Learning opportunities with Bristol Backgammon

Monday sessions at the BCSC

New players are welcome at all our sessions, and particularly so on Mondays when the competitions tend to be short and sweet, and new players are guaranteed all the attention they need

Thursday sessions at the BCSC

There are all kinds of learning opportunities at our regular Thursday evening sessions at the BCSC

The Bristol Backgammon Library

We have an extensive selection of backgammon books and magazines, which can all be borrowed free of charge. Contact Ian Tarr, or enquire at any Monday or Thursday BCSC session

Match archives

Match situations can be stored here in Snowie format for your perusal and study

Educational material

It is hoped that a whole range of educational material will be developed and stored here in due course

One on one tuition

An experienced player is available for one on one tuition. After a free evaluation session, further lessons can be tailored to your needs. A small fee -- by negotiation -- will be necessary to cover expenses. Contact Ian Tarr for details

Roland's backgammon page

Roland Herrera has put together some very useful backgammon resources on his own website, including a "hints and tips" page