Rainbow weekend tournaments

Held on Sundays


Post-lockdown (from the May 31st 2020 tournament), there were a few changes to tournament conditions:

#1: Sunday January 24th

Main flight:
First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
GAZ OWEN beat Stephen LittleGAZ OWEN beat Anna ClarkeGAZ OWEN beat Tim LineGAZ OWEN beat Andrew Selby
Anna Clarke beat Mandy Macdonald
Tim Line beat Cynthia RobertsTim Line beat Cecilia Sparke
Cecilia Sparke beat Ian Anderson
Andrew Selby beat Carwyn JenkinsAndrew Selby beat Paul WattsAndrew Selby beat Kristian Mills
Paul Watts beat Hazel Boucher
Kristian Mills beat Jon BarnesKristian Mills beat James Newman
James Newman beat Chris Hughes
Consolation flight:
JON BARNES beat Carwyn JenkinsJON BARNES beat Mandy MacdonaldJON BARNES beat Chris Hughes
Mandy Macdonald beat Stephen Little
Chris Hughes beat Ian AndersonChris Hughes beat Cynthia Roberts
Cynthia Roberts beat Hazel Boucher

#1: Sunday February 21st

Main flight:
First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
ADAM SINCLAIR beat Hazel BoucherADAM SINCLAIR beat Rosemary WhitehouseADAM SINCLAIR beat Gaz OwenADAM SINCLAIR beat Andrew SelbyADAM SINCLAIR beat James Newman
Rosemary Whitehouse beat Tim Line
Gaz Owen beat Cecilia SparkeGaz Owen beat Jon Barnes
Jon Barnes beat Elias Hamati
Andrew Selby beat Cynthia RobertsAndrew Selby beat Stephen Little
Stephen Little beat Warner Solomon
James Newman beat Frank JonesJames Newman beat Simon HopperJames Newman beat Kev Peters
Simon Hopper beat Anna Clarke
Kev Peters beat Gerald WhitehouseKev Peters beat Kristian Mills
Kristian Mills beat Chris Rogers
Consolation flight:
First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
ANNA CLARKE beat Gerald WhitehouseANNA CLARKE beat Warner SolomonANNA CLARKE beat Cecilia SparkeANNA CLARKE beat Tim Line
Warner Solomon beat Chris Rogers
Cecilia Sparke beat Cynthia Roberts
Tim Line beat Frank JonesTim Line beat Hazel Boucher
Hazel Boucher beat Elias Hamati

#1: Sunday March 28th

Main flight:
First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
TIM LINE beat Anna ClarkeTIM LINE beat Gerald WhitehouseTIM LINE beat Gaz OwenTIM LINE beat James Newman
Gerald Whitehouse beat Cynthia Roberts
Gaz Owen beat Stuart WhittinghamGaz Owen beat Jon BarnesGaz Owen beat Nick Barham
Jon Barnes beat Stephen Little
Nick Barham beat Chris RogersNick Barham beat Hazel Boucher
Hazel Boucher beat Elias Hamati
James Newman beat Kev PetersJames Newman beat Simon TracyJames Newman beat Cecilia Sparke
Simon Tracy beat Denby Pettitt
Cecilia Sparke beat Simon HopperCecilia Sparke beat Safi Tracy
Safi Tracy beat Rosemary Whitehouse
Consolation flight:
First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
ANNA CLARKE beat Kev PetersANNA CLARKE beat Cynthia RobertsANNA CLARKE beat Stuart Whittingham
Cynthia Roberts beat Simon Hopper
Stuart Whittingham beat Stephen LittleStuart Whittingham beat Denby Pettitt
Denby Pettitt beat Chris RogersDenby Pettitt beat Roemary Whitehouse
Rosemary Whitehouse beat Elias Hamati

#1: Sunday April 25th

Main flight:
First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
GAZ OWEN beat Elias HamatiGAZ OWEN beat Carwyn JenkinsGAZ OWEN beat Jon BarnesGAZ OWEN beat Simon Hopper
Carwyn Jenkins beat Paul Watts
Jon Barnes beat Stuart WhittinghamJon Barnes beat Stephen Little
Stephen Little beat Cynthia Roberts
Simon Hopper beat Hazel BoucherSimon Hopper beat Tim LineSimon Hopper beat Anna Clarke
Tim Line beat John Hedge
Anna Clarke beat Denby PettittAnna Clarke beat Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers beat Neculai Axinte
Consolation flight:
DENBY PETTITT beat Stuart WhittinghamDENBY PETTITT beat Elias HamatiDENBY PETTITT beat John Hedge
Elias Hamati beat Hazel Boucher
John Hedge beat Cynthia RobertsJohn Hedge beat Paul Watts
Paul Watts beat Neculai Axinte

#1: Sunday May 23rd

Main flight:
First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
SIMON HOPPER beat Neculai AxinteSIMON HOPPER beat Elias HamatiSIMON HOPPER beat Cecilia SparkeSIMON HOPPER beat Stephen Little
Elias Hamati beat Gaz Owen
Cecilia Sparke beat Adam SinclairCecilia Sparke beat John Hedge
John Hedge beat Cynthia Roberts
Stephen Little beat Tim LineStephen Little beat Hazel Boucher
Hazel Boucher beat Denby Pettitt
Consolation flight:
TIM LINE beat Cynthia RobertsTIM LINE beat Neculai AxinteTIM LINE beat Denby Pettitt
Neculai Axinte beat Adam Sinclair
Denby Pettitt beat Gaz Owen

#1: Sunday June 20th

Main flight:
First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
STEPHEN LITTLE beat John HedgeSTEPHEN LITTLE beat George GeorgiouSTEPHEN LITTLE beat Cynthia RobertsSTEPHEN LITTLE beat Hazel Boucher
George Georgiou beat Elias Hamati
Cynthia Roberts beat Steve Pickard
Hazel Boucher beat Tim LineHazel Boucher beat Gaz Owen
Gaz Owen beat Cecilia Sparke
Consolation flight:
CECILIA SPARKE beat John HedgeCECILIA SPARKE beat Steve Pickard
John Hedge beat Tim Line
Steve Pickard beat Elias Hamati

#1: Sunday July 25th

Main flight:
First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
ELIAS HAMATI beat Denby PettittELIAS HAMATI beat Reece HodgesELIAS HAMATI beat John Hedge
Reece Hoghes beat Stephen Little
John Hedge beat Chris RogersJohn Hedge beat Neculai AxinteJohn Hedge beat Ian Tarr
Necuali Axinte beat Hazel Boucher
Ian Tarr beat Cecilia SparkeIan Tarr beat Tim Line
Tim Line beat Cynthia Roberts
Consolation flight:
HAZEL BOUCHER beat Cynthia RobertsHAZEL BOUCHER beat Chris RogersHAZEL BOUCHER beat Cecilia Sparke
Chris Rogers beat Denby Pettitt
Cecilia Sparke beat Stephen Little

#1: Sunday August 22nd

Main flight:
First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
CECILIA ROGERS beat Kev PetersCECILIA ROGERS beat James NewmanCECILIA ROGERS beat Gaz OwenCECILIA ROGERS beat Chris Rogers
James Newman beat Nick Barham
Gaz Owen beat Stephen Little
Chris Rogers beat John HedgeChris Rogers beat Steve PickardChris Rogers beat Elias Hamati
Steve Pickard beat Warner Solomon
Elias Hamati beat Cynthia RobertsElias Hamati beat Mark Dixon
Mark Dixon beat Paul Statter
Consolation flight:
JOHN HEDGE beat Stephen LittleJOHN HEDGE beat Kev Peters
Stephen Little beat Warner Solomon
Kev Peters beat Cynthia RobertsKev Peters beat Nick Barham
Nick Barham beat Paul Statter

#1: Sunday September 26th


#1: Sunday October 31st

Main flight:
First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
STEVE PICKARD beat Elias HamatiSTEVE PICKARD beat Tim LineSTEVE PICKARD beat Denby Pettitt
Tim Line beat Stephem Little
Denby Pettitt beat Simon HopperDenby Pettitt beat Hazel BoucherDenby Pettitt beat Cecilia Rogers
Hazel Boucher beat Ian Hedges
Cecilia Rogers beat Cynthia RobertsCecilia Rogers beat Paul Statter
Paul Statter beat Andrew Selby
Consolation flight:
ELIAS HAMATI beat Simon HopperELIAS HAMATi beat Ian HedgesELIAS HAMATI beat Andrew Selby
Ian Hedges beat Stephen Little
Andrew Selby beat Cynthia Roberts

#1: Sunday November 28th

Main flight:
First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
CHRIS HUGHES beat Gaz OwenCHRIS HUGHES beat Ian TarrCHRIS HUGHES beat Adam Sinclair
Ian Tarr beat Tim Line
Adam Sinclair beat Cynthia RobertsAdam Sinclair beat Ian AndersonAdam Sinclair beat Nick Barham
Ian Anderson beat Hazel Boucher
Nick Barham beat James NewmanNick Barham beat Warner Solomon
Warner Solomon beat Frank Jones
Consolation flight:
GAZ OWEN beat Cynthia RobertsGAZ OWEN beat James Newman
James Newman beat Tim LineJames Newman beat Hazel Boucher
Hazel Boucher beat Frank Jones

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