Bristol Intermediate Grand Prix 2010

February tournament results

#2, February 11th at the BCSC

Intermediate players are shown in BLOCK CAPITALS, and IGP bonus points awarded are shown in parentheses

Main flight

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Michihito Kageyama beat MANDY MACDONALDMichihito Kageyama beat Cecilia SparkeMichihito Kageyama beat Malcolm RobertsonMichihito Kageyama beat Richard Owsley
Cecilia Sparke beat Derek ClewCecilia Sparke beat Julian Fetterlein
Julian Fetterlein beat Tony Walters
Malcolm Robertson beat Marcus WrinchMalcolm Robertson beat Roland Herrera
Roland Herrera beat Richard Holness
Richard Owsley beat COLIN SARARichard Owsley beat Simon HughesRichard Owsley beat Chas PerryRichard Owsley beat Steffen Nowak
Simon Hughes beat Steve Morris
Chas Perry beat Miles FarrenChas Perry beat Simon Temme
Simon Temme beat Neil Young
Steffen Nowak beat Simonetta HerreraSteffen Nowak beat Phillip HillSteffen Nowak beat Tim Line
Phillip Hill beat Ian Tarr
Tim Line beat JAMIE NEVILLTim Line beat Gaz Owen
Gaz Owen beat Ian Preston

Consolation flight

First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Steve Morris beat Neil YoungSteve Morris beat Miles FarrenSteve Morris beat MANDY MACDONALDSteve Morris beat Ian Preston
Miles Farren beat Marcus Wrinch
Mandy Macdonald beat Jamie NevillMANDY MACDONALD (20) beat Ian Tarr
Ian Tarr beat Derek Clew
Ian Preston beat Simonetta HerreraIan Preston beat COLIN SARA
Simonetta Herrera beat Richard Holness
COLIN SARA (10) beat Tony Walters

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