Monday Club Winter Grand Prix 2021

Final positions

Note: a 'D' next to a tournament score is a discard, i.e. a score which does not count towards the total because only a player's best six tournaments count.
And the finishing order depends on the following: (1) total points (after discards); (2) fewest tournaments entered; (3) play-off (where necessary).
An '*' next to a points score indicates that a match or matches have not yet been completed.
STEPHEN LITTLE131197D5D2716275D15278D
Adrian Farthing1292712D11D271311D197D2716
Tim Line12611D9D2719172414D1514D24
Andy Boysan12427178D27191611D185D11D
Simonetta Herrera1202713.1910248D.27.
Alan Joicey117199D241410D142712D1913D
Kev Peters115148D2711D121411D8D2721
Hazel Boucher113275D14147D1927128D8D
Rosemary Whitehouse1048D.11D1414271911195D
George Georgiou100141527198D11D115D148D
Roland Herrera948D6D.14201919.1111
Matt Reekie-Black93..198D1419116D1911
Gerald Whitehouse798D.19199118D135D8
Cynthia Roberts795D1119116D8D5D81416
Natalie Singh77115D8D5D7D81491124
Dave Pym76...271281613..
Nick Barham7619121411614....
Mandy Macdonald715D1014811.145D145D
Adam Sinclair70....91127185.
Andrew Montgomery66.14118D155D8108.
Chris Hughes6619118D5D1185D985D
Robin Gunney6114181685.....
John Curran6111.5D11135D5D10115
Carwyn Jenkins54.68..1624...
Frank Jones53..5D558.6524
Elias Hamati42......871116
Steve Morris34147.58.....
Cliff Blofield3311.5....98.
Ismail Yilmaz328811..5....
Jim Green27.....27....
Ben Crowden24.....5..19.
Martha Beal11.....11....
David Tyrrell10.10........
Andrew Gay55.........
Safi Tracy55.........
Simon Tracy5.....5....

Complete results

Players with equal number of wins shown in order of PR

January 4

3-point round robin #1: Adrian Farthing 5 wins; Chris Hughes, George Georgiou 3; Tim Line 2; Roland Herrera, Andrew Gay 1.
3-point round robin #2: Simonetta Herrera 4 wins; Stephen Little, Robin Gunney 3; Cliff Blofield, Rosemary Whitehouse 2; Cynthia Roberts 1.
3-point round robin #3: Hazel Boucher 5 wins; Nick Barham 3; Steve Morris, Natalie Singh 2; Gerald Whitehouse 1.5 (awarded half a win over absent opponent); Safi Tracy 1.
3-point round robin #4: Andy Boysan 5 wins; Alan Joicey 4; Kev Peters, John Curran 2; Ismail Yilmaz, Mandy Macdonald 1.

January 11

DMP round robin #1: Robin Gunney 9 wins; George Georgiou 7; Simonetta Herrera 6; Adrian Farthing, Cynthia Roberts, David Tyrrell 5; Alan Joicey, Kev Peters, Steve Morris 4; Carwyn Jenkins, Hazel Boucher 3.
DMP round robin #2: Andy Boysan, Andrew Montgomery 6; Nick Barham, Chris Hughes, Mandy Macdonald 5; Tim Line, Ismail Yilmaz, Stephen Little 4; Roland Herrera, Natalie Singh 3.

January 18

3-point round robin #1: George Georgiou 5 wins; Matt Reekie-Black 4; Nick Barham 3; Adrian Farthing 2; Natalie Singh 1; Cliff Blofield 0.
3-point round robin #2: Tim Line, Cynthia Roberts 4 wins; Mandy Macdonald 3; Ismail Yilmaz 2; Chris Hughes, Frank Jones 1.
3-point round robin #3: Kev Peters 4 wins; Gerald Whitehouse, Hazel Boucher 3; Andrew Montgomery, Carwyn Jenkins 2; Stephen Little 1.
3-point round robin #4: Alan Joicey, Robin Gunney 3 wins; Rosemary Whitehouse, Andy Boysan 2; John Curran 0.

February 1

3-point round robin #1: Adrian Farthing 5 wins; Gerald Whitehouse 4; Hazel Boucher 3; Kev Peters, Matt Reekie-Black, Chris Hughes 1.
3-point round robin #2: Andy Boysan, George Georgiou, Roland Herrera 3 wins; Nick Barham, Mandy Macdonald, Natalie Singh 2.
3-point round robin #3: Stephen Little 5 wins; Simonetta Herrera 4; Rosemary Whitehouse 3; Cynthia Roberts 2; Andrew Montgomery 1; Frank Jones 0.
3-point round robin #4: Dave Pym 4 wins; Tim Line, Alan Joicey, John Curran 3; Robin Gunney 2; Steve Morris 0.

February 8

DMP round robin #1: Roland Herrera, Tim Line, Andrew Montgomery 8 wins; Rosemary Whitehouse, Adrian Farthing, Dave Pym, Chris Hughes 7; Simonetta Herrera, Gerald Whitehouse 6; Steve Morris 5; Hazel Boucher 4; Cynthia Roberts 3; Frank Jones 2.
DMP round robin #2: Andy Boysan 10 wins; Stephen Little, Matt Reekie-Black, John Curran 7; Kev Peters, Mandy Macdonald 6; Alan Joicey 5; Adam Sinclair, George Georgiou, Natalie Singh 4; Nick Barham, Robin Gunney 3.

February 15

3-point round robin #1: Rosemary Whitehouse, Hazel Boucher 4 wins; Alan Joicey 3; Adam Sinclair, Frank Jones 2; Andrew Montgomery 0.
3-point round robin #2: Stephen Little 4 wins; Roland Herrera, Nick Barham 3; George Georgiou, Cynthia Roberts 2; Simon Tracy 1.
3-point round robin #3: Jim Green 4 wins; Matt Reekie-Black, Kev Peters, Gerald Whitehouse 3; Dave Pym 2; Ismail Yilmaz 0.
3-point round robin #4: Tim Line, Andy Boysan, Martha Beal 3 wins; Chris Hughes 1; John Curran 0.
3-point round robin #5: Simonetta Herrera, Carwyn Jenkins 3 wins; Adrian farthing 2; Natalie Singh, Ben Crowden 1.

March 1

3-point round robin #1: Alan Joicey, Rosemary Whitehouse, Natalie Singh 3 wins; George Georgiou, Gerald Whitehouse, Cynthia Roberts 2.
3-point round robin #2: Adam Sinclair 5 wins; Adrian Farthing 3; Tim Line, Matt Reekie-Black, Andrew Montgomery 2; Stephen Little 1.
3-point round robin #3: Hazel Boucher 5 wins; Roland Herrera, Mandy Macdonald 3; Andy Boysan, Elias Hamati 2; John Curran 0.
3-point round robin #4: Carwyn Jenkins, Dave Pym 3 wins; Kev Peters 2; Simonetta Herrera, Chris Hughes 1.

March 8

DMP round robin #1: Andy Boysan, Tim Line, 7 wins; Gerald Whitehouse 6; Chris Hughes, John Curran, Cliff Blofield, Cynthia Roberts 5; Adrian Farthing, Frank Jones 4; George Georgiou 2.
DMP round robin #2: Adam Sinclair 8 wins; Stephen Little, Dave Pym 7; Hazel Boucher 6; Rosemary Whitehouse, Andrew Montgomery, Natalie Singh 5; Kev Peters, Elias Hamati, Matt Reekie-Black, Mandy Macdonald 4.

March 15

3-point round robin #1: Stephen Little 4 wins; Rosemary Whitehouse, Cynthia Roberts 3; Roland Herrera, Chris Hughes 2; Adam Sinclair 1.
3-point round robin #2: Adrian Farthing 5 wins; Matt Reekie-Black 3; George Georgiou, Natalie Singh, Cliff Blofield 2; Andy Boysan 1.
3-point round robin #3: Simonetta Herrera, Ben Crowden 4 wins; Tim Line 3; Elias Hamati, Hazel Boucher 2; Gerald Whitehouse 0.
3-point round robin #4: Kev Peters 4 wins; Alan Joicey, Mandy Macdonald, John Curran 3; Andrew Montgomery 2; Frank Jones 0.

March 22

3-point round robin #1: Tim Line, Cynthia Roberts 3 wins; Roland Herrera, Stephen Little 2; Chris Hughes 0.
3-point round robin #2: Natalie Singh 3 wins; Adrian Farthing, Matt Reekie-Black, Hazel Boucher 2; Rosemary Whitehouse 1.
3-point round robin #3: Frank Jones 4 wins; Elias Hamati, Andy Boysan 2; Gerald Whitehouse, Mandy Macdonald 1.
3-point round robin #4: Kev Peters, Alan Joicey 2 wins; George Georgiou, John Curran 1.

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