Premier One 2022

There are thirteen contestants for Bristol Premier League Division One for the 2022 season, nine of whom retained their places through their 20210 efforts, while three won automatic promotion from Premier Two.
Players play each other twice in 11-point matches, in a season spanning the eleven months from January to November.
Players arrange their own fixtures, at mutually acceptable venues and times.
Matches can be played online if both players agree.

League table as at May 21st

Chris RogersA201371801531.350039
Nick BarhamA13941141011.000027
Gaz OwenO1183104772.455024
Cecilia RogersA1284114941.667024
Andy BoysanO65162492.167015
Stuart MannA11568498-1.273015
Simon BakerO94588721.778012
Neil YoungL10466894-2.600012
George GeorgiouL8356072-1.50009
Alan JoiceyO10377492-1.80027
Ian HedgesL102890101-1.10006
Ed TurnerL112983104-1.90906
Simon HughesO3121529-4.6674-1

Complete results record

PLAYER50 PAID?vs N Youngvs E Turnervs Ch Rogersvs Ce Rogersvs G Owenvs S Mannvs A Joiceyvs S Hughesvs I Hedgesvs G G'rgiouvs A Boysanvs N Barhamvs S Baker
Simon BakerYES11-411-610-11.11-7.11-0.9-11.9-11.XXX
Nick BarhamYES..3-117-1111-011-811-5.4-111-11.XXX.
Andy BoysanYES11-2..11-8..11-107-1111-9.XXX..
George GeorgiouYES.11-104-117-118-11....XXX.8-11.
Ian HedgesYES..8-1110-119-1110-11..XXX..7-11.
Simon HughesYES..3-11.1-11..XXX.....
Alan JoiceyYES..7-116-115-1111-0XXX....8-11.
Stuart MannYES11-411-78-1111-36-11XXX.......
Gaz OwenYES.11-311-711-5XXX......9-11.
Cecilia RogersYES11-2.11-7XXX....11-10..10-11.
Chris RogersYES11-711-3XXX1-11.11-47-11.11-56-11.2-1111-10
Ed TurnerYES10-11XXX4-11..8-11...11-0...
Neil YoungYESXXX5-1111-9..11-3......11-6

Scores in parentheses are from adjourned matches.

League fees totalling 650 have all been paid.

Next checkpoint

May 31st

Number of matches to be played:

To avoid expungement: 8

To avoid penalty points: 11

Chronological results list:
Dec 28, 2021: Cecilia Rogers beat Chris Rogers 11-7.
Dec 29, 2021: Chris Rogers beat Neil Young 11-7; Neil Young beat Chris Rogers 11-9.
Dec 30, 2021: Cecilia Rogers beat Chris Rogers 11-1.
Jan 11: Stuart Mann beat Neil Young 11-4.
Jan 13: Cecilia Rogers beat Neil Young 11-2.
Jan 17: Nick Barham beat Gaz Owen 11-0; Chris Rogers beat George Georgiou 11-4; George Georgiou beat Chris Rogers 11-6.
Jan 19: Stuart Mann beat Ian Hedges 11-10; Gaz Owen beat Simon Hughes 11-1.
Jan 20: Chris Rogers beat Nick Barham 11-3; Nick Barham beat Chris Rogers 11-2.
Jan 22: Gaz Owen beat Ed Turner 11-3; Neil Young beat Ed Turner 11-10.
Jan 25: Neil Young beat Stuart Mann 11-3; Cecilia Rogers beat Ian Hedges 11-10.
Jan 26: Chris Rogers beat Ian Hedges 11-8.
Jan 28: Chris Rogers beat Stuart Mann 11-8.
Jan 29: Chris Rogers beat Ed Turner 11-3.
Jan 30: Andy Boysan beat Alan Joicey 11-10.
Jan 31: George Georgiou beat Nick Barham 11-1; Chris Rogers beat Simon Hughes 11-3; Chris Rogers beat Ian Hedges 11-5.
Feb 3: Cecilia Rogers beat Ian Hedges 11-10.
Feb 6: Chris Rogers beat Ed Turner 11-4.
Feb 7: Chris Rogers beat Simon Baker 11-10.
Feb 8: Andy Boysan beat Ian Hedges 11-9.
Feb 13: Simon Baker beat Alan Joicey 11-0.
Feb 20: Ed Turner beat Neil Young 11-5.
Feb 26: Cecilia Rogers beat Alan Joicey 11-6.
Feb 27: Andy Boysan beat Cecilia Rogers 11-8.
Mar 4: Andy Boysan beat Neil Young 11-2.
Mar 6: Cecilia Rogers beat George Georgiou 11-7.
Mar 9: Simon Baker beat Neil Young 11-4; Neil Young beat Simon Baker 11-6.
Mar 13: Ian Hedges beat Simon Baker 11-9.
Mar 14: George Georgiou beat Ed Turner 11-10.
Mar 16: Cecilia Rogers beat Nick Barham 11-7.
Mar 18: Nick Barham beat Alan Joicey 11-5.
Mar 21: Chris Rogers beat Simon Baker 11-10; Gaz Owen beat Cecilia Rogers 11-5; Ed Turner beat George Georgiou 11-0; Nick Barham beat George Georgiou 11-8.
Mar 22: Simon Hughes beat Andy Boysan 11-7.
Mar 23: Chris Rogers beat Stuart Mann 11-4; Gaz Owen beat Chris Rogers 11-7; Andy Boysan beat Simon Baker 11-9.
Mar 29: Simon Baker beat Gaz Owen 11-7; Stuart Mann beat Ed Turner 11-7; Stuart Mann beat Ed Turner 11-8; Gaz Owen beat Alan Joicey 11-5.
Mar 30: Gaz Owen beat Stuart Mann 11-6.
Apr 16: Gaz Owen beat Ian Hedges 11-9.
Apr 17: Ian Hedges beat Nick Barham 11-4.
Apr 20: Nick Barham beat Gaz Owen 11-9.
Apr 25: Chris Rogers beat Alan Joicey 11-7.
May 3: Nick Barham beat Cecilia Rogers 11-10.
May 5: Alan Joicey beat Stuart Mann 11-0.
May 7: Nick Barham beat Ian Hedges 11-7.
May 8: Simon Baker beat Ed Turner 11-6.
May 9: Gaz Owen beat George Georgiou 11-8.
May 10: Stuart Mann beat Cecilia Rogers 11-3.
May 17: Nick Barham beat Alan Joicey 11-8.
May 19: Nick Barham beat Stuart Mann 11-8.
May 21: Alan Joicey beat Chris Rogers 11-5.

Projected use of Premier League prize pool (2022)

Premier One entry fees when all paid will total 650.
The table below gives an estimate of how that money will be apportioned.
Administration fee65
Engraving and
Cash 1st prize250
Cash 2nd prize140
Cash 3rd prize90
Cash 4th prize55

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