Monday Club Spring Grand Prix 2021

Final positions

Note: a 'D' next to a tournament score is a discard, i.e. a score which does not count towards the total because only a player's best six tournaments count.
And the finishing order depends on the following: (1) total points (after discards); (2) fewest tournaments entered; (3) play-off (where necessary).
An '*' next to a points score indicates that a match or matches have not yet been completed.
ELIAS HAMATI14011D6D272713D2721248D14
Tim Line1262411D19246D1911D167D24
Kev Peters1208D1427.221911D11D1127
Roland Herrera116248D24.16D16.161719
George Georgiou10724125D8D121124247D8D
Adam Sinclair1041612.1114275D24..
Simonetta Herrera98161419.1524.8D10.
Hazel Boucher978D5D8D249824165D16
Andy Boysan94247D14118D145D5D1714
Stephen Little861611D145D175D1611125D
Andrew Montgomery855D5D5D16105D1624811
Chris Hughes8111.111411.24.10.
Safi Tracy80.91619..8D111411
Adrian Farthing7611171116.813...
Simon Tracy725.24...168.19
Frank Jones64..8..1111111211
Nick Barham60.175..11...27
Alan Joicey55118...148.14.
John Curran555D108...81658
Cynthia Roberts50810115D785D5D65D
Mandy Macdonald455.58..8811.
Natalie Singh418985D5D5D5D565
Matt Reekie-Black3216.16.......
Gaz Owen31..1111....9.
Cliff Blofield27....19..8..
Ian Tarr22.......598
Carwyn Jenkins8...8......
Gerald Whitehouse7.7........
Rosemary Whitehouse6.6........

Complete results

April 5

3-point round robin #1: Roland Herrera 4 wins; Simonetta Herrera, Chris Hughes, Hazel Boucher 2; Simon Tracy 0.
3-point round robin #2: Andy Boysan 4 wins; Adam Sinclair, Adrian Farthing 2; Cynthia Roberts, Andrew Montgomery 1.
3-point round robin #3: Tim Line, Matt Reekie-Black 3 wins; Alan Joicey, Natalie Singh 2; John Curran 0.
3-point round robin #4: George Georgiou, Stephen Little 3 wins; Elias Hamati 2; Kev Peters, Mandy Macdonald 1.

April 12

DMP round robin #1: Nick Barham 7 wins; Kev Peters, Adam Sinclair, Stephen Little 6; John Curran 5; Natalie Singh 4; Roland Herrera, Gerald Whitehouse, Elias Hamati 3; Andrew Montgomery 2.
DMP round robin #2: Adrian Farthing 8 wins; Simonetta Herrera 7; George Georgiou 6; Tim Line, Cynthia Roberts 5; Safi Tracy, Alan Joicey 4; Andy Boysan, Rosemary Whitehouse, Hazel Boucher 2.

April 19

3-point round robin #1: Kev Peters, Tim Line 4 wins; Andy Boysan, Cynthia Roberts, Hazel Boucher 2; Mandy Macdonald 1.
3-point round robin #2: Elias Hamati, Simonetta Herrera, Stephen Little 3 wins; Chris Hughes, Natalie Singh, Andrew Montgomery 2.
3-point round robin #3: Simon Tracy 4 wins; Matt Reekie-Black 3; Adrian Farthing 2; Frank Jones 1; Nick Barham 0.
3-point round robin #4: Roland Herrera, Safi Tracy 3 wins; Gaz Owen 2; John Curran, George Georgiou 1.

May 3

3-point round robin #1: Elias Hamati 4 wins; Safi Tracy, Chris Hughes 3; Andy Boysan, Mandy Macdonald 2; Cynthia Roberts 1.
3-point round robin #2: Tim Line, Andrew Montgomery 3 wins; Gaz Owen 2; George Georgiou, Stephen Little 1.
3-point round robin #3: Hazel Boucher 3 wins; Adrian Farthing, Adam Sinclair, Carwyn Jenkins 2; Natalie Singh 1.

May 10

DMP round robin #1: Kev Peters, Cliff Blofield 10 wins; Stephen Little 9; Roland Herrera, Simonetta Herrera, Adam Sinclair, Elias Hamati 8; George Georgiou, Chris Hughes, Andrew Montgomery, Hazel Boucher 7; Andy Boysan 6; Cynthia Roberts 4; Tim Line, Natalie Singh 3.

May 17

3-point round robin #1: Elias Hamati 5 wins; Kev Peters, Andy Boysan 3; Frank Jones 2; Cynthia Roberts, Andrew Montgomery 1.
3-point round robin #2: Adam Sinclair, Tim Line 4 wins; Alan Joicey 3; George Georgiou 2; Adrian Farthing, Stephen Little 1.
3-point round robin #3: Simonetta Herrera 4 wins; Roland Herrera 3; Nick Barham, Hazel Boucher, Natalie Singh 1.

May 24

3-point round robin #1: Chris Hughes 3 wins; Simon Tracy, Tim Line, Mandy Macdonald 2; Andy Boysan 1.
3-point round robin #2: George Georgiou 4 wins; Stephen Little 3; Frank Jones 2; Alan Joicey 1; Adam Sinclair 0.
3-point round robin #3: Hazel Boucher, Andrew Montgomery 3 wins; Kev Peters 2; Safi Tracy, Natalie Singh 1.
3-point round robin #4: Elias Hamati 3 wins; Adrian Farthing 2; John Curran 1; Cynthia Roberts 0.

June 7

3-point round robin #1: Adam Sinclair 3 wins; Roland Nerrera, Frank Jones, Cliff Blofield 2; Ian Tarr 1.
3-point round robin #2: Andrew Montgomery 3 wins; Tim Line, Stephen Little, Simon Tracy 2; Andy Boysan 1.
3-point round robin #3: Elias Hamati, Hazel Boucher 3 wins; Kev Peters 2; Mandy Macdonald, Cynthia Roberts 1.
3-point round robin #4: George Georgiou, John Curran 3 wins; Safi Tracy 2; Simonetta Herrera, Natalie Singh 1.

June 14

DMP round robin #1: Roland Herrera, Alan Joicey 8 wins; Frank Jones, Mandy Macdonald 6; Chris Hughes 5; Gaz Owen, Andrew Montgomery 3; Tim Line, Natalie Singh, Hazel Boucher 2.
DMP round robin #2: Andy Boysan, Safi Tracy, Stephen Little 6 wins; Kev Peters, Simonetta Herrera, Ian Tarr 5; Elias Hamati 4; George Georgiou, Cynthia Roberts 3; John Curran 2.

June 21

3-point round robin #1: Nick Barham 4 wins; Roland Herrera, Andy Boysan, Safi Tracy 3; Ian Tarr, Stephen Little 1.
3-point round robin #2: Kev Peters, Simon Tracy 4 wins; Elias Hamati, Frank Jones 3; George Georgiou 1; Natalie Singh 0.
3-point round robin #3: Tim Line, Hazel Boucher 3 wins; Andrew Montgomery 2; John Curran, Cynthia Roberts 1.

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