Nackgammon Grand Prix

Rules for 2012

The four tournaments which make up the Nackgammon Grand Prix (NGP) are open to all players.

All the tournaments are individual competitions in their own right. However, over the year, points will be accrued by all entrants based on their achievements in whichever events they enter.

Entry is 10 for all tournaments.
Approximately 5% will be levied from all entry fees to cover the provision of year end prizes, and a further 5% will be charged by Bristol Backgammon for admin expenses. The remainder of the entry fee money goes on prizes for the individual tournaments.

Each tournament will consist of two flights of knock-out, where the matches are played to five points. Should the total number of entries be fewer than 7, there will be no consolation flight, however.
Starting positions of the checkers are as follows: 4 men on the six point, 3 on the eight point, 4 on the thirteen point, 2 on the twenty-three point, and 2 on the twenty-four point.

The NGP scoring system

Win before

N.B: In the event of an odd number of entries to the main flight, it is possible that one player may gain entry to the consolation flight after losing his/her second match of the main flight. In which case that player would only benefit by his/her higher scoring flight.
Each player's best three tournament points performances will count towards his/her final total, thus anyone entering all four tournaments will discard his/her lowest points score.
In the event of a tie on total points, there will potentially be four levels of tie-break: (1) fewest tournaments entered during the NGP season; (2) results (but not scores) of matches between tied players during the NGP season; (3) highest percentage of matches won during the NGP season; and (4, where players concerned have both or all entered all four events) the best performance in discarded events. Should these criteria fail to separate players, they will be deemed to have finished equal.

The rewards

The two players finishing with the most NGP points at the end of the year will receive engraved mementoes.

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