Annual Bristol Backgammon competitions

History and statistics

Results of competitions which run throughout the calendar year

Bristol Premier League Division One
Bristol Premier League Division Two
Bristol Premier League Division Three
Bristol Feeder League
Bristol Grand Prix
Handicap Trophy
Speedgammon Grand Prix (formerly Clock Blitz Grand Prix)
Wednesday Weekly online tournaments
Brunel Trophy
Monday Club Nackgammon Grand Prix

Annual events

Bristol Masters
Consulting Doubles Championship
Steve's Christmas Fizz

Monday Club quarterly and 4-monthly competitions

Past Monday Club Grand Prix competitions

Statistical compilations

Players' Complete League records (.xls spreadsheet)
Players' current League sequences (.xls spreadsheet)
Players' League sequences prior to 2016 (.xls spreadsheet)
Players' Complete 10 Grand Prix Main Flight records (.xls spreadsheet)
Players' Complete 10 Grand Prix Consolation records (.xls spreadsheet)
Players' Complete Lesters Trophy Main Flight records (.xls spreadsheet)
Players' Complete Lesters Trophy Consolation records (.xls spreadsheet)
Miscellaneous Bristol Backgammon League records
Players' Career Bristol Grand Prix Match Wins:Losses
Players' Career GP5 and GP10 Match Wins:Losses
Players' Career GP20 and GP30 Match Wins:Losses
Players' Career Wednesday Weekly Match Wins:Losses

Discontinued competitions

Bristol Conference League
Bristol Intermediates Trophy
Freeroll Grand Prix
Bristol Intermediate Grand Prix
Round Robin GP
Clock Tournament Grand Prix
Nackgammon Grand Prix
Clock tournaments (with reduced time allowances)
Premier Status Race
Monday Club John Curran intermediate sponsorship

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