The Wedding Tournament

Roland and Simonetta's Wedding Tournament

Bristol, August 26th-29th, 2005

Full results of all competitions

Friday 26th at the Clifton Pavilion

Warm-Up Tournament

10 entry; 5-point matches

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
PETER BENNET beat Kristian StegenborgPETER BENNET beat Rogier van GemertPETER BENNET beat Ian TarrPETER BENNET beat Martin FoldagerPETER BENNET beat Steve Ferrer
Rogier van Gemert beat Zibi Szczerek
Ian Tarr beat Roland HerreraIan Tarr beat Steffen Nowak
Steffen Nowak beat Anette Arnsted
Martin Foldager beat Gay RobertsMartin Foldager beat Juanita FerrerMartin Foldager beat Torben Hasseriis
Juanita Ferrer beat John Clark
Torben Hasseriis beat John SpragueTorben Hasseriis beat John Slattery
John Slattery beat Marco Fornasir
Steve Ferrer beat Adam RobakSteve Ferrer beat Lawrence PowellSteve Ferrer beat John BroomfieldSteve Ferrer beat Taus Boytler
Lawrence Powell beat Myke Wignall
John Broomfield beat Paul van RooijenJohn Broomfield beat Martin Potter
Martin Potter beat Lars Bonding
Taus Boytler beat Simon FahouryTaus Boytler beat Mochy Masayuki
Simon Fahoury beat Martin Barkwill
Mochy Masayuki beat Jason ChampionMochy Masayuki beat Chris Ternel
Chris Ternel beat Tony Walters

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th at the Gentlemen's Club


Main flight

15-point matches

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
MOCHY MASAYUKI beat Mogens KnudsenMOCHY MASAYUKI beat Martin FoldagerMOCHY MASAYUKI beat Peter BennetMOCHY MASAYUKI beat Andy BellMOCHY MASAYUKI beat Mike HeardMOCHY MASAYUKI beat Martin Barkwill
Martin Foldager beat Richard Cartwright
Peter Bennet beat Adam RobakPeter Bennet beat Martin Hemming
Martin Hemming beat Zibi Szczerek
Andy Bell beat Tony LeeAndy Bell beat Henrik VejeAndy Bell beat Lawrence Powell
Henrik Veje beat Julian Minwalla
Lawrence Powell beat Chris TernelLawrence Powell beat Torben Hasseriis
Torben Hasseriis beat John Clark
Mike Heard beat John BroomfieldMike Heard beat Simonetta Barone HerreraMike Heard beat Paul Gilbertson
John Broomfield beat Taus Boytler
Simonetta Barone Herrera beat Julian Fetterlein
Paul Gilbertson beat Kristian StegenborgPaul Gilbertson beat Michael Soerensen
Michael Soerensen beat Ivar Roeynstrand
Martin Barkwill beat Ed TurnerMartin Barkwill beat Rogier van GemertMartin Barkwill beat Dod DaviesMartin Barkwill beat Mikael Jensen
Rogier van Gemert beat Steve Pickard
Dod Davies beat Lars TraboltDod Davies beat Jan Petersen
Jan Petersen beat Andy Darby
Mikael Jensen beat John SlatteryMikael Jensen beat Mark DixonMikael Jensen beat Lars Bonding
Mark Dixon beat Engin Ongel
Lars Bonding beat Paul van RooijenLars Bonding beat Roland Herrera
Roland Herrera beat Tony Walters

Progressive Consolation flight

11-point matches

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
ROLAND HERRERA beat Peter BennetROLAND HERRERA beat Jan PetersenROLAND HERRERA beat Rogier van GemertROLAND HERRERA beat Andy BellROLAND HERRERA beat Mogens Knudsen
Jan Petersen beat Lawrence Powell
Rogier van Gemert beat Mark DixonRogier van Gemert beat Michael Soerensen
Michael Soerensen beat Simonetta Barone Herrera
Andy Bell w.o. Lars Bonding scr.Andy Bell beat Dod Davies
Dod Davies beat Paul Gilbertson
Mogens Knudsen beat Richard CartwrightMogens Knudsen beat Zibi SzczerekMogens Knudsen beat Julian FetterleinMogens Knudsen beat John ClarkMogens Knudsen beat Martin Foldager
Julian Fetterlein beat Martin Hemming
Martin Hemming beat Engin Ongel
John Clark beat Kristian StegenborgJohn Clark beat Taus BoytlerJohn Clark beat John Broomfield
Taus Boytler beat John Slattery
John Broomfield beat Julian MinwallaJohn Broomfield beat Torben Hasseriis
Torben Hasseriis beat Ivar Roeynstrand
Martin Foldager beat Adam RobakMartin Foldager beat Tony WaltersMartin Foldager beat Lars Trabolt
Adam Robak beat Henrik Veje
Tony Walters beat Paul van RooijenTony Walters beat Chris Ternel
Lars Trabolt beat Tony LeeLars Trabolt beat Andy Darby
Tony Lee beat Ed Turner
Andy Darby beat Steve Pickard


Main flight

11-point matches

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
MICHEL LAMOTE beat Tim LineMICHEL LAMOTE beat Irene ErbouMICHEL LAMOTE beat Marco FornasirMICHEL LAMOTE beat Steffen NowakMICHEL LAMOTE beat Anni Bech Nielsen
Irene Erbou beat Sarah-Jane Ward
Marco Fornasir beat Katrine TeigenMarco Fornasir beat Fak Laight
Fak Laight beat Patrick Toxvaerd
Steffen Nowak beat Clive DonoghueSteffen Nowak beat Steve FerrerSteffen Nowak beat Line Karkov
Steve Ferrer beat Jim Remy Nesdal
Line Karkov beat Fanika PetkovskaLine Karkov beat Richard Edgecliffe-Johnson
Richard Edgecliffe-Johnson beat Gay Roberts
Anni Bech Nielsen beat Jason ChampionAnni Bech Nielsen beat Matt FisherAnni Bech Nielsen beat Juanita FerrerAnni Bech Nielsen beat Jorn Nesdal
Matt Fisher beat Cynthia Roberts
Juanita Ferrer beat John GilbertsonJuanita Ferrer beat Brian Kenny
Brian Kenny beat John Sprague
Jorn Nesdal beat Myke WignallJorn Nesdal beat Poul Lindberg SoerensenJorn Nesdal beat Rosey Bensley
Poul Lindberg Soerensen beat Chris Roberts
Rosey Bensley beat Martin PotterRosey Bensley beat Lone Foldager
Lone Foldager beat Simon Fahoury

Progressive Consolation flight

7-point matches

First roundSecond roundThird roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
STEVE FERRER w.o. Brian Kenny scr.STEVE FERRER beat Lone FoldagerSTEVE FERRER beat Poul Lindberg SoerensenSTEVE FERRER beat Rosey BensleySTEVE FERRER beat Katrine Teigen
Lone Foldager beat Richard Edgecliffe-Johnson
Poul Lindberg Soerensen beat Fak LaightPoul Lindberg Soerensen beat Matt Fisher
Matt Fisher beat Irene Erbou
Rosey Bensley beat Line KarkovRosey Bensley beat Juanita Ferrer
Juanita Ferrer beat Marco Fornasir
Katrine Teigen beat Jason ChampionKatrine Teigen beat John SpragueKatrine Teigen beat Fanika PetkovskaKatrine Teigen beat John Gilbertson
John Sprague beat Simon Fahoury
Fanika Petkovska beat Cynthia RobertsFanika Petkovska beat Gay Roberts
Gay Roberts beat Sarah-Jane Ward
John Gilbertson beat Clive DonoghueJohn Gilbertson beat Chris RobertsJohn Gilbertson beat Tim Line
Chris Roberts beat Jim Remy Nesdal
Tim Line beat Martin PotterTim Line beat Myke Wignall
Myke Wignall beat Patrick Toxvaerd


2-point shoot-out

5 entry with buy-backs; 2-point matches

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Jason Champion beat Matt FisherJason Champion beat Steve FerrerKRISTIAN STEGENBORG beat Jason ChampionKRISTIAN STEGENBORG beat Jo CurlKRISTIAN STEGENBORG beat Henrik Veje
Steve Ferrer beat Cynthia Roberts
Matt Fisher(2) beat Jorn NesdalKRISTIAN STEGENBORG beat Matt Fisher(2)
Jorn Nesdal(2) beat Myke WignallTim Line beat Jorn Nesdal(2)Jo Curl beat Tim Line
Tim Line beat John Sprague
Myke Wignall(2) beat Rosey BensleyJo Curl beat Myke Wignall(2)
Jo Curl beat Martin Barkwill
John Broomfield beat Gay RobertsJohn Broomfield beat Marco FornasirHenrik Veje beat John BroomfieldHenrik Veje, bye!
Marco Fornasir beat Paul van Rooijen
Tony Walters beat Lawrence PowellHenrik Veje beat Tony Walters
Henrik Veje beat Juanita Ferrer
Tim Line(2) beat Tony Walters(2)Dod Davies beat Tim Line(2)Henrik Veje(2) beat Dod Davies
Dod Davies beat Gay Roberts(2)
Rosey Bensley(2) beat Martin Barkwill(2)Henrik Veje(2) beat Rosey Bensley(2)
Henrik Veje(2) beat Kristian Stegenborg(2)

Hatrick Board knock-out

10 entry with buy-backs; 5-point matches

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Paul van Rooijen beat Steve FerrerPaul van Rooijen beat Tim LinePaul van Rooijen beat Mark DixonTorben Hasseriis beat Paul van RooijenHENRIK VEJE(3) beat Torben Hasseriis
Tim Line beat Zibi Szczerek
Mark Dixon beat Henrik VejeMark Dixon beat Cynthia Roberts
Cynthia Roberts beat Lawrence Powell
Juanita Ferrer beat Stuart MannJuanita Ferrer beat Myke WignallTorben Hasseriis beat Juanita Ferrer
Myke Wignall beat Steve Ferrer(2)
Chris Roberts beat Stuart Mann(2)Torben Hasseriis beat Chris Roberts
Torben Hasseriis beat Lawrence Powell(2)
Henrik Veje(2) beat Jorn NesdalStuart Mann(3) beat Henrik Veje(2)Stuart Mann(3) beat Tim Line(2)HENRIK VEJE(3) beat Stuart Mann(3)
Stuart Mann(3) beat Cynthia Roberts(2)
Tim Line(2) beat Jorn Nesdal(2)Tim Line(2) beat Jo Curl
Jo Curl beat Tony Walters
HENRIK VEJE(3) beat Ian TarrHENRIK VEJE(3) beat Julian MinwallaHENRIK VEJE(3) beat Ian Tarr(2)
Julian Minwalla beat Richard Edgecliffe-Johnson
Ian Tarr(2) beat Mark Dixon(2)Ian Tarr(2) beat Rogier van Gemert
Rogier van Gemert beat John Broomfield

Consulting Doubles

20 entry per pair with buy-backs; 5-point matches

First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
JIM REMY NESDAL and IVAR ROEYNSTRAND beat Juanita Ferrer and Steve FerrerJIM REMY NESDAL and IVAR ROEYNSTRAND beat Paul van Rooijen and Rogier van GemertJIM REMY NESDAL and IVAR ROEYNSTRAND beat Taus Boytler and Kristian StegenborgJIM REMY NESDAL and IVAR ROEYNSTRAND beat Lars Trabolt and Torben Hasseriis
Paul van Rooijen and Rogier van Gemert beat Jan Petersen and Patrick Toxvaerd
Zibi Szczerek and Adam Robak beat Jorn Nesdal and Mark DixonTaus Boytler and Kristian Stegenborg beat Zibi Szczerek and Adam Robak
Taus Boytler and Kristian Stegenborg beat Martin Potter and Simon Fahoury
Myke Wignall and Fanika Petkovska beat Steffen Nowak and Tony WaltersCynthia Roberts and Peter Bennet beat Myke Wignall and Fanika PetkovskaLars Trabolt and Torben Hasseriis beat Cynthia Roberts and Peter Bennet
Cynthia Roberts and Peter Bennet beat Gay Roberts and John Broomfield
Lars Trabolt and Torben Hasseriis beat Gay Roberts and John Broomfield(2)Lars Trabolt and Torben Hasseriis beat Martin Foldager and Poul Lindberg Soerensen
Martin Foldager and Poul Lindberg Soerensen beat Dod Davies and Jo Curl

First 10 Jackpot

10 entry; 7-point matches

TONY WALTERS beat Taus BoytlerTONY WALTERS beat Cynthia RobertsTONY WALTERS beat Martin Potter
Cynthia Roberts beat Jo Curl
Martin Potter beat Lone FoldagerMartin Potter beat Juanita Ferrer
Juanita Ferrer beat Steffen Nowak

Second 10 Jackpot

10 entry with buy-backs; 7-point matches

TAUS BOYTLER beat Jim Remy NesdalTAUS BOYTLER beat Myke WignallTAUS BOYTLER beat Patrick Toxvaerd
Myke Wignall beat Rogier van Gemert
Cynthia Roberts beat Anette ArnstedPatrick Toxvaerd beat Cynthia Roberts
Patrick Toxvaerd beat Jim Remy Nesdal(2)

First 20 Jackpot

20 entry; 7-point matches

TIM LINE beat Richard Edgehill-JohnsonTIM LINE beat Richard CartwrightTIM LINE beat Rogier van Gemert
Richard Cartwright beat Tony Walters
Brian Kenny beat Steve FerrerRogier van Gemert beat Brian Kenny
Rogier van Gemert beat Jorn Nesdal

Second 20 Jackpot

20 entry; 7-point matches

Taus Boytler beat Ivar RoeynstrandChris Ternel beat Taus BoytlerCHRIS TERNEL and MARK DIXON split the prize money
Chris Ternel beat Mike Heard
Andy Bell beat Kristian StegenborgMark Dixon beat Andy Bell
Mark Dixon beat Simonetta Barone Herrera

Monday 29th at Burwalls

Team Knock-out

Free entry for main tournament entrants -- 30 for others; 5-point matches

First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
The Lars Chance (Dod Davies/Jo Curl/Lars Trabolt) beat Line Up (Mochy Masayuki/Peter Bennet/Tim Line)The Lars Chance beat Nowak 'n' GoodThe Lars Chance beat MisfitsTHE BRIDE AND THE VIKINGS beat The Lars Chance
Nowak 'n' Good (Steffen Nowak/Tony Walters/Mike Heard) beat Nomads (Anni Bech Nielsen/Jan Petersen/Patrick Toxvaerd)
Misfits (Blaine Buchanan/Michael Soerensen/Ian Tarr) beat Two Fish and a Cow (Martin Foldager/Poul Lindberg Soerensen/Anette Arnsted)Misfits beat Slims
Slims (Chris Ternel/Jason Champion/Torben Hasseriis) beat Board Stupid (Paul Gilbertson/Martin Hemming/Myke Wignall)
Tacos and Tequila (Juanita Ferrer/Steve Ferrer/Mark Dixon) beat M.C.C. (Chris Roberts/Cynthia Roberts/Mikael Jensen)Tacos and Tequila beat Team Easy OnTHE BRIDE AND THE VIKINGS beat Tacos and Tequila
Team Easy On (Henrik Veje/Kristian Stegenborg/Irene Erbou) beat Last Chance Marauders (Lawrence Powell/Clive Donoghue/Martin Barkwill)
THE BRIDE AND THE VIKINGS (Lone Foldager/Taus Boytler/ Simonetta Barone Herrera) beat Roland Herrera, Martin Potter and Simon Fahoury

Individual Last Chance

Free entry for main tournament entrants and Team Knock-out fall-outs; 5-point matches

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Mogens Knudsen beat Cynthia RobertsLawrence Powell beat Mogens KnudsenTim Line beat Lawrence PowellPeter Bennet beat Tim LinePeter Bennet beat Martin HemmingChris Ternel beat Peter BennetBLAINE BUCHANAN beat Chris Ternel
Lawrence Powell beat Anni Bech Nielsen
Tim Line beat Katrine TeigenTim Line beat Ivar Roeynstrand
Ivar Roeynstrand beat Jorn Nesdal
Peter Bennet beat Jim Remy NesdalPeter Bennet beat Anette Arnsted
Anette Arnsted beat Martin Foldager
Jan Petersen beat Chris RobertsMartin Hemming beat Jan PetersenMartin Hemming beat Myke Wignall
Martin Hemming beat Line Karkov
Myke Wignall beat Martin BarkwillMyke Wignall beat Poul Lindberg Soerensen
Poul Lindberg Soerensen beat Mikael Jensen
Patrick Toxvaerd beat Clive DonoghuePaul Gilbertson beat Patrick ToxvaerdPaul Gilbertson beat Torben HasseriisChris Ternel beat Paul Gilbertson
Paul Gilbertson beat Mochy Masayuki
Torben Hasseriis beat Simon Fahoury
Henrik Veje beat Steffen NowakHenrik Veje beat Martin PotterChris Ternel beat Henrik Veje
Martin Potter beat Tony Walters
Chris Ternel beat Roland Herrera
Mike Heard beat Irene ErbouMike Heard beat Kristian StegenborgMichael Soerensen beat Mike HeardBLAINE BUCHANAN beat Michael Soerensen
Kristian Stegenborg beat Jason Champion
Michael Soerensen beat Juanita Ferrer
Ian Tarr beat Steve FerrerBLAINE BUCHANAN beat Ian Tarr

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