beat Sue KeebleDIANE IVESON beat Gaz OwenDIANE IVESON beat Cynthia RobertsDIANE IVESON beat Paddy Smith
DIANE IVESON beat Chris Roberts
Cynthis Roberts beat Lindsay Mattig
Richard Owsley beat Gay RobertsPaddy Smith beat Richard Owsley
Paddy Smith beat John Sprague


Consulting Doubles

40 entry per pair; 5-point matches

First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Lawrence Powell and Rachel Rhodes beat Andy Bell and Eric GuedjMiles Farren and Tim Line beat Lawrence Powell and Rachel RhodesPia Jeppesen and Odin Spillum Svendsen beat Miles Farren and Tim LineNEIL DAVIDSON and MALCOLM ROBERTSON beat Pia Jeppesen and Odin Spillum Svendsen
Miles Farren and Tim Line beat Martin Hemming and Rosey Bensley
Mike Heard and Clive Donoghue beat Simonetta Herrera and Jorn NesdalPia Jeppesen and Odin Spillum Svendsen beat Mike Heard and Clive Donoghue
Pia Jeppesen and Odin Spillum Svendsen beat Sue Keeble and Tony Walters
Cynthia Roberts and Ivar Roeynstrand beat Martin Foldager and Henrik VejePaddy Smith and Diane Iveson beat Cynthia Roberts and Ivar RoeynstrandNEIL DAVIDSON and MALCOLM ROBERTSON beat Paddy Smith and Diane Iveson
Paddy Smith and Diane Iveson beat Mark Dixon and Jim-Remy Nesdal
Steffen Nowak and Simon Fahoury beat Patrick Toxvaerd and Jan PetersenNEIL DAVIDSON and MALCOLM ROBERTSON beat Steffen Nowak and Simon Fahoury
NEIL DAVIDSON and MALCOLM ROBERTSON beat Roland Herrera and Dod Davies

2-point shoot-out

10 entry with re-buys; 2-point matches

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Lawrence Powell beat Rosey BensleyLawrence Powell beat Sue KeebleLawrence Powell beat Simonetta HerreraGiuseppe Ricciardi beat Lawrence PowellSTEVE MORRIS beat Giuseppe Ricciardi
Sue Keeble beat Dave Marshall
Clive Donoghue beat Steve MorrisSimonetta Herrera beat Clive Donoghue
Simonetta Herrera beat Dave Marshall (1st re-buy)
Peter Bennet beat Anne JeppesenPeter Bennet beat Neil DavidsonGiuseppe Ricciardi beat Peter Bennet
Neil Davidson beat Gay Roberts
Tim Line beat Giuseppe RicciardiGiuseppe Ricciardi beat Tim Line
Giuseppe Ricciardi (1st re-buy) beat Steve Morris (1st re-buy)
Mike Heard beat Lindsay MattigSteffen Nowak beat Mike HeardTony Walters beat Steffen NowakSTEVE MORRIS beat Tony Walters
Steffen Nowak beat Dave Marshall (2nd re-buy)
Tony Walters beat Carter MattigTony Walters beat Tim Line
Tim Line (1st re-buy) beat Steve Morris (2nd re-buy)
Peter Bennet (1st re-buy) beat Torben HasseriisMark Dixon beat Peter BennetSTEVE MORRIS beat Mark Dixon
Mark Dixon beat Steve Morris (3rd re-buy)
Ed Turner beat Jim-Remy NesdalSTEVE MORRIS beat Ed Turner
STEVE MORRIS (4th re-buy) beat Jo Davies

First 20 Jackpot

8 players; 7-point matches

Richard Edgecliffe-Johnson beat Simonetta HerreraJorn Nesdal beat Richard Edgecliffe-JohnsonJORN NESDAL and IVAR ROEYNSTRAND split (or did they?)
Jorn Nesdal beat Cynthia Roberts
Jim-Remy Nesdal beat Tim LineIvar Roeynstrand beat Jim-Remy Nesdal
Ivar Roeynstrand beat Simon Fahoury

First 50 Jackpot

4 players; 7-point matches

Tim Line beat Richard Edgecliffe-JohnsonTIM LINE beat Tony Walters
Tony Walters beat Sami Akirov

Second 50 Jackpot

4 players; 7-point matches

Jan Petersen beat Jorn NesdalJAN PETERSEN beat Mike Heard
Mike Heard beat Michael Michael

First 10 Jackpot

8 players; 7-point matches

Steve Morris beat Mike MainCynthia Roberts beat Steve MorrisSIMON FAHOURY beat Cynthia Roberts
Cynthia Roberts beat Dave Marshall
Simon Fahoury beat Sue KeebleSimon Fahoury beat Drew Caudwell
Drew Caudwell beat Steffen Nowak

Third 50 Jackpot

4 players; 7-point matches

Tim Line beat Tony WaltersTIM LINE beat Martin Foldager
Martin Foldager beat Andy Bell

Second 20 Jackpot

4 players; 7-point matches

Rosey Bensley beat Dave MarshallROSEY BENSLEY beat Anni Bech Nielsen
Anni Bech Nielsen beat Simonetta Herrera

First 100 Jackpot

8 players; 7-point matches

Julian Minwalla beat Peter BennetLawrence Powell beat Julian MinwallaLAWRENCE POWELL and SAMI AKIROV split
Lawrence Powell beat Eric Guedj
Chris Ternel beat Torben HasseriisSami Akirov beat Chris Ternel
Sami Akirov beat Michael Michael

Fourth 50 Jackpot

4 players; 7-point matches

Jan Petersen beat Henrik VejeJAN PETERSEN beat Mike Heard
Mike Heard beat Peter Bennet

Second 10 Jackpot

4 players; 7-point matches

Dave Marshall beat Sue KeeblePATRICK TOXVAERD beat Dave Marshall
Patrick Toxvaerd beat Mick Vacarey

Monday 28th at Clifton College Prep School Pre Hall

Team Knock-out

Free entry for main tournament entrants; 5-point matches

First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
CHEAP AND NASTY (Martin Barkwill, John Sprague and Chris Ternel) beat Erbou's Handymen (Bjarke Skovgaard, Irene Erbou and Henrik Veje)CHEAP AND NASTY beat Fab OneCHEAP AND NASTY beat The AnimalsCHEAP AND NASTY beat The Bell Ends
Fab One (Eric Guedj, Fiona Oldham and John Clark) beat Three Jokers (Paddy Smith, Richard Owsley and Diane Iveson)
The Animals (Michael Soerensen, Giuseppe Ricciardi and Simon Fahoury) beat 2-6 From The Bar (Miles Farren, Carter Mattig and Tim Line)The Animals beat It's A Long Way To Tipperary
It's A Long Way To Tipperary (Johann Huyck, Rachel Rhodes and Michel Lamote) beat The Worthy Naylors (Peter Bennet, Lawrence Powell and Sue Keeble)
Fold The World famous Jeppesen Sisters (Martin Foldager, Pia Jeppesen and Anne Jeppesen) beat The Bride And The Vikings (Simonetta Herrera, Odin Spillum Svendsen and Lone Foldager)Longbridge beat Fold The World Famous Jeppesen SistersThe Bell Ends beat Longbridge
Longbridge (Jan Petersen, Patrick Toxvaerd and Anni Bech Nielsen) beat The Spurt Of Backgammon (Mark Dixon, Steve Morris and Steffen Nowak)
The Bell Ends (Andy Bell, Martin Hemming and Mike Heard) beat One Odd Person (Chris Roberts, Cynthia Roberts and Tony Walters)The Bell Ends beat The Best (Torben Hasseriis, Roland Hererra and Lars Trabolt)

Individual Last Chance

Free entry for main tournament entrants; buy-ins for non-main tournament entrants dependent on stage of entry; 5-point matches

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Diane Iveson beat Tony WaltersMARK DIXON beat Diane IvesonMARK DIXON beat Peter BennetMARK DIXON beat Miles FarrenMARK DIXON beat Irene ErbouMARK DIXON beat Torben HasseriisMARK DIXON beat Patrick Toxvaerd
MARK DIXON beat Cynthia Roberts
Peter Bennet beat Carter MattigPeter Bennet beat Henrik Veje
Henrik Veje beat Chris Roberts
Odin Spillum Svendsen beat Richard OwsleySue Keeble beat Odin Spillum SvendsenMiles Farren beat Sue Keeble
Miles Farren beat Tim Line
Lawrence Powell beat Bjarke SkovgaardSteve Morris beat Lawrence PowellIrene Erbou beat Steve Morris
Steve Morris beat Steffen Nowak
Simonetta Herrera beat Lone FoldagerIrene Erbou beat Simonetta Herrera
Irene Erbou beat Paddy Smith
Torben Hasseriis beat Martin PotterTorben Hasseriis beat John ClarkTorben Hasseriis beat Pia Jeppesen
John Clark beat Johann Huyck
Pia Jeppesen beat Roland HerreraPia Jeppesen beat Rachel Rhodes
Rachel Rhodes beat Martin Foldager
Lars Trabolt beat Anne JeppesenLars Trabolt beat Michel LamoteJan Petersen beat Lars TraboltPatrick Toxvaerd beat Jan Petersen
Michel Lamote beat Fiona Oldham
Jan Petersen beat Michael Soerensen
Patrick Toxvaerd beat Simon FahouryPatrick Toxvaerd beat Giuseppe Ricciardi
Giuseppe Ricciardi beat Anni Bech Nielsen


Principal Prize Winners

Thursday main event (50 freezeout): 1st: Andy Hemming; 2nd; Gaz Owen.

Saturday main event (20 rebuy): 1st: Jorn Nesdal; 2nd; Michael Michael.

Sunday main event (100 freezeout): 1st: Odin Spillum Svendsen; 2nd; Jo Davies; 3rd: Carter Mattig; 4th: Martin Barkwill.

Monday main event (20 rebuy): 1st: Fiona Oldham; 2nd; John Clark; 3rd: Simon Fahoury.

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