Bristol Premier League 2002

There were eighteen entrants for the third season of the league's existence. Players played each other once in 11-point matches, in a season spanning the eleven months from January to November.
Players arrange their own fixtures, but the best opportunities occur either when players find themselves eliminated from a monthly tournament, or on the designated monthly league night, which falls on the last Wednesday of each month (except December).

Final league table

JOHN SLATTERY171431711034.000042
Stuart Mann171431811203.588042
Phil Charlton161151551182.312033
Martin Hemming171071561261.765030
Charlie Hetherington171071431300.765030
Elliot Smart16971501301.250027
Paul Watts17981461390.412027
Ian Preston16971491400.562126
Ian Tarr17891561540.118024
Dave Pym1789135154-1.118024
Blaine Buchanan1789135158-1.353024
Ed Turner17710144152-0.471021
Rosey Bensley16610132137-0.312018
Kevin White17611127167-2.235018
John Napier1679131143-0.750516
Jerry Limb16610113140-1.687513
Drew Caudwell1721584182-5.76506
David Horner134994109-1.15417-5

Complete results record

PLAYER20 PAID?vs K Whitevs P Wattsvs E Turnervs I Tarrvs E Smartvs J Sl'eryvs D Pymvs I Pres'nvs J Napiervs S Mannvs J Limbvs D Hornervs C Heth'nvs M Hemm'gvs P Ch'tonvs D Caud'lvs B Buch'n
Rosey BensleyYES2-117-1111-010-1111-83-1111-111-810-117-114-11(5-7)10-114-119-1111-711-3
Blaine BuchananYES11-811-611-711-86-118-119-113-1111-107-1111-611-54-113-114-1111-9
Drew CaudwellYES10-112-117-1111-105-111-112-114-110-110-112-112-115-1111-76-11
Phil CharltonYES11-211-411-710-119-116-1111-1011-611-96-1111-0(0-0)3-1111-6
Martin HemmingYES11-311-44-117-1111-89-114-119-1111-311-911-611-511-4
Charlie HetheringtonYES6-1111-711-105-1110-110-1111-011-611-34-114-1111-5
David HornerYES10-1111-32-117-11(0-0)4-1111-5(0-0)10-112-1111-0
Jerry LimbYES9-1111-83-1111-95-1111-34-118-11(0-0)6-11
Stuart MannYES11-811-711-1011-911-711-810-1111-68-11
John NapierYES11-35-1111-49-114-112-119-1111-9
Ian PrestonYES11-105-1110-1111-911-511-611-9
Dave PymYES11-91-119-1111-83-119-11
John SlatteryYES11-511-811-811-311-4
Elliot SmartYES9-1110-1111-711-4
Ian TarrYES11-28-1111-5
Ed TurnerYES11-79-11
Paul WattsYES11-4
Kevin WhiteYES

Scores in parentheses are from matches not completed.

Chronological results list:
Jan 4: Charlie Hetherington beat Phil Charlton 11-3.
Jan 9: Ian Tarr beat Phil Charlton 11-10; Blaine Buchanan beat Drew Caudwell 11-9.
Jan 10: Ian Tarr beat David Horner 11-7.
Jan 24: John Slattery beat Blaine Buchanan 11-8; John Slattery beat Paul Watts 11-8; Stuart Mann beat Charlie Hetherington 11-4; Kevin White beat Elliot Smart 11-9.
Jan 30: Ian Preston beat Drew Caudwell 11-4; Paul Watts beat John Napier 11-5; Stuart Mann beat Ed Turner 11-10; Dave Pym beat Martin Hemming 11-4; Ian Preston beat Dave Pym 11-9; Ian Tarr beat Martin Hemming 11-7; John Napier beat Kevin White 11-3.
Feb 7: Martin Hemming beat Blaine Buchanan 11-3; John Slattery beat Ian Tarr 11-3.
Feb 9: Rosey Bensley beat Elliot Smart 11-8; John Slattery beat Charlie Hetherington 11-0.
Feb 14: Rosey Bensley beat Ed Turner 11-0; John Slattery beat David Horner 11-4.
Feb 15: Jerry Limb beat Rosey Bensley 11-4.
Feb 16: Stuart Mann beat John Slattery 11-8; Stuart Mann beat Elliot Smart 11-7; Ian Tarr beat Rosey Bensley 11-10; John Slattery beat Elliot Smart 11-4.
Feb 17: Jerry Limb beat John Slattery 11-3.
Feb 20: Martin Hemming beat Charlie Hetherington 11-4.
Feb 21: Martin Hemming beat Kevin White 11-3; Jerry Limb beat Charlie Hetherington 11-4.
Feb 23: Jerry Limb beat Paul Watts 11-8.
Feb 27: Ian Preston beat Martin Hemming 11-9; Dave Pym beat Ian Tarr 11-8; John Napier beat Stuart Mann 11-8; Paul Watts beat Ed Turner 11-9; Kevin White beat Charlie Hetherington 11-6; Jerry Limb beat Drew Caudwell 11-2; Martin Hemming beat John Napier 11-3; Dave Pym beat Stuart Mann 11-10; Kevin White beat Drew Caudwell 11-10.
Mar 14: David Horner beat Drew Caudwell 11-2.
Mar 27: Stuart Mann beat Ian Preston 11-6; Jerry Limb beat Ian Tarr 11-9; Phil Charlton beat John Napier 11-9; Dave Pym beat Kevin White 11-9; Dave Pym beat Jerry Limb 11-4; Ian Tarr beat Kevin White 11-2.
Apr 6: Elliot Smart beat Jerry Limb 11-5; Martin Hemming beat Elliot Smart 11-8.
Apr 7: John Slattery beat Kevin White 11-5; Paul Watts beat Rosey Bensley 11-7.
Apr 11: Stuart Mann beat Rosey Bensley 11-7; John Slattery beat Ed Turner 11-8; Blaine Buchanan beat Jerry Limb 11-6; Drew Caudwell beat Martin Hemming 11-7; Martin Hemming beat David Horner 11-5.
Apr 20: Martin Hemming beat Paul Watts 11-4.
Apr 24: Paul Watts beat Ian Tarr 11-8; Dave Pym beat John Napier 11-9; Ed Turner beat Drew Caudwell 11-7; Elliot Smart beat Phil Charlton 11-9; Dave Pym beat Drew Caudwell 11-2; Elliot Smart beat Drew Caudwell 11-5; Stuart Mann beat Paul Watts 11-7.
Apr 28: David Horner beat Jerry Limb 11-0; David Horner beat Paul Watts 11-3; Blaine Buchanan beat Kevin White 11-8.
May 9: Kevin White beat Rosey Bensley 11-2; John Slattery beat John Napier 11-2.
May 23: Ian Tarr beat Ed Turner 11-5.
May 29: Charlie Hetherington beat John Napier 11-3; Phil Charlton beat Dave Pym 11-10; Stuart Mann beat Ian Tarr 11-9; Charlie Hetherington beat Dave Pym 11-0.
May 31: Phil Charlton beat Blaine Buchanan 11-4.
Jun 13: John Slattery beat Phil Charlton 11-6; Paul Watts beat Ian Preston 11-5; Charlie Hetherington beat Blaine Buchanan 11-4; Ian Preston beat John Slattery 11-6; Kevin White beat David Horner 11-10; Blaine Buchanan beat Paul Watts 11-6.
Jun 18: Ian Preston beat Ian Tarr 11-9.
Jun 20: Phil Charlton beat Ed Turner 11-7.
Jun 26: Phil Charlton beat Kevin White 11-2; Ed Turner beat Ian Preston 11-10.
Jul 3: Stuart Mann beat Phil Charlton 11-6.
Jul 7: Martin Hemming beat Rosey Bensley 11-4.
Jul 9: Charlie Hetherington beat Ian Preston 11-6.
Jul 11: Blaine Buchanan beat David Horner 11-5; Ian Tarr beat John Napier 11-9.
Jul 21: John Slattery beat Rosey Bensley 11-3.
Jul 23: Charlie Hetherington beat Ed Turner 11-10.
Jul 27: Dave Pym beat Blaine Buchanan 11-9; Martin Hemming beat Stuart Mann 11-9.
Jul 31: Ed Turner beat Dave Pym 11-9; Elliot Smart beat Charlie Hetherington 11-10; John Napier beat David Horner 11-10; Elliot Smart beat Dave Pym 11-3; Ed Turner beat Martin Hemming 11-4; Charlie Hetherington beat David Horner 11-5.
Aug 8: John Napier beat Rosey Bensley 11-10.
Aug 15: Phil Charlton beat Paul Watts 11-4.
Aug 22: John Napier beat Ed Turner 11-4.
Aug 23: Phil Charlton beat Ian Preston 11-6.
Aug 28: Ed Turner beat David Horner 11-2; Phil Charlton beat Drew Caudwell 11-6; Stuart Mann beat David Horner 11-2; Charlie Hetherington beat Drew Caudwell 11-5; Phil Charlton beat Martin Hemming 11-6.
Sep 4: Ian Tarr beat Charlie Hetherington 11-5.
Sep 12: Blaine Buchanan beat Ed Turner 11-7; Rosey Bensley beat Ian Preston 11-8; Elliot Smart beat Blaine Buchanan 11-6; Rosey Bensley beat Blaine Buchanan 11-3.
Sep 19: Charlie Hetherington beat Paul Watts 11-7; Stuart Mann beat Jerry Limb 11-6.
Sep 20: Phil Charlton beat Jerry Limb 11-0.
Sep 23: Stuart Mann beat Blaine Buchanan 11-7.
Sep 25: Stuart Mann beat Drew Caudwell 11-0; Rosey Bensley beat Dave Pym 11-1; John Slattery beat Drew Caudwell 11-1; John Slattery beat Dave Pym 11-9; Ed Turner beat Kevin White 11-7; Charlie Hetherington beat Rosey Bensley 11-10; Elliot Smart beat Ed Turner 11-7.
Oct 10: Blaine Buchanan beat Ian Tarr 11-8; Stuart Mann beat Kevin White 11-8.
Oct 19: Paul Watts beat Kevin White 11-4.
Oct 26: Blaine Buchanan beat John Napier 11-10.
Oct 30: Phil Charlton beat Rosey Bensley 11-9; John Napier beat Ian Preston 11-9.
Nov 6: Elliot Smart beat John Napier 11-4; Elliot Smart beat Ian Tarr 11-4.
Nov 7: Drew Caudwell beat Ian Tarr 11-10; Paul Watts beat Dave Pym 11-1.
Nov 14: Rosey Bensley beat Drew Caudwell 11-7; Ed Turner beat Jerry Limb 11-3; John Slattery beat Martin Hemming 11-9.
Nov 19: Kevin White beat Jerry Limb 11-9.
Nov 20: Ian Preston beat Elliot Smart 11-5; Ian Preston beat Kevin White 11-10; Paul Watts beat Elliot Smart 11-10.
Nov 22: Paul Watts beat Drew Caudwell 11-2.
Nov 23: David Horner beat Dave Pym 11-5.
Nov 25: Ian Preston beat Blaine Buchanan 11-3.
Nov 26: Martin Hemming beat Jerry Limb 11-6.
Nov 27: Ian Preston beat Jerry Limb 11-8.
Nov 28: John Napier beat Drew Caudwell 11-0.
MATCHES NEVER COMPLETED: David Horner led Rosey Bensley 7-5; Phil Charlton versus David Horner, Ian Preston versus David Horner, Elliot Smart versus David Horner, and Jerry Limb versus John Napier never started.

All entry fees (total 360) have now been paid.

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