Monday Club Nackgammon Championship 2017

Positions after the July tournament

Note: a 'D' next to a tournament score is a discard, i.e. a score which does not count towards the total because only a player's best three tournaments count.
And the finishing order depends on the following: (1) total points (after discards); and (2) fewest tournaments entered; should those two levels of tie-break prove insufficient then players will be deemed equal.
An '*' next to a points score indicates a tournament which has not yet been completed.
The "What if?" column shows the points that non-paying players would have won had they paid.
Roland Herrera144484056..
Stephen Little115107530..
George Georgiou105205530..
Alex Hodge884840...
Simonetta Herrera67.53017.520..
Jon Organ60.60...
Mary French5848.10..
Adam Sinclair57.5.17.540..
Chris Hughes56..56..
Mathew Nicholls4848....
Ian Tarr47.53017.5...
Jim Green40..40..
John Curran27.5.17.510..
Carwyn Jenkins2020....
Oscar Kolkowski20..20..
Tom Chapman1010....
Yellow boxes denote totals which
non-paying players would have scored

For complete results......

see the Monday Club Spring Grand Prix, the Monday Club Summer Grand Prix, and the Monday Club Autumn Grand Prix.

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