Premier Three 2020

Thirteen contestants signed up for the 2020 Bristol Premier League Division Three season, four of whom remain in the division from last year, while eight are debut Premier League entrants, and one is returning to the league.
This means that players are required to play each other twice in 11-point matches -- a total of twenty-four matches each -- in a season spanning the eleven months from January to November.
Players arrange their own fixtures, at mutually acceptable venues and times, with Bristol Backgammon's Monday and Thursday sessions being prime opportunities.

Premier Three

League table as at June 19th

Mathew Nicholls171161621351.588033
Adrian Farthing1394130803.846027
George Georgiou86281543.375018
Robin Gunney1064100811.900018
Alan Joicey1165103930.909018
David Hoare11658891-0.273018
James Lintell-Smith16610119144-1.563018
Jordan White156995131-2.400018
Gerald Whitehouse125795101-0.500015
Tom Chapman10466586-2.100012
John Curran134998127-2.231012
Rosemary Whitehouse8356578-1.62509

Marcel Bancroft (won 3, lost 6) resigned from the league on April 14th. All of her results have been expunged from the league table.

Complete results record

PLAYER25 PAID?vs R W'housevs G W'housevs J Whitevs M Nich'lsvs J L-Smithvs A Joiceyvs D Hoarevs R Gunneyvs G G'rgiouvs A Farth'gvs J Curranvs T Chapmanvs M Banc'ft
Marcel BancroftYES8-112-113-1111-4.8-117-11...11-7.XXX
Tom ChapmanYES.0-1111-56-1111-211-5...2-1111-8XXX.
John CurranYES11-92-11.11-96-1110-116-115-11.6-11XXX..
Adrian FarthingYES9-117-115-1111-311-5.11-111-711-7XXX(6-5)...
George GeorgiouYES11-511-411-311-6..8-11.XXX....
Robin GunneyYES.10-117-1111-811-411-1011-3XXX.....
David HoareYES11-311-106-11.3-119-11XXX.....11-10
Alan JoiceyYES6-1111-411-59-1111-6XXX.....(8-2).
James Lintell-SmithYES.11-511-29-11XXX.8-1111-10.5-112-1111-8.
Mathew NichollsYES11-711-511-1XXX11-9..7-118-1111-1011-611-17-11
Jordan WhiteYES..XXX6-1111-311-71-11.6-110-11.11-4.
Gerald WhitehouseYES8-11XXX...4-11....11-5..
Rosemary WhitehouseYESXXX.........8-11..

Matches in red no longer count in the league table.
Scores in parentheses are from adjourned matches.

League fees totalling 325 have all been paid.

Next checkpoint

May 31st

An amnesty is in place for this checkpoint

Chronological results list:
Jan 13: David Hoare beat George Georgiou 11-8.
Jan 16: Jordan White beat Marcel Bancroft 11-3.
Jan 19: George Georgiou beat Mathew Nicholls 11-6; George Georgiou beat Mathew Nicholls 11-8.
Jan 20: George Georgiou beat Jordan White 11-3; George Georgiou beat Jordan White 11-6.
Jan 23: Rosemary Whitehouse beat Adrian Farthing 11-9; George Georgiou beat Gerald Whitehouse 11-4; Adrian Farthing beat George Georgiou 11-7.
Jan 24: Gerald Whitehouse beat Marcel Bancroft 11-2; Rosemary Whitehouse beat Alan Joicey 11-6; Rosemary Whitehouse beat Marcel Bancroft 11-8.
Jan 27: Adrian Farthing beat John Curran 11-6; Mathew Nicholls beat Jordan White 11-1; Mathew Nicholls beat Jordan White 11-6.
Jan 30: Alan Joicey beat John Curran 11-10; Jordan White beat David Hoare 11-6.
Jan 31: Alan Joicey beat Marcel Bancroft 11-8; James Lintell-Smith beat John Curran 11-6.
Feb 3: Marcel Bancroft beat Mathew Nicholls 11-4; Marcel Bancroft beat Mathew Nicholls 11-7.
Feb 4: David Hoare beat Marcel Bancroft 11-7.
Feb 6: Alan Joicey beat Jordan White 11-5; Tom Chapman beat John Curran 11-8.
Feb 9: Tom Chapman beat James Lintell-Smith 11-2; James Lintell-Smith beat Tom Chapman 11-8.
Feb 12: Robin Gunney beat Mathew Nicholls 11-8; Robin Gunney beat Mathew Nicholls 11-7.
Feb 13: George Georgiou beat Rosemary Whitehouse 11-5; Mathew Nicholls beat Gerald Whitehouse 11-5.
Feb 14: Mathew Nicholls beat Rosemary Whitehouse 11-7; Alan Joicey beat Gerald Whitehouse 11-4; Gerald Whitehouse beat John Curran 11-2.
Feb 20: Robin Gunney beat Alan Joicey 11-10.
Feb 23: David Hoare beat Rosemary Whitehouse 11-3.
Feb 24: John Curran beat Rosemary Whitehouse 11-9; David Hoare beat Gerald Whitehouse 11-10.
Feb 25: David Hoare beat Marcel Bancroft 11-10.
Feb 26: Alan Joicey beat David Hoare 11-9; Robin Gunney beat John Curran 11-5.
Mar 5: Adrian Farthing beat James Lintell-Smith 11-5; Mathew Nicholls beat Tom Chapman 11-6.
Mar 6: Alan Joicey beat Gerald Whitehouse 11-4; John Curran beat Rosemary Whitehouse 11-8.
Mar 11: Tom Chapman beat Alan Joicey 11-5.
Mar 14: John Curran beat Mathew Nicholls 11-9.
Mar 16: Adrian Farthing beat Mathew Nicholls 11-3; Mathew Nicholls beat Adrian Farthing 11-10; Adrian Farthing beat Robin Gunney 11-7.
Mar 17: Marcel Bancroft beat John Curran 11-7.
Mar 20: Alan Joicey beat James Lintell-Smith 11-6.
Mar 22: Robin Gunney beat James Lintell-Smith 11-4.
Mar 24: James Lintell-Smith beat Robin Gunney 11-10.
Mar 25: Tom Chapman beat Jordan White 11-5; Gerald Whitehouse beat Robin Gunney 11-10.
Mar 26: Gerald Whitehouse beat Tom Chapman 11-0.
Mar 29: Jordan White beat Tom Chapman 11-4; Jordan White beat Alan Joicey 11-7.
Mar 30: James Lintell-Smith beat David Hoare 11-3.
Mar 31: Robin Gunney beat David Hoare 11-3.
Apr 1: John Curran beat James Lintell-Smith 11-2; Jordan White beat Robin Gunney 11-7.
Apr 3: David Hoare beat John Curran 11-3.
Apr 5: David Hoare beat James Lintell-Smith 11-8.
Apr 6: James Lintell-Smith beat Jordan White 11-2.
Apr 8: David Hoare beat Jordan White 11-1.
Apr 12: Gerald Whitehouse beat John Curran 11-5.
Apr 16: Mathew Nicholls beat John Curran 11-6.
Apr 19: Jordan White beat James Lintell-Smith 11-3; Mathew Nicholls beat Tom Chapman 11-1.
Apr 20: Mathew Nicholls beat Alan Joicey 11-9.
Apr 27: Mathew Nicholls beat James Lintell-Smith 11-9.
May 4: Rosemary Whitehouse beat Gerald Whitehouse 11-8.
May 5: Jordan White beat Adrian Farthing 11-5; Adrian Farthing beat Jordan White 11-0.
May 9: Adrian Farthing beat David Hoare 11-1.
May 10: Gerald Whitehouse beat Adrian Farthing 11-7.
May 18: Adrian Farthing beat Tom Chapman 11-2.
May 19: Adrian Farthing beat James Lintell-Smith 11-5.
Jun 10: Mathew Nicholls beat James Lintell-Smith 11-9.
Jun 19: James Lintell-Smith beat Gerald Whitehouse 11-5.

Projected use of Premier Three prize pool (2018)

When Premier Three entry fees have all been paid, they will give a total Premier Two prize fund of 325.
The table below gives an estimate of how that money will be apportioned.
Administration fee32.50
Engraving and
Premier 3
Premier 3
Premier 3
3rd place

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