Round Robin Grand Prix

Rules for 2017

The five evenings dedicated to the Round Robin Grand Prix (RRGP) are open to all players.

All the events are individual competitions in their own right. However, over the year, points will be accrued by all entrants based on their achievements in whichever of these events they enter.

Entry is 5 for all tournaments.
From each event approximately 5% will be levied from the entry fees to cover the provision of year end prizes, and a further 5% will be charged by Bristol Backgammon for admin expenses. The remainder of the entry fee money goes on prizes for the individual tournaments.

In each tournament there will be one or more round robin groups ideally containing five or six players, occasionally seven, but with a four player group unavoidable only when four or nine players are present. Eight contestants, forming a single group, would be the only other exception.
Group Splits
No. of
No. of
of groups
925, 4
1025, 5
1126, 5
1226, 6
1327, 6
1427, 7
1535, 5, 5
1636, 5, 5
1736, 6, 5
1836, 6, 6
1937, 6, 6
20 or
Groups of
5 or 6

In a group of six or more players all matches are played to three points, otherwise they are played to five points.

The RRGP scoring system

For each round robin group contested players will receive 10 points for entering plus 10 further points for every 3-point match won, and 15 points for every 5-point match won.
Each player's three best tournament points performances will count towards his/her final total, with any others contested being discarded.
In the event of a tie on total points, there will be four levels of tie-break: (1) fewest tournaments entered during the RRGP season; (2) highest percentage of matches won over the RRGP season; (3) results (but not scores) of meetings of tied players during the RRGP season; and (4, where there are discards to be compared) the best performance in a discarded event. Should these criteria fail to separate players, they will be deemed to have finished equal.
For prize purposes, if two or more players still need separating, either a single 3-point match or a series of 3-point matches will be arranged to determine finishing positions.

The rewards

The two players finishing first and second in the RRGP table will receive engraved mementoes. If enough money remains, there could be small cash prizes.

For general terms and conditions of entry to Bristol Backgammon round robin tournaments, click here.

Historical rule changes


The series consisted of six events for the last time.


The series consisted of only five events, as opposed to the usual six.


Tournament entry fees were 10.

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