Bristol Backgammon

Welcome Back Series, 2021

The background

The brainchild of a generous sponsor, this is a series set in place to celebrate the resumption of live backgammon afterthe pandemic lockdown.
There are six knock-out events, each with an entry fee of just 10, but the sponsor has added 75 to the prize pot for each tournament.
The events form a grand prix similar to other Bristol Backgammon grand prix series already in existence, with similar rules, including two flights of knock-out with 7- and 5-point matches.
A unique addition to the series is that there are two sets of prizes for the best performers over the series.
The overall top three receive cash prizes of 100, 50 and 25, while the top three of those designated as "Tier 2" (just for this series) receive identical cash prizes.
The definition of "Tier 2" is: any player other than those who are not members of either Premier One or Premier Two, or are not in possession of a 0 or a 1 Bristol Backgammon handicap as at Thursday September 9th, 2021. ;
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