Premier Status list

Premier Status was initially assigned to various players in the Bristol area in order to bar them from intermediate tournaments. Shortly afterwards, however, the designation of Premier Status had a further purpose -- to allow entry to the Bristol Premier League.

The original criteria for assigning this status were as follows:

This resulted in fifteen Westcountry players being granted Premier Status for the year 2000.

PREMIER STATUS, ONCE OBTAINED, IS EXPECTED TO BE PERMANENT. A player may apply to be relieved of Premier Status, but will need to present a strong case.

For subsequent years, the net has been widened slightly, with more appropriate criteria being added where considered necessary. Now, on December 31st each year Premier Status is conferred on any player who:

Applying all the above criteria, several more players have qualified for Premier Status in the years subsequent to 2000.
The complete up-to-date list now reads as follows:

For the record, as at November 21st, 2009, the following players have won one tournament main flight, and would qualify for Premier Status by winning another: Ian Flynn, Louise Franklin, Simon Gonzales, Ron Henderson, Mark Oldham, Tim Parker, John Plummer, Dave Rees and Mike Rodwell.

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