The Wedding Tournament

Roland and Simonetta's Wedding Tournament

Bristol, August 26th-29th, 2005

Photos by Peter Bennet

The real centrepiece of the weekend, of course, was the wedding of two of Bristol's -- and the world's -- most popular players. Here Roland and Simonetta sign the register to make it official. They are now Mr and Mrs Herrera!
Some people find it incredibly difficult to decide what to wear to a wedding. Obviously John Broomfield falls into that category. (John is the larger of the two in the picture).
There's a modest Lars or two cunningly concealed in this photo of Simonetta and many of her overseas admirers. Mochy Masayuki can also be seen hiding behind the bride. The others, left to right, are Jorn Nesdal, Mogens Knudsen, Torben Hasseriis, Taus Boytler,Martin Foldager, Mikael Jensen, Henrik Veje, Kristian Stegenborg, Ivar Roeynstrand and Mikael Soerensen.
Dod Davies (with microphone, just in front of the notice board) conducts the Saturday player group auction at the Gentlemen's Club. While many are interested others, most notably Marco Fornasir and Katrine Teigen (foreground), are more interested in limbering up for the tournament.
It's Saturday night in Bristol, so it must be time to partake of what many now consider to be England's national dish. The curry lovers are (left to right) Mark Dixon, Martin Barkwill, Dod Davies (background), Chris Ternel, John Clark, Gay Roberts (partly obscured), Steffen Nowak, Fanika Petkovska, Martin Hemming, John Slattery (yes, he was at the event!), Ian Tarr (top of head visible), John Sprague, Lawrence Powell (almost entirely obscured), Peter Bennet and Alison Lee.
In a weekend notable for its pleasant surroundings, Julian Minwalla awaits a Sunday morning warm-up on the patio of the Avon Gorge Hotel, with the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge visible in the background.
Back to the Gentlemen's Club, and a semi-final of the Professional Main flight is in progress. Tim Line watches as Mochy Masayuki takes on Mike Heard. In the murk of the background, others pursue their own agendas, left to right: John Broomfield, Steve Ferrer, Paul van Rooijen, Alison Lee, Jo Curl, Tony Walters, Henrik Veje and Ian Tarr.
Mikael Soerensen watches, Chris Ternel hydrates, and Denmark's current number one player Mikael Jensen battles it out with Mister Barkers, a k a Martin Barkwill, in the other Pro Main semi-final.
Martin Barkwill has that faraway look as Mochy Masayuki ponders a move in the biggest match of the weekend, the Pro Main final. Michel Lamote and Gay Roberts look on.
"Quite a popular victory, there" said Ian Tarr at the Sunday evening presentation ceremony, after the tumultuous applause which greeted Roland Herrera's receipt of the Professional Progressive Consolation prize. And here is further evidence as Roland receives the congratulations of Lone Foldager.
The presentation party: apparently half of John Broomfield and half of Simonetta (it's difficult to be completely sure), Roland Herrera and Tournament Director Ian Tarr.
A proud Martin Barkwill poses with Simonetta and Roland and his runner-up prize from the Pro Main category.
Mochy Masayuki, also pictured with Roland and Simonetta, receives his just reward for winning the big prize.
A decidely relaxed atmosphere typified the approach to the final day's activities. Burwalls was a beautiful venue at which to wind up proceedings, and several players are seen here taking the air and refreshments.
A serious business, this chouette. Pictured left to right, are Jorn Nesdal, Tony Walters, Mark Dixon, Martin Barkwill and Mochy Masayuki.

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