Pilot online tournaments

On Backgammon Studio Heroes.
Held as trial events in readiness for the revolutionary move to online grand prix events during the coronavirus pandemic.


#1: Thursday April 23rd, 2020

Main flight:
First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Adam Sinclair beat Kev PetersAdam Sinclair beat Stephen LittleAdam Sinclair beat Mike SmithSimon Baker beat Adam SinclairSIMONETTA HERRERA beat Simon Baker
Stephen Little beat Blaine Buchanan
Mike Smith beat Paul WattsMike Smith beat Tim Line
Tim Line beat Kat Cherkasenko
Alan Joicey beat Gerald WhitehouseRosey Bensley beat Alan JoiceySimon Baker beat Rosey Bensley
Rosey Bensley beat Roland Herrera
Robin Gunney beat Cecilia SparkeSimon Baker beat Robin Gunney
Simon Baker beat Warner Solomon
Adrian Farthing beat Cliff BlofieldAndy Boysan beat Adrian FarthingSIMONETTA HERRERA beat Andy BoysanSIMONETTA HERRERA beat Stuart Mann
Andy Boysan beat Frank Jones
SIMONETTA HERRERA beat Cynthia RobertsSIMONETTA HERRERA beat Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes beat Yuri Cherkasenko
Rob Wills beat Mike RodwellJohn Curran beat Rob WillsStuart Mann beat John Curran
John Curran beat Ismail Yilmaz
John Curran beat Martha Beal
Steve Morris beat Mandy MacdonaldStuart Mann progressed when technical difficulties forced Steve Morris's resignationStuart Mann beat Jim Green
Stuart Mann beat Ben Crowden
Jim Green beat Andrew GayJim Green beat Dave Pym
Dave Pym beat Steffen Nowak

#2: Thursday April 30th, 2020

Main flight:
First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Warner Solomon beat Mandy MacdonaldBen Crowden beat Warner SolomonMike Rodwell beat Ben CrowdenADRIAN FARTHING beat Mike RodwellADRIAN FARTHING beat Ismail Yilmaz
Ben Crowden beat Adam Sinclair
Kev Peters beat Andy BoysanMike Rodwell beat Kev Peters
Mike Rodwell beat Chris Hughes
ADRIAN FARTHING beat Roland HerreraADRIAN FARTHING beat Alan JoiceyADRIAN FARTHING beat Frank Jones
Alan Joicey beat Paul Watts
Mathew Nicholls beat David TyrrellFrank Jones beat Mathew Nicholls
Frank Jones beat Rob Wills
Simon Baker beat Jim GreenIsmail Yilmaz beat Simon BakerIsmail Yilmaz beat Blaine BuchananIsmail Yilmaz beat Robin Gunney
Ismail Yilmaz beat Rosey Bensley
Blaine Buchanan beat Kat CherkasenkoBlaine Buchanan beat Tim Line
Tim Line beat Rosemary Whitehouse
Robin Gunney beat Cynthia RobertsRobin Gunney beat Gerald WhitehouseRobin Gunney beat Yuri Cherkasenko
Gerald Whitehouse progressed when Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos entered the wrong tournament!
Cliff Blofield beat Stephen LittleYuri Cherkasenko beat Cliff BlofieldYuri Cherkasenko beat Dave Pym
Yuri Cherkasenko beat John Curran
Simonetta Herrera beat Steve MorrisDave Pym beat Simonetta Herrera
Dave Pym beat Andrew Gay
Consolation flight:
First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Steve Morris beat John CurranStephen Little beat Steve MorrisStephen Little beat Paul WattsADAM SINCLAIR beat Stephen Little
Stephen Little beat Rosey Bensley
Paul Watts beat Kat CherkasenkoPaul Watts beat Andrew Gay
Andrew Gay beat Rob Wills
Andy Boysan beat Chris HughesADAM SINCLAIR beat Andy BoysanADAM SINCLAIR beat Cynthia Roberts
ADAM SINCLAIR beat Rosemary Whitehouse
David Tyrrell beat Mandy MacdonaldCynthia Roberts beat David Tyrrell
Cynthia Roberts beat Roland Herrera
Roland Herrera beat Jim Green

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