Bristol Intermediate Grand Prix 2016

September tournament results

#9, September 8th at the Rainbow Casino

Intermediate players are shown in BLOCK CAPITALS, and IGP bonus points awarded are shown in parentheses

Main flight

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Roland Herrera beat Stephen LittleRoland Herrera beat Cynthia RobertsRoland Herrera beat Simonetta HerreraRoland Herrera beat Cecilia SparkeRoland Herrera beat Chris Hughes
Cynthia Roberts beat Graham Alder
Simonetta Herrera beat Chris RogersSimonetta Herrera beat Jason Champion
Jason Champion beat Ian Tarr
Cecilia Sparke beat Richard OwsleyCecilia Sparke beat Tony WaltersCecilia Sparke beat CARWYN JENKINS
Tony Walters beat Simon Hughes
CARWYN JENKINS (10) beat Derek ClewCARWYN JENKINS (10) beat Tim Line
Tim Line beat Andy Boysan
Chris Hughes beat CLIFF BLOFIELDChris Hughes beat Drew CaudwellChris Hughes beat Stuart MannChris Hughes beat Chas Perry
Drew Caudwell beat MATT REEKIE-BLACK
Stuart Mann beat Tony LeeStuart Mann beat Steve Morris
Steve Morris beat Rob Wills
Chas Perry beat Dave PymChas Perry beat Alex HodgeChas Perry beat Gaz Owen
Alex Hodge beat Phil Doubtfire
Gaz Owen beat GEORGE JAKEWAYGaz Owen beat Ian Hedges

Consolation flight

First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Derek Clew beat MATT REEKIE-BLACKDerek Clew beat Ian HedgesDerek Clew beat Andy BoysanDerek Clew beat Tony Lee
Ian Hedges beat Simon Hughes
Andy Boysan beat Dave PymAndy Boysan beat Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers beat Stephen Little
Tony Lee beat Phil DoubtfireTony Lee beat Graham AlderTony Lee beat Rob Wills
Graham Alder beat GEORGE JAKEWAY
Rob Wills beat Richard OwsleyRob Wills beat CLIFF BLOFIELD
CLIFF BLOFIELD (10) beat Ian Tarr

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