Speedgammon Grand Prix 2021

on Wednesday, September 1st,


ONLINE at 7.15pm at the Heroes site,


The details:
This is a clock event which is not for the faint hearted! Matches are to 5 points, and the scary bit is the amount of time allowed. Each player gets an allowance of 2 minutes per 5-point match, with delays at just 7 seconds. If you run out of time, you have lost the match!
Entry is 10, and at least 90% will be distributed as prizes, while the remainder is split between the Speedgammon Grand Prix prize fund and an admin fee.

Should there be fewer than eight players (but at least four), the tournament will consist of a single robin group, where the prize money will be split between the top two finishers.

Otherwise the tournament is in two phases.
Everyone plays in the group phase, where you play everyone in your group, which typically means three or four matches.
Players finishing in the top half of a group then move into the second phase, which is a knock-out.
Group winners take small cash prizes, with the remainder of the prize pot going to the knock-out finalists.
Furthest progression side pools are available at 10 and 20, which will be won outright on the night, the tie breaks being (1) furthest progression in the knock-out phase; (2) highest percentage of wins in the group phase; (3) best PR in the group phase (which will be superceded by "(3) best points difference in the group phase" when the software eventually allows.
This is one of eight such events this year, with performances rewarded by points in the Speedgammon Grand Prix.