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Our sponsor

The Handicap Trophy is sponsored by Ed Turner, pictured left. Ed provided the funding for the trophy itself (first awarded in 2005), and has also provided for the engraved mementoes awarded to the top two finishers in the points table each year.
In 2014 Ed also increased his outlay to provide cash prizes for the top two (20 and 10).
And in 2015 he upped the ante once more with a total of 80 in cash prizes (30, 20 and 10 for the top three, plus 20 for the player with the best record while entering the furthest progression side pool, named the "Side Pool Grand Prix").
The latter 20 prize was decided via the same points system as the main prize, once again with the best six performances totted up.
The side pool grand prix was ditched from the 2023 season, with the prizes for the top two now 60 and 40.

The background

In 2004, on May 20th and November 18th, what amounted to two pilot events were staged, the first two Handicap Knock-outs. These had been inspired by previous events held under the auspices of DPS Backgammon.
From 2005 these events formed the basis of the Handicap Trophy, with four Handicap Knock-outs being held that year.
These were linked into the existing BGP and IGP competitions in 2005, using a reduced points tariff and a more comprehensive handicapping system, which was further enhanced for use from 2006 onwards.
From 2006, however, as a reflection of the success of the events, the link to the grand prix competitions was severed, as the Handicap Trophy established itself as a worthy competition in its own right.
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