Other major local events

It was 2016 and the Bristol Open was back! And so it remains.

Bristol Open, the fallow years

For a combination of reasons, the Bristol Open fell into abeyance from 2011 until its re-emergence in October 2016

The 2010 Bristol Open added to its reputation as a top international event

The 2009 Bristol Open, sponsored by casinorip.com set a new standard

After a year out, the 2008 Bristol Open picked up the baton from the Wedding Tournament and the Bristol Festival with the firm intention of continuing as an annual event

The Bristol International Festival of Backgammon was held in 2006 primarily to celebrate the first wedding anniversary of Roland and Simonetta Herrera. The event has retrospectively been regarded as the second Bristol Open

The Wedding Tournament was a unique event held around August Bank Holiday of 2005, to coincide with the wedding of Roland Herrera and Simonetta Barone. The event has since taken on the mantle of the inaugural Bristol Open

The Cotswold Fireside Tournament

Martin Hemming's unique annual tournament saw its last incarnation in 2007

The Bristol 50

This one-day event, limited to 32 players, was held in the autumn of 2002 and 2003